1. The Year They Stole From Your Life

2. Science Fiction For All

3. Opening Up: Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, etc

4. The Return of Dead Chiropractors Society – Jan 20

5. Inventing the Purple Tier: A New Screenplay

6. Minerals and Collagen Coming In



Imagine COVID never happened. What would your life be like? What could you have accomplished this year that is now lost forever? How much have they stolen from you, from your children, from your destiny …

The government is too much in our lives today. This fake epidemic has invaded every corner, every detail, every minute of every day, for the past year.

Signs in every business, every store, on our freeways, billboards, notifications on every website, COVID propaganda under the titles of a billion YT videos, every news story, in every online school class, every conversation, reminders of the brainwashing on every street, inescapable fake emergency sirens on every cell phone …

Any opposition is subject to censorship.

Where has America gone? Jefferson and Adams would be in despair and disbelief. They gave us this sublime gift and this is what we’ve done with it?

What about you? Are you going to be a good little sheep and do whatever they dream up? Do you actually believe all the science coming to you from the lowliest, most uneducated bureaucrats? Are you really blind to their agenda?

Red Tier? Oh, OK. Purple Tier? Oh, yes sir. Close the restaurants and barbershops for the third time? Oh, no problem. Block your children’s oxygen intake for one year? Yes, Massa. Whatever you say Boss.

Who knows what percentage of us will answer yes to anything. It’s got to be more than 50%, judging by the number of zombies walking down the empty streets by themselves, obediently wearing the badges of subservience across their face. Rod Serling’s California. No wonder everybody’s leaving.

I was in a five star restaurant in Vegas last night. Restaurants are open but last week the governor arbitrarily decided to limit occupancy to 25%. Again.

Sitting there in the foyer waiting for my party to to arrive, I watched as people entered and were seated by the staff. Everyone – all the dystopian people – came in with masks on of course, acting like that was the most normal thing in the world. It was like watching a badly written middle school play. On LSD.

The rule is that you have to wear the mask coming in but then you take it off when you reach your table. What genius thought that one up is no longer relevant.

What struck me is that the absurdity of viral contamination suddenly ending once you reach your table – such lunacy is no longer even a consideration. That whole discussion was censored out months ago.

At this point, after a year of submission, people no longer wear masks because they fear viruses floating around in the air. No one’s allowed to think that much any more. They wear masks now because everyone is wearing masks, and they’re afraid of standing out in a crowd.

This signals a quantum shift – the systematic abdication of personal freedom in this country. These days all behavior is determined by one thing – The Lemming Effect.

It’s astounding. Do you distrust your own ability to do the slightest bit of non-wiki/google research yourself, to distinguish science from junk science?

We’ve done much of the work for you – just look at the references in our recent Newsletters in the Archive, as well as in our video list. It’s not even that technical or complicated. A lot of it you’ve heard before in college or high school, or else it’s just common sense.

What was supposed to be two weeks is now coming up on a year. The bureaucrats are pushing it to the limit. They’re like, – wow I wonder if they’ll accept this. I wonder if they’ll actually do this… Or this. ..

Funny thing is – look where people draw the line. Those ridiculous directional arrows in the grocery store. People will obey anything but. Ever notice that? Even the dumbest sheep are not quite that dumb.

So that’s to be the water’s edge, is it? – that’s where people say – this is the limit of our Covidiocy.

We’ll wear masks with the fire retardant, we’ll wear masks when we exercise, we’ll devastate our children’s education, we’ll destroy our children’s immune system, we’ll close our businesses, we’ll stop earning a living for our families, we’ll forego restaurants, nightclubs, malls, theatres, parties, vacations, seminars, weddings, funerals, – we’ll accept virtual life online as a substitute for real life, we’ll accept all censorship, we’ll take experimental vaccines, we’ll bend the knee to the new State Religion of Germ Theory, we’ll obey the illegals at the hardware store when they yell at us to make sure our nose is covered, we’ll keep paying taxes to radical state and local governments that break every law of the land without doing their jobs, we’ll make our two year olds wear masks, we’ll pay exorbitant tuitions to fake schools who substitute watered down virtual courses for the same money, we’ll believe the newsreaders on TV telling us we have to keep the lockdown indefinitely for a whole year because of some fictitious viral “spikes” … We’ll do all that.

But we won’t follow the aisle arrows in the grocery store. That’s stupid. That’s where we’ll make our stand to reclaim the republic… Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, Ethan Allen – never would have followed the arrows. …

This newsletter is not going to waste time here re-convincing you of facts we’ve proven in the last 6 Newsletters and Videos, such as

    There is no real pandemic – it’s 100% fake

    Positive Tests Are Not COVID Cases

    Masks protect nobody from anything

    COVID virus has only been isolated in a couple of people in the world

    No evidence whatsoever that everyone who tests positive is infected with anything

    No evidence whatsoever that everyone who tests positive has the same disease

    All statistical scoreboards for COVID are contrived

    “Sick” people are just re-categorized cases of regular flu

    The “deaths” are fake stats from the mandatory testing in every hospital, clinic, and morgue

    Children are 99.99% immune to COVID

    School closures are a political ploy by the teachers unions who want to be paid for doing nothing

    The bureaucrats have no interest in protecting anyone – only in controlling them

That evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. But you have to actually look at it. You have to tear yourself away from CNN and from Amazon Prime movies for a minute. You have to learn what is behind all the contrived catastrophes we have just accepted during this the worst year in our country’s history, the year that was stolen from your life.

Where to start? Random google searches are a obviously a dead end.

Much easier to begin with the references in our recent Newsletters and Videos.

So again, imagine COVID never happened. What would your life be like? What could you have accomplished this year that is now lost forever? How much have they stolen from you, from your children, from your destiny?

No government can cure an epidemic. They can only invent one.



After a record 9 months, Pfizer and Moderna are now shipping their experimental, unapproved new vaccines to market. Big news. All media, whether left or right, is peddling the same identical junk science, everybody competing with each other to take credit for this false triumph. Exalting the dangerous new injection to the skies.

All reports are using the word “approved” in an utterly duplicitous context, especially when they include the term Emergency Use Authorization.

By definition, the EUA vaccines are not approved. EUA is a status recently invented by the FDA to rush vaccines to market before they are fully tested and approved by traditional protocols

The classification was created for the Boutique Epidemics of the past 15 years, in order to get a vaccine out before a “disease’ disappears on its own, rendering the vaccine unnecessary.

So. If the COVID vaccine is unapproved, guess who the lab rats are.


Instead of safety and efficacy, the admitted focus for COVID vaccine was on speed.

Hence the idiotic Star Trek name: Operation Warp Speed. That’s something you really want to hear when you’re being talked into a new vaccine, right? – that this vaccine was created in the shortest amount of time for any vaccine in history. Great. Real confidence builder – same sales technique as next generation iPhone.

Hilarious – all the talking heads competing with each other, blubbering on about the monumental scientific achievement of a new vaccine in only 9 months, etc …. Revealing their true level of ignorance about immunology. So obvious they don’t even believe it themselves, with that desperate, pleading tone they all take.

These are really the best actors they could find?

In order to achieve this speed-of-light production, obviously all sorts of corners were cut, despite that being one of the most ubiquitous denials in pop media descriptions of the new vaccines – that no corners were cut, no safety measures were left out, blah blah, etc. Which is impossible. If no steps were skipped, this vaccine would have taken the usual time: 3-5 years. You can’t have it both ways.

Animal trials were one of the critical elements of testing that was completely omitted. Not that they were ever contributory at all in producing human vaccine. But historically, animal trials have always been an essential component in development, adding many months at least.

Here we have lies within lies. We had proof last year with the HHS admission in New York district court

that no safety testing has ever been done for any vaccines ever since testing first became required by the 1986 Vaccine Act. Remember?

So of course no safety testing was done for COVID vaccines either. Why start now? In addition, other major testing and quantification steps were also left out.

Even with the absence of safety testing, it typically takes 3-5 years to come up with a vaccine, from scratch. Nine months is impossible – a carnival trick. What just happened is beyond conception, by their own standards. It’s all marketing. The obvious result of relentless political pressure.

Of the 50 companies working on a COVID vaccine, 3 will win the race:

    Pfizer, from German and Chinese collaboration, ready now

    Moderna — in January— their first attempt at a vaccine. Owned by Gates.

    AstraZeneca –a British/Swedish collaboration


All three are pioneering a brand new experimental technology: RNA vaccines. This process is so theoretical it borders on science fiction. Especially since they rushed through it 3-4x faster than ever before.

In simplest terms, RNA vaccine manufacture claims to have isolated the exact segment in the virus’ sequence that codes for immune response. This fragment is clipped from the virus, replicated, and then included in the vaccine. Once injected, the fragment will supposedly trigger the cells to produce antibody proteins specific to the COVID virus, thereby offering protection.

The problem is – there’s no proof that any of this takes place – it’s all unproven theory. And an extravagant one at that. But one that the bureaucrats are shouting from the rooftops as gospel. This is the sales pitch that the government is banking on, the one they’re now praising to the skies, the one they’ve been holding the country hostage for all year long.

Unfortunately, the real science here is a little more complicated. There are so many errors of fact in making such a claim – it would take a book to explain them all. Here are just a few of the most blatant ones:

    There is no evidence COVID is a novel disease

    The SARS Cov2 virus they’re using to make the vaccine has never been proven to be the one
    that all COVID cases share

    No evidence that all the COVID cases share any particular virus in common


    Fifteen years of failure trying to make a vaccine from this same virus

These are just a few reasons why the supposed ‘testing’ of the vaccine is a sham.

Actually the very design of the new COVID RNA vaccines precluded any meaningful testing. Why? Because it’s based on unfounded assumptions:

    That they are working with the genetic sequence of a causative pathogen

    That they know exactly which segment codes for immune function

    That they have learned how to successfully clip this active immune segment
    from the virus and are able to replicate it and add it intact to a new vaccine


    That the vaccine will prevent or end COVID

Each one of these theories is completely unprovable, sailing much too close to the wind. But as with all religious dogma, they don’t have to make sense. Americans have demonstrated their willingness to be guided by the most quixotic of illusions.

These theories were necessary in order to make the production of the vaccine supremely easy. Just clip out a fragment from a virus, replicate it, and reproduces copies. Then make the claim for immunity.

After that, it’s all about media promotion and unfounded optimism – exactly what we’re seeing today. Hence the mandatory slogan throughout the narrative – “95% safe and effective.”

It’s anything but.

The political mandate has given manufacturers carte blanche to cover up endless mistakes and common sense and to make preposterous claims. They all know these rushed vaccines are dangerous, and admit that they expect high numbers of complications and deaths.

Here’s just one example. Watch this video:

In AstraZeneca’s insert they state that they are urgently looking for an AI software tool to process the expected high volume of adverse reactions to their new vaccine. Obviously due to the rush job.

This video was taken down from YT in 9 minutes!

As you can see, all it does is read the actual package insert. Why would they want to keep people from knowing that?

Because time’s up for science. Now we’re locked into the marketing phase. The Google/YT algorithm is all dialed in for the cover up – no criticism of any vaccines allowed.


The distribution of the vaccine must now result in the gradual disappearance of the “pandemic.” Why? Because the politicians can’t violate their own premises. They’ve kept the country on lockdown all year supposedly to protect us from a rampant new virus that the human race had no protection for, etc. Always with the promise that the Messiah was coming to save us all…

Now finally that protection is here – the vaccine. The deafening cheerleading to market the vaccine has begun. The promise is that it will conquer the dread disease. In order to prove the vaccine’s value and continue to market it, the disease must decline and fade away. If not, that would mean the vaccine doesn’t work, right?

No problem. Success is very easy to accomplish, since the virulence of the “epidemic,” with its spikes and incidence – all this is easily controlled 100% by simple manipulation of the weekly numbers – local and national. Like they’ve been doing all along – in every state.

The fake tests measure nothing – there is no difference between positive and negative. Any given test can be interpreted either way, depending on the desired outcome that week. See video Positive Tests.

So the progress of COVID can be dialed up or down, at will. Just as they’ve been doing all year.

Again, they can’t have it both ways. If the vaccine is the true miracle cure, well then the numbers must reflect that salubrious effect. Either the vaccine works or else COVID persists. It’s one or the other.

COVID has accomplished its ultimate goal – market the vaccine. It served its purpose. So now it must decline and fade away. We can’t possibly have a persistent viral threat and a miraculous vaccine both at the same time.

The problem here will be that the bureaucrats will finally have to relinquish their power base – the greatest totalitarian grab in history. As they have demonstrated at every level – federal, state, and local – they are more than willing to destroy the economy of any jurisdiction as long as it enhances their own power.


Both the President and Vice President claim to have contracted COVID. Even though all experts acknowledge that this is the mildest of diseases 99.9% of the time, both were hospitalized and “treated” with the magic potions, etc. And then released in a few days, good as new.

Same result as if they had rested at home for three days with no treatment whatsoever.

So now with the vaccine coming out, they have both stated they will get the vaccine. This is both shocking and instructive. Why? Because it means they both have no idea what immunity is, or what vaccines do. If they were truly infected with the disease they call COVID and now have recovered, that only happened by the creation of antibodies – specific immunoglobulins, which will offer lasting protection. That’s Natural Immunity – the only real immunity.

Natural immunity is for life. Like when you had measles as a child.

So why on earth would they want to subject themselves as guinea pigs for a radical new experimental injection, with its shaky EUA status? They already have the real thing- natural immunity. There is no substitute for that. So there’s only one obvious reason they’re saying they will be inoculated: politics.

Which means they don’t really have to ever get the vaccine – just say that they did. That’s what politics is, right?


This whole COVID hoax – why hasn’t there been some grand discussion at the highest academic level, with world class experts reaching incontrovertible conclusions after months of detailed investigation. Instead of the daily noise coming from the endless succession of uncredentialed hacks, who can barely read the prepared copy in front of them.

Actually those discussions have taken place, among the top experts. Many are cited in our recent newsletters and videos. They’re just suppressed, that’s all. By the most comprehensive censorship in all of history. If you’re willing to do the reading, there is no mystery, no doubt, about what has just taken place throughout the world, immunologically or politically.

The true research is aggressively blocked from everyday media – YouTube, FB, and even Google. The most diligent searching can still unearth bits and pieces of the real science, buried under mountains of repetitious doctrinaire nonsense. But the truth so easily gets lost in the wash. And who has the attention span any more to string these valuable pearls together?


This leads us to the cardinal dilemma that’s been years in the making – the creation of the undiscriminating pleb, who only reads the headlines, the topmost, superficial slogans – month after month, year after year. That’s all he needs to know. That’s all he wants to know. About anything. And so his awareness is molded, shrunk down into a small, hard, insensitive mass.

And he becomes the masses. The homogeneous, digital, cookiecutter masses. The systematic lowering of the collective IQ.

So everybody thinks the same today – same vocabulary, same muted passions, same expressions, same thoughts, same values. Ideas that are not their own, pre-formed, requiring no processes of reasoning or abstraction. Homogenized pasteurized pre-cooked convictions. All you need to know about politics. Or science. Or anything at all.

These are the malleable crowds that occupied the dreams of Mao, Bernays, Stalin, Goebbels, Murdoch, most of the kings of medieval Europe, etc. Insensate automatons walking today’s streets in any city, obediently wearing their masks, proudly accepting their ritual humiliation. Without the slightest objection. Or reflection.

Few opportunities for discussion, for interaction. Except through what is censored online. We cannot assemble – in churches, in schools, in business, in gatherings of any kind. We have been masterfully alienated. After one year of lockdown, virtual living online is fine with us. No more commute.

Only this type of finished robot can mutely absorb the incessant daily ration from the newsreaders of CNN, NBC, Yahoo news, etc. They must know more than me – they’re on TV…

Only this type of subservient lemming will soak in his daily programming, with no objection, no question – – ideas like these:

    Government can cure an epidemic

    EUA vaccines are thoroughly tested as safe and effective

    The vaccine will end the COVID epidemic

    The healthy must be quarantined


    Vaccines are superior to the body’s natural immune system

Again, imagine COVID never happened. What would your life be like? What could you have accomplished this year that is now lost forever? How much have they stolen from you, from your children, from your destiny?

How much of it is our fault? We chose to believe the deceitful panderers. We elected leaders who won’t stand up, even now, in the face of the most pervasive coup d’etat.

But we didn’t have to accept it. We didn’t have to submit to lockdown, or any of it.

So why did all this happen? The answer is staring right back at you from the mirror, my friend –


Like the devil, like vampires, you had to invite them inside.

    “The millions submit themselves to the power of their oppressors, cutting

    their own throats, giving away their own freedom, putting the yoke on their own

    neck, not only agreeing with their own oppressor, but searching for him.”

    – Leo Tolstoy



Living in California, we sometimes forget that this is the worst place on earth as far as The New State Religion is concerned. Except perhaps for New York. Other states are not quite so Third Reich about enforcing the bureauats’ arbitrary, bizarre notions about hygiene and infectious disease. And preventing the return to normal.

Hawaii’s tourism is trying to rise from the ashes, despite their Nazi governor and officials doing their best to suppress it. They had been requiring a 14 day quarantine for months – very attractive for the tourists with one week to spend on vacation, right?

But now recently some of the geniuses there have decided to waive the quarantine in favor of a COVID test before departure. Of course on the plane the Gestapo stewardess – in her best Eva Braun impersonation – will announce that there is a $5000 fine for walking

around the streets with no mask on – definitely an attractive vacation motivator for tourists … Very professional.

But the good news is they don’t really enforce it most of the time, and the beaches are pretty much unrestricted.

Other countries are far ahead of us on the long trek back to normal.

Most obvious is Mexico. Their resorts have been quietly opening up since October. Several of my colleagues have recently returned from Cabo, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, etc., as well as many of the smaller beach villages, with reports that they had a pretty great vacation there with only minimal Gestapo incursions into their lives. The tourist industry is slowly and steadily coming back to life. Many hotels are beginning to fill up again, and prices are very reasonable. So if you’re thinking about escaping for awhile, and you’re not a complete germatard, this is the time.

Same with Caribbean destinations as well. Not really my cup of tea in general, but if you’re familiar with some of the island resorts, check their websites for availability and vacation packages. Atlantis and most of the big resorts are sputtering back to life. Again, the advertised restrictions are often worse than what you’ll really find once you get there. Best idea is to read the comments section on the sites of the individual resorts.

I’m going farther. Soon leaving for Panama for vacation and to have a look at the top stem cell clinic in the world. Expect a full report in January newsletter.



Billy D has just resurrected the world famous Dead Chiropractors Society meetings in his Orange County office.

Blocked from this year’s CalJam by minions of The Hoax, Dr Billy has responded by cranking up the traditional Wednesday night meetings yet once more.

For some 20 years, DCS has featured some of the world’s most notable warriors – advocates of the patient’s right to medical freedom, natural medicine, natural immunity, innate intelligence, chiropractic science, the advancement of human potential, and a life free from drugs and surgeries. On his site, he lists many of these immortals.

At no time in US history have the principles of holistic health and personal freedom been under a more concerted attack – from censorship, from disinformation, from attempts at eradication. This type of unmodified, raw fact sharing is simply not available in today’s virtual world of deceit and systematic alienation.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity. John Bergman packed the house last month, sharing his encyclopedic knowledge of natural health as the primary means of survival in today’s war-torn California.

This next month, Billy D and I will promise to hold forth in an uncensored, factual, and guaranteed politically incorrect revelation of the true state of affairs in which we beleaguered Californians find ourselves today.

Do not despair. We will survive. Perhaps we’d do well to hang together – otherwise we will most certainly hang separately.

Don’t miss it – 7:30 pm on 20 Jan 2021 at Billy DeMoss’ office. Call for reservations soon – it’s definitely going to sell out. Call 949.250.0600



Where do you think this phantasm of Purple Tier came from? Who dreamed it up? Here’s a fly-on-the-wall view of how this surrealistic dream might have come about in Sacramento.



Apologies to all the outstanding backorders of Chelated Minerals and the Hydrolyzed Collagen. Never happened before that we ran out of two supplements at the same time. No excuses. It will never happen again! We must be living in a new era or something. No need to call in and check on your order. If you got a confirmation email you’re on the list and your order will be sent out the minute the shipments come in. We haven’t forgotten you!

Merry Christmas from everyone at thedoctorwithin!