1. Orange County Symposium: O’Shea / Bergman 19 Jan 19

2. Enzymes: Overeating for the Holidays

3. An Evening with Bobby Kennedy Jr
4. Dr Bob Sears: Scapegoat for Medical Freedom?




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    Chiropractic as the pre-eminent first resort
    Your true health potential
    Why heath care has nothing to do with health
    Medical failures: drugs as the #1 cause of death in the US
    Biomechanical, neurological, endocrine, nutritional, and circulatory components of any health imbalance
    The real cause of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and cancer
    Disease as normal adaptation to abnormal lifestyle
    Without knowing the cause, how can there be a cure?
    Athletic performance
    Enzymes as the key to longevity
    Somatovisceral pathways of disease and healing
    Chiropractic adjusting skills
    Much more…

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But the seminar itself will be an affirmation that chiropractic is the key to the de-evolution and decomposition of American culture, so evident today at every turn. Not just the solution but the inspiration, the redemption, the Avatar of survival.

This is just some of the subject matter for Bergman’s chiro cruise – the universal, the infinite, the enduring, the philosophical underlayment. Can you really afford to miss it?

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All set to overeat for the holidays? About ready to excuse yourself for holiday trough feeding? It will make you old and sick. Consider this:

In their struggle for survival, mammals have evolved two types of enzymes: digestive and metabolic.

Digestive enzymes – like amylase, protease, and lipase – change food into usable forms.

Metabolic enzymes have to do with operating the body’s specific systems. Cell life, nerve transmission, brain signals, hormone distribution, oxygen exchange, liver function, acid-base balance in the blood, stuff like that.

Over 5000 metabolic enzymes have been identified in the human body.

The premier authority on enzymes was of course, Edward Howell MD, founder of National Enzyme Company. His book Enzyme Nutrition is the starting point for any awareness of human nutrition.

In our chapter Enzymes The Key to Longevity, Howell explains that one of the main causes of aging is the decrease in enzyme production in all systems of the body, including digestive.

After age 50 for example, salivary amylase may be only 30% as strong as it was at age 20. Amylase digests carbohydrates. The point is, all enzymes in the body – digestive and metabolic – become weaker and less efficient as we age.

This is why Howell spent his entire life developing the most effective supplemental enzymes. Or as he called them – exogenous enzymes – those that are taken in capsule form.

No other scientist of his day was more immersed in the literature of enzymes. Howell documents every word he writes with multiple references. From a lifetime of clinical study, here are some of his conclusions:

    the less enzymes in the diet, the more the body is forced to make its own, in order to digest the food
    the more energy spent on producing digestive enzymes, the less available for metabolic enzymes for all other systems

    the faster the metabolic candle burns, the faster we use up our enzyme potential, the shorter the life

    80% of Americans eat an 80% processed diet – enzyme deficient

    high end enzyme supplements take the burden off the body, promoting longer life

    a nutritious, enzyme-dense diet means the body can focus on metabolic enzymes, not digestive

What does all this have to do with the holidays? Overeating at family gatherings. Some of the food will be nutrient dense, some will not. But all of it needs to be digested – broken down by enzymes, taken up in the blood, and the wastes expelled through the colon. See chapters on Enzymes and Colon Detox.

The more natural foods have intact enzymes: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lightly cooked meat and fish, etc.

The overcooked, processed foods with the fake flavors and sweeteners – have no enzymes. Chips and cookies may taste great, but stress the body to try and produce enzymes to break them down and pass them through the tract. An immense burden on metabolic reserves. Any disease conditions will be aggravated as the body struggles to keep up.

The shopworn excuse — well, it’s Christmas – may not be well understood by your poor stomach, gall bladder, colon, or pancreas.


    1. Eat less, opting for a non-porcine mode

    2. Choose enzyme-rich natural foods over processed, fake food and drink

    3. Take 3 capsules of Digestazyme, 3x a day during the holidays

See if that doesn’t make the Yuletide bright, and bring in a happier New Year!



Last Saturday evening in one of the Malibu canyon communities there was a fund raising event put on by Bobby Kennedy’s vaccine awareness group.

I flew into the Burbank airport at noon and rented a motorcycle. Not a particularly good one, but it moved along. Italian engineering – now there’s an oxymoron…

Aware of the insipid quality of corporate media, I wanted to try and see the aftermath of the Malibu fire firsthand. So I cruised up the 101 as far as Kanan Dune Rd. Turning west, I followed it for 12 miles, all the way down to PCH and the ocean.

What a shocking, otherworldy panorama awaits, on both sides of the road! For mile after mile, one mountain after another, the entire landscape burnt to cinders, like the surface of some blowtorched alien planet. Practically everything had burned down to the ground leaving nothing but a black smoky carpet across the landscape.

Occasionally there was a random house or a yard that was magically untouched, but for the rest it was the aftermath of an infernal holocaust. Two weeks later, the smell of ashes still lingered in the crisp wintery air.

Apparently the roads had just recently been re-opened, but you couldn’t read most of the road signs because they had been toasted black. I rode past one horse ranch where a couple of miles of white plastic fencing had simply melted down into the dirt, like strips of mozzarella on an overdone pizza.

The FB posts and YouTube videos didn’t even suggest the extent of the annihilation. Same with the “coverage” on the fake news channels. Same with this verbal description. There is nothing like seeing it live in 3D real time physical reality.

So about 5 pm I located the event venue in the darkness – an upmarket little villa on a gated upper Kanan court. Parking out front, I made my way to the front door just as the caterers were setting up. I was dressed more like a caterer than a guest, but nobody seemed to care.

Almost forgot – I was the notorious outlaw who has authored some 15 editions of one of the most widely read vaccine books in the western hemisphere – Vaccination Is Not Immunization. This was a fund raiser for Bobby’s vaccine awareness and political action group – . In this crowd, I was practically legitimate. Didn’t matter that everyone else was dressed to kill and I had just hopped off a 60 mile motorcycle ride.

Not too many guests had arrived yet. I met the gracious hosts, two local doctors. Hearing some barking, I asked to be introduced to their dogs, which they were very happy to do. I was shown into a laundry room in which 3 of the most magical dogs were imprisoned for the duration of the party. They were overwhelmed by the unscheduled visitation, so I made their acquaintance for a bit, and then managed to pry open the door just enough to escape.

Then wandered into the living room where a few people had begun to hover around the draw – RFK Jr. I had met him before about 10 years ago when we had both lectured for this religious cult up in Yelm Washington – about 800 people. I had done the afternoon and Bobby the evening, and then we had hung out with the resident god.

Back to Malibu now. Bobby was being escorted upstairs to a less crowded room, so I just followed along. I had the opportunity to chat with him and give him the latest version of my vaccine book, on the inside cover of which I had inscribed ‘They would be proud.’ As indeed they would.

I remember that I asked him if he was going to talk tonight about the next vaccine legislation they were cooking up, since that’s what a lot of attendees were really hoping to hear. But Bobby explained that that was not a good idea since word would get out to the opposition and their strategy would be exposed.

Made perfect sense. But I had been wondering about the follow-up to his recent triumph in July in a Florida court where his group had forced HHS to admit that no vaccine safety tests AT ALL had ever been done by CDC /FDA /HHS or anyone responsible for vaccines in the US. Since 1986 – when the Vaccine Act declared that such tests must be done.

It was very difficult to get that admission from HHS, with their FOIA’s ignored for so long, etc. And of course the decision was all but banned from corporate press.

And then there was the recent reversal of the 2007 Supreme Court class action suit by the parents of autistics, in which it was ruled that the case had been won because of falsified evidence. That leaves that whole vacuum wide open now for follow up litigation.

But none of these plans were to be discussed this evening, because of the obvious need for discretion. Lawyers. I know, right?

Soon more people arrived, mostly dressed to the nines. Bobby was swamped as everyone pressed him for that precious selfie. He is a true professional and was infinitely patient and accommodating. There must have been over a hundred people there, and I imagine most of them walked out of there with that photo. Including yours truly!

There was a large room with folding chairs and a projector set up. Bobby then gave a short version of the PowerPoint that appears on his site: – The Vaccine Safety Project.

A lot of it was similar to the presentations I have been giving all over the world for the past 15 years – basic factual data about the lack of safety and testing behind vaccines, etc. Some of the newest material I didn’t have, including

    the CDC is not just a regulator of vaccine policy, but a vendor. They buy $5B of vaccines every year, and then orchestrate the sales.

    a 2017 NIH study was a rare clinical trial that compared vaxed to and unvaxed control group– the result was the vaccinated kids had a 10x greater mortality rate than the unvaccinated

there was an NIH chart

1987 . . 2017

11 injections . . 53 injections

12% of kids ended up with . . 54% of kids ended up with

chronic disease or neuro disorder . . chronic disease or neuro disorder

On and on it went – the projector was out of focus and many weren’t paying close attention. But the power came through – you got the idea that something demonic of epic proportion was going on. The best news is that the entire PowerPoint is available on the site and people can go over it at their leisure. Which I have done, and it is compelling.

The point here is that in the past 20 years there have been volumes of the best science exposing the dangers of vaccines. But that has largely been examined only by a very small demographic. One that requires literacy. And interest.

What Bobby’s group is preparing to do is to force a larger awareness – even mainstream – and show that

    1. Vaccines are not safe – no testing

    2. Laws ending exemptions are claimed to be based on science which doesn’t exist

So there may be some hope for the future. Even if there isn’t, what else can we do?

Then we took a break and everyone’s milling around the bar and the kitchen. Very loud party. There were some very intelligent and accomplished people there, and also a few celebrities, inevitable in any gathering this close to Malibu.
Then I realized – hey – these are the good guys. The best people in California are right here in this room. They are contributing their own money to stop the disconcerting vaccine madness that is damaging thousands of kids every month, taking away parents’ freedom, and polarizing the population.

But soon I noticed that Bobby had begun speaking on the microphone again in the large room. I walked in, and sat down in the front row and opened up my Samsung. I think somebody was telling people not to record it, but I guess I didn’t hear them.

Now Bobby was sitting back in an easy chair with a microphone in his hand. He began talking about the history of the Kennedy family, starting from the potato famine in Ireland in 1848 when all the Irish immigrants came over to America. The Kennedys settled in Boston, arriving with little more than the clothes they were wearing, at the very bottom rung of the social ladder. Like most immigrants of the day, Irish were looked down upon, and started the American experience in poverty.

By dedicating themselves to a very high work ethic, the Kennedys bootstrapped their way up, little by little. Bobby told the story of his grandfather, who was a scratch golfer. The Irish were not allowed to play at any courses in Boston. But there was a course out in HyannisPort where Irish were allowed to play golf. That was the beginning of that area as the focal point for the Kennedy clan. As their situation improved, they were able to buy a house, then property, etc.

Bobby also talks about the Kennedy mythology that has become part of the American psyche – the fables about their problems with the CIA, the Mafia, etc. Apparently this misrepresentation was originally created in one book, by a guy named Halpern. All the syndicated newspapers picked it up, and doing no research of their own, continued to re-hash the same tired copy, even up to the present time.

See Doors of Perception – the history of fake news.

For example, all that most Americans know about Joe Kennedy is that he was a bootlegger. Bobby tells us that he was so much more– a statesman, the first commissioner of the SEC, the guy who funded FDR’s presidential campaign, ambassador to England, etc. A policy maker and huge figure in Washington for many years.

These stories are really excerpts from Bobby’s new book American Values.

Bobby went on with his free-form storytelling for some time. For those who stayed in that room for the entire section, it was spellbinding. Separating Camelot’s myth from legend.

After that, Bobby took some questions from the audience, most of which were about vaccine toxicity, and the politics of mandated vaccines. He answered them very clearly and simply, with a great deal of accuracy. Which is something most people rarely hear, since most of what is written about vaccines in everyday Advocacy Media is inaccurate.

Soon the crowd began drifting away, and a magic evening slowly came to an end. One that none of us will soon forget.

Remember to look at his site This is a truly worthwhile cause to which to contribute. America, especially California, is becoming the most dangerous place on earth to raise a child. Primarily because of the number of vaccines now being forced on children, whose immune systems are struggling into existence.

If people want to vaccinate their kids, fine. The parents opting out of vaccines have no problem with anyone else who chooses to vaccinate. But it’s a one way street — by force of law, the Vaccinators are now imposing their choice, their religion on everyone else.

This defies one of the basic tenets of the American experiment: Freedom of Religion.



[Re-edit of a corporate news release]

In a decision that could signal how California’s fierce vaccine policies will play out in the coming years, the Medical Board of California has ordered 35 months’ probation for Dr. Bob Sears, an Orange County pediatrician, for signing exemptions forms guaranteed by California law.

In 2016, the board threatened to revoke Sears’ medical license, supposedly for writing a doctor’s note for a 2-year-old boy that exempted him from all childhood vaccinations. Later, the medical board settled on a lesser punishment.

Sears can keep practicing medicine but will be required to take 40 hours of medical education courses a year, as well as an ethics class, and also be monitored by a fellow doctor. He also must notify all hospital and medical facilities where he practices of the order and is not allowed to supervise physician assistants or nurse practitioners.

Dr Sears likely accepted the draconian probation and settled his case so he would not have to go to trial. Probation is the most common punishment for doctors in California accused of wrongdoing.

Sears’ battle, however, does not appear to be over. In a recent Facebook post, he denied any wrongdoing:

“Isn’t it my job to listen to my patients and believe what a parent says happened to her baby? Isn’t that what all doctors do with their patients?” Sears wrote. “After all, I don’t want a child to receive a medical treatment that could cause more harm. I am going to first do no harm, every time.”

How many MDs do you know who have the moral and ethical wherewithal to make such a public declaration?

Dr Sears also said that the medical board has four more cases lined up accusing him of writing improper vaccine exemptions.

“It seems there is an attempt to keep me on probation for the rest of my medical career,” Sears wrote.

This is a pediatrician who has vaccinated thousands of kids in his career, believes in vaccines, and is a model soldier in the pharmaceutical war to disseminate as many vaccines as possible. He’s their poster boy – they should be giving him medals. But for organized medicine, apparently productivity is not enough. They not only want the money and the service — they want the loyalty oath as well.

What is unique about Dr Sears is that he recognizes the essential right of parents to be in charge of their children’s health and to choose exemptions, which are legally guaranteed by California law.

Vaccine exemptions have become controversial in California in recent years. But corporate media as well as the medical profession have never allowed any actual debate.

Their mantra has always been “The science is clear.” Which is quite true, except that the real science is on the other side of the controversy – the side that demands that every parent has the right to choose.

After a sham measles ‘outbreak’ among vaccinated children in Disneyland, California pushed through a law in 2015 known as SB 277, ignoring popular opposition. It abolished a 50 year old policy providing that parents could exempt their children from being vaccinated because of personal beliefs. Now California children must have a doctor’s note – permission to have a belief.

These exemptions are available in almost every other state – 47 out of 50.

But now, CA MDs who sign these legal exemptions are suddenly finding themselves under attack from 2 armed camps:

    – insurance companies

    – the state Medical Board

The bottom line, as usual, is economic. In the past 20 years vaccines have gone from a $3 billion industry to $50 billion annually. Exemptions obviously cut into that pie.

But it goes beyond that – it’s not just about vaccines. The Well Baby Program is that time of life when an individual is introduced to a lifetime of dependence on Organized Medicine. There is enormous revenue loss from exemptions. Those children won’t be going in for Well Baby Program visits.

Sears: “It alarms me to see any medical board questioning exemptions that are given to families who have suffered severe vaccine reactions,” he said. “More doctors need to stand up for their patients, especially the ones who are most vulnerable. I’m going to continue to stand for these children.”

The irony is that parents of the unvaccinated have no objection to anyone else vaccinating as much as they like. They simply do not want to be forced to accept the Vaccinators’ religion themselves. It really is a Constitutional issue. In the final analysis, SB 277 is clearly a direct violation of the most fundamental axiom of the American experiment: Freedom of Religion.

As fewer and fewer MDs have the courage to stand up to persecution from Health Care carriers and the Medical Board, California is becoming one of the few places in history where mandatory inoculations may soon become de facto policy.

The last place that happened was Nazi Germany.

A little homework exercise: start interviewing parents of vaccinated and unvaccinated. Who is more educated? Who can read?

The term is informed decision. That must start with the science, like the 300 references cited in Vaccination Is Not Immunization.