1. Vietnam Seminar December 18; Ventura 24 Jan; CalJam – Mar 2015
2. Ebola: Update
3. GeoEngineering or Tin Hat?
4. TV Programs That Make Your Kid Dumber
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18 December – Nha Trang, Vietnam
Elements of Clinical Nutrition, Part II
24 Jan – Ventura
– 12 hours CE


This seminar will explore the fundamentals of traditional clinical nutrition, often overshadowed by pop chimeras like functional nutrition, synthetic vitamins, paleo diet, beach diets, the cholesterol hoax, red meat myth, etc..

Focus will be on enzymes, probiotics, chelation, colon vitality, tissue reconstruction anti-aging, and much more. Read testimonials

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CalJam 2015

March will be here in a minute. Which means the big event of southern California is coming in for a landing. Time to sign up. You’re bound to like some of the speakers, Andrew Wakefield, Dane Wigington, Adjustasaurus, yours truly, Billy D, Tim Young, Joe Borio, and a host of other provocateurs out on parole.

And even if you disagree with something, well at least you’re going to be part of the dialogue. You’re gonna see all kinds of people from your past and future – the good, the bad, and the adjusted. CalJam is now the premier chiropractic event on the west coast for the whole year.

You really don’t have a choice – if you’re seriously in this profession, you gotta be there. No way will you attend without your destiny being affected in some direct way.

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That was fast. As predicted last newsletter, the doomsday copy we’re getting these days is conspicuously quiet about the Ebola ‘epidemic.’ Even the reported numbers are declining instead of increasing exponentially, as they warned us only a month ago.

It makes sense. It’s following the usual scripted template perfectly. The funding has been made available – the money has changed hands. No need then to keep up the exhausting fiction of a global epidemic. Most people didn’t buy it in the first place. Police brutality protests were stealing all the headlines anyway – they’ve got enough to distract them – we don’t need a Boutique Epidemic too. People forgot about Avian flu, didn’t they?

So following the routine, Ebola will fade quietly into the sunset, confined to unfamiliar areas of Africa whose names we don’t know. I’m staying in a hotel in Asia right now with in-room TV that gets only world news channels. From everywhere. And in the last 2 weeks there has been almost no mention whatsoever of Ebola, on any of them.

I think that’s why the American people never really bought the Ebola story in the first place. Even if subconsciously, they’re getting a bit jaded about all these emergency Boutique Epidemics of the past few years. None of the other ones really came off, so why should this one? We’ve got more important real things to worry about – like today’s new Cosby story.

All the predictions of last month’s Ebola chapter are playing out. The ‘threat’ is disappearing so fast, there is no chance an Ebola vaccine would be added to the US schedule.

To review the basics of this fast-vanishing spectre, see Ebola chapter.



In November’s newsletter we introduced the Geoengineering website. An intriguing premise, certainly — military airplanes are systematically poisoning the California sky with aluminum oxide, aerosolized pathogens, and godknowswhatelse, in order to … to what? Huh?

Answer please? If the sky is falling, at least give a plausible beneficiary. Cui bono? Sonny Bono… anything. Say something about why the malevolent totalitarian “they” would want to annihilate the state of California. What do they gain?

Below, look at a recent post from site founder Dane, and then look at my response. Which went unanswered.

Again, I’m not saying weather control is impossible. Looking at the Bay Area sky every single day for the past 6 months, it’s clear that something purposeful is going on with these skyriders. These certainly are not Southwest flights drawing perfect geometric patterns, horizon to horizon in the afternoon sky, several times a week. Or any other commercial flight for that matter – no, these planes don’t circle into an approach pattern like commercial flights do.

And sometimes you’ll see an actual commercial flight simultaneously in the same area of the sky leaving no “vapor trail” at all. So the phenomenon obviously cannot be explained away as ‘condensation.’ That’s true enough.

But this theory of weather control is not working that great last couple of months. We have had several early rain days this year already, earlier than the last 4 years. The grass is growing in the hills all along the coastal range, from the east bay down to Morgan Hill and points south. The horses are happy. Last year there was no grass till February.

So it seems in between the recent rain days “they” have been especially industrious here in Silicon Valley with their crisscross skywriting. And what happened: more rains. Big rains.

So if this is a concerted ‘military assault,’ looks like they’re still working out the battle plan, with typical oxymoronic military intelligence. Because the technology doesn’t seem quite so simplistic, so ON/OFF as this clarion site claims, as we see below.

My reservation is the same as with any doomsday prep sites – CYFS (cite your friggin sources). Otherwise you’re just another New York Times. Or Mercury News.

Check out a recent post on the geoengineering site:

Dane: “The western US is under an all out climate engineering assault, California most of all. The Weather Makers can shut the hydrological cycle off from the once “golden state” for as long as they wish. Satellite images and NOAA maps shown in this presentation are shocking and revealing to say the least. Whatever one wishes to consider as the agenda of those in power, one conclusion is certain, the drought in California is a direct result of the ongoing climate engineering insanity. Weather warfare is now being waged on the American population.”? – Dane Wigington ?geoengineeringwatch.org

As a newcomer to any site, I’m a skeptic. Here we have one paragraph by Dane with no references, no science. Just assertions, and then 72 dutiful acolytes responding with appropriate cult hysteria, also with no verifiable information.

So then I spent 2 hours trying to search through a site with no Search tool to find one thing: EVIDENCE that the 3 year drought in California is manmade. I’m not even saying it’s not possible. I’m just saying there’s not much evidence on (or below) the surface of this site. It’s big on editorializing and sensational conclusions, and very light on sourcing.

In the Bay Area I watch the sky every day, and whatever is going on is appalling and with some purpose in mind. Sometimes they go for a couple of weeks with nothing. Other times it’s very frequent. Lately it’s been every day, since our last 4 rains. In fact it’s raining all the time now in northern California, more than in the last 4 winters.

So if your contention, Dane, is that “their” purpose is to annihilate the civilization, a theme which you seem to spend the majority of your column inches expounding upon, I have a few basic questions for you, which I do not see addressed anywhere on my 2 hour purview of your site:

1. Why would anyone, even including someone with the bumbling bureaucracy and bargain basement ethics of the DOD, why would anyone want to destroy California? Not only is it agriculture, it’s global technology, it’s aerospace, it’s a military stronghold. What’s the possible agenda?

2. Who’s flying the planes every day above the Bay Area, and what’s in them? Not what you think it might be – not hearsay, not alex jones squeaking–no, what hard evidence do you have? And where are they taking off from? And if you have the proof, where are you hiding it on your site?

So at CalJam those are the issues we’ll be wanting to hear, Dane. Not hysteria, paranoia, and doomsday prepping, but facts – Who Where What Why.

My site www.thedoctorwithin.com has been doing major exposes for the past 15 years. Go there and click on Chapters, and read the copy. Note the references for every fact stated, every statistic cited. Same with my textbook on vaccines: Vaccination Is Not Immunization. Get it. Read it. Try to argue with it. It’s all right there. Big on quoting solid references, light on editorializing and conclusionary spewing.

Now let’s go back to Dane’s site and edit out every sentence that is hearsay, your imagination, something you can’t prove, or something that you don’t reference.

Gonna be a lot shorter, isn’t it?

Again, I’m not even saying he’s necessarily wrong here. Just that this dog don’t hunt. So do us a favor Dane. What about giving us a little corner of your site, just one button where you follow those simple rules of validation. 14 million viewers – so what? Look how many idiots read yahoo news clips every day and think all those things really happened.

The way it is now, how is your site any different at all from Yahoo news or CNN?



All the insights into syndicated propaganda and the science of media that we talked about in The Doors of Perception chapter – much of its darker aspect is manifested in the content of children’s movies, videos, and the games they’re watching on their iPads today. Grateful though parents are for those precious hours of quiet, the trade-off will shake out as betrayal in the long run. As well as creating yet another generation of doltish, uninspired, inarticulate high school and college students.

It starts at the beginning, when the kid’s brain is first introduced to the concept of pixels and sound – TVs, computers, iPads, iPhones, apps. Parents brag about how electronic-savvy their 2 year old is, how fast they learn to drag and drop, refresh, move the cursor, download, log in etc. So sorry, but that’s not intelligence. No, that’s just Skinner’s rats in the box, pushing the lever for a pellet. The only likelihood is that it trains them for a lifetime of cretinous texting. LOL ?? Please.

This trend of deteriorating educational standards has been accelerating in the past 2 decades, to the point where the creators of most of today’s kids media are themselves graduates of that selfsame illiterate and often amoral upbringing.

The concept of liberal arts education has long been absent in all but a very few pockets of tradition and excellence. Hard to find people who even know what the phrase means. This bankruptcy comes across loud and clear in the content of most of children’s media.

Conspicuously missing are literary essentials like story lines, premise, character development, antagonist/protagonist, conflict, plot structure, moral dilemma, etc. – all the classical features of story since the beginning of human literature. Gone.

And in their place — what? The results of whoever shows up in the studio – let’s just do something, and record it. In most cases it seems like the friends and family of the owners of the large studios — whoever is closest, just come on down and we’ll put something together with all this glorious technology we own.

Talent, inspired storytelling skills, years of experience directing or producing, literary credentials and mastery – none of these are necessary, or even regarded as particularly valuable. Let’s just get together, have coffee and ‘brainstorm’ something, without worrying too much about making it perfect, or getting it right, and it will be wonderful… We’ll write it in the studio. Most of the audience isn’t really paying that close attention anyway.

And the consequences are precisely what we see on the shelves of Best Buy and ToysR-Us kids video outlets. Let’s just mention a few of the more obvious ones that fall into this genre.

Spongebob and Dora are certainly at the bottom of this hierarchy of mindless fluff, guaranteed to make your kid dumber. These same bland, unlettered writers put out mountains of videos and shows which all follow the same formula – there is no story line, no plot – the characters just start chattering away about anything at all, using only the most mundane of everyday cliched conversation and vocabulary.

It starts nowhere, it goes nowhere, there is no resolution. It runs for the allotted time and then is over. Five minutes later the kid won’t be able to tell you one thing about it. The child learns nothing about the world, about life, about human interaction, about moral values, or challenge – nothing. It’s 40 minutes of his life he’ll never get back, with nothing to show for it.

Most parents don’t watch these shows because they are unspeakably dull. But if you feed your kids a steady diet of this tripe, that’s exactly what they themselves are becoming – unspeakably dull. And we see it all around us.

Next is the My Little Pony empire. Not just the cartoons, this is another billion dollar franchise, make no mistake, with an enormous back-end market of everything from dolls, clothes, games, to lunchboxes, bicycles – you name it. But what is it based on – 4 of the most contrived, fake anthropomorphic horses, pretending desperately to fairy tale status, or even conversational status.

Again, no plots, no character development, just a few glittery, artistically banal pretend horses, reciting the dullest most mundane dialogue for the duration of the show. A cornucopia of nonsequitur. All the main characters are female, and though they try to give the impression that they are young girl horses, the voices are all those of white Midwest middle aged women – with their characteristic flat, monodimensional vocabulary and twangy WT inflection. Which makes the whole thing all the more phony. That’s what they should call it — My Little Phony.

It’s as though they got any little group of the most uneducated women at random, put them in a room and recorded it, and then used it as a script. No waiting around for an Ayn Rand or a Jane Austen. Anybody nearby with XX DNA was invited.

If you want your child to stop maturing intellectually, verbally, and culturally, just let them watch as much of this dreadful, soul-deadening series as possible. Steals their childhood – wasting the diamonds of their youth – time.

As long as we’re talking about vapid, bottom shelf banality, let’s not forget Pokemon. Different people behind it, but they all came out of the same school system. Or at least the same GED. Watching an episode of the show develop, it never does. They just keep cutting from one empty, addle-brained scene to the next one – no connection necessary whatsoever. Insubstantial flash, jangle the nerve endings – when in doubt have an explosion.

Half way through or by the time it’s over, you have no idea what it was about. Which is normal because it’s not about anything at all. Just ask your kids – they won’t be able to tell you.

If some prince of darkness studio mogul really wanted to do a show that would make kids as dumb as possible, he would have had no little difficulty finding writers as uniformly braindead as the simians who conceived the Pokemon series. Never watched one all the way through? Then you don’t know. Watch one and tell me I’m wrong.

Now there’s an intermediate echelon in this beleaguered genre wherein the creators did have some degree of upbringing and some qualifications in writing, directing, and producing a worthwhile kids’ show. In this category we would see things like Word Girl, who even though her stories are often silly, at least has an objective – to teach the kids some new vocabulary words.

Other than totally, like, and awesome.

Another one with some redeeming value would be Wild Kratts. They usually insert some elements of science and adventure into their shows. And the dialogue is fairly intelligible and intelligent. At least the kids aren’t being deliberately retarded by watching the show. Wild Kratts is artistically innovative as well, incorporating the conceit of live humans interacting with cartoon characters.

Don’t despair – there are also some very well written and brilliantly produced movies that actually entertain and raise kids’ IQ. If you don’t know what that is, I rest my case. Artistic and educational value – a rare combination in children’s media today.

These would include works like Cars, Rio, Ratatouille, The Lorax, as well as some of the Disney classic originals like Fantasia, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Snow White, and a few others. None of the modern Disney movies approach these classics, in terms of story, production, and the ability to hold a child’s attention.

The illusion of technology should dictate that today’s movies, with all the digital complexity available to moviemakers, should be much better than these oldies in which thousands of acetates were painted by hand. Not the case. No amount of special effects can replace story. Just watch your kid – put on Ratatouille and compare that for holding their attention to most of the vapid cookie cutter modern Disney Tangled/Frozen clones, with all its digital IT.

Kids instinctively don’t want to be presumed to be as stupid as most of today’s children’s shows would make them. They can follow a relatively complex story line once they’re captivated, once they’re into a plot that moves logically from A to B to C. They’re not all on Ritalin. Yet.

The malevolence of the levelling, condescending, lowest-common-denominator mandate we have going today in this vital area cannot be overstated.

There was a Disney movie that came out in 1957 whose purpose was to teach kids the elements of the human circulatory system, in a comic and entertaining way. It was a brilliant success – you can still get a DVD today. If you’re willing to pay $150 for it, that is.

The movie was called Hemo, The Magnificent, of course. These 2 scientists were explaining how the human heart evolved from primitive life forms, and the hydraulics of how blood is delivered to every cell of the body every minute, etc. An intro to cardio-physiology for 8 year olds kind of a thing. But it was the first movie in which live human characters on film interacted with cartoon characters.

Hemo was brilliantly scripted, and was the acme of film technology for the time. This movie is still capable of holding the attention of young children for its entire length— over an hour. Was watching it recently with some kids, and they were mesmerized.

And then I realized why. They never saw anything like it before. Think about it – what movie company today – syndicated or indie – would fund a project this ambitious – to portray the fundamentals of blood circulation to children, in a very clear, simple, yet totally engaging way?

Are you kidding me? Why would we want to do that? They’d be thinking – Who’s gonna buy a Hemo the Magnificent lunchbox? What kid would sit still for an anatomy lesson? This is way over their heads. I don’t even understand it myself…

Studio geniuses are too busy dreaming up the next flying starfish or whatever who can read the phonebook while avoiding explosions…

The point here is, watch what your kids are watching. It’s not sex and violence that presents the worst threat to child development. It’s programmed dullness.

Look at the finished products we’re turning out.

As usual, this is getting too long. Will continue it next month with a discussion of today’s children’s books. Providing they have parents who can read, of course.


5. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2013

– now in 6 languages

Holiday Special: 2 FOR ONE SALE — TILL DEC 31

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

“The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines.. Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.” – David Ayoub, MD

“The only book more important than this one is the Bible.” – Dr Tim Young


“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
~ John F. Kennedy


The active part of a vaccine is a disease organism which is grown or cultured on a certain medium. Here are some of the culture media for today’s vaccines, as listed in the 2011 PDR: [20]

lung cells of aborted human fetus human blood
kidneys of African green monkeys
diphtheria cultures
infected human connective tissue
infected animal cells (monkey, pig, calf, canary,
rabbit, chicken, guinea pig)

Why are we not horrified by the above list? Why such a shrill insistence that vaccinations are safe, in the absence of scientific evidence? Maybe it’s our primordial, tribal fascination with superstitions involving parts and extracts and entrails from dead animals. These beliefs harken forth from the dawn of humanity, and are cited in the chronicles of most civilizations. They’re imprinted on the hard disk of our primitive brain.

Medical thinking is that if the patient gets a minor case of the disease under the controlled conditions of vaccination, he will produce his own antibodies to the vaccine, which will confer lifetime immunity by remembering what the bad bug looks like the next time it shows up, and then neutralizing it. [286] (Benjamini)
But there’s a little more to it than that.


First off, there is no general agreement that the vaccine-antibody paradigm is really the whole story of immunity. Researchers like Alan Phillips, founding director of Citizens for Health Care and Freedom, realize that [223]

natural immunity is a complex phenomenon involving many organs and systems; it cannot be fully replicated by the artificial stimulation of antibody production.

Dr. Gerald Edelman won the Nobel prize for his discovery that the immune system doesn’t operate solely on the popular antigen-antibody model. Edelman showed that hundreds of antibodies are already present at birth, having evolved within our species over the centuries. ([152] p 17)

Natural immunity is a much more complex subject than the vaccine salesmen would have us believe. The whole antigen-antibody paradigm was a massive oversimplification. But as always in marketing, there’s the KISS principle. No need to abandon a perfectly good theory just because it isn’t true. Like the Germ Theory of Disease, the antigen-antibody model was a great teaching tool to substantiate the need for a ton of vaccines to be ramjetted into the bloodstream of mankind, from Pasteur till the end of time.


happens only after recovering from the actual disease. Or at least being exposed to it. For example, on p. 1098 of the Merck Manual we find that for measles, people born before 1956 are considered immune by virtue of prior infection. [239]

Natural immunity.

With the actual disease, the organism has to pass through many of the body’s natural immune defense systems in the nose, throat, and lungs before it ever gets as far as the bloodstream. It’s likely that the organism slowly triggers many unknown biological events, essential in building true natural immunity, before it ever reaches the bloodstream.

Vaccination by direct injection makes the unproven assumption that the mere artificial stimulation of antibody production by the sudden presence of a foreign agent in the bloodstream is the whole story of immunity. Obviously it isn’t; the need for booster shots proves that. Many studies have shown low antibody counts in vaccinated people. (Gunn, Fraser) [254, 27]”

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