1..Positive Tests Are Not COVID Cases

2. Heartburn Has Nothing To Do With The Heart

3. The Coming Vaccine

4. Why Some Doctors Are Doing Record Numbers During the Hoax

In this new video we document precisely how the hoopleheads have been duped into thinking there is a novel disease rampaging the world – and worse – that it is a permanent, unrelenting threat.
It’s insulting that the lies they’re telling these days aren’t even that clever. One of the main ones being that everyone who tests positive for COVID is now infected and is a confirmed case.

Only 1% of positive tests become cases.

And only 1 % of those require treatment. The rest are better in a week or so. Corporate media is desperate to keep that scientific fact from the public purview.
So if you want to be disabused of this particular deception that is foisted upon us all day every day, watch this: Positive Tests Are Not COVID Cases

In the chapter Enzymes: The Key To Longevity we learn the definition of processed food: enzymes scientifically removed from natural foods for one purpose: shelf life.

Enzymes are protein complexes present in all living tissues and foods which are responsible for cell life. They are the most important component in human metabolism, effecting millions of individual changes every second of life.

Any nutritionist who can spell cat knows about the importance of enzymes in the diet. The presence or absence of enzymes is specifically what delineates a nutrient food from a dead processed food.

As high as 80% of the diets of much of the population consists of processed enzymeless foods. Not much of a stretch. Look around. Fast foods, mall foods, snack foods, pizza, donuts, fries, pasteurized dairy, coffee, soft drinks– you get the picture. Cleanse or clog? — take a guess.

Lifeless foods must have fake flavors added to them or else they would taste generally like cardboard. And it’s taste people are addicted to — mouth feel, crunch, sweet, salt, tingle, with fake aromas. [ Fast Food Nation]

A very sophisticated science is required to disguise the inert blandness of processed foods. The flavorists.

Clogging, enzymeless, indigestible sludge. Once inside the stomach, digestion is attempted. Now a different class of enzymes plies its trade: digestive enzymes attempt to break these frankenfoods down to usable components.

But human evolution is very limited – no enzyme ever invented in human physiology can hydrolyze creations like Velveeta, fries saturated in GM hydrogenated oil, dead snack foods and candy bars, with fillers that don’t even have to appear on the label, congealed hydrogenated pizza cheese, on and on…

The bolus cannot be metabolized. It remains in the stomach, maybe for several days. You get that feeling you’re already full, even at the beginning of a meal. That’s because the last meal is still in there – digestion never having occurred. But it’s meal time anyway according to the clock, so here come heaps of new processed foods down the hatch.

As the lower esophagus opens to deposit the chewed food into stomach, digestive juices are splashed onto its delicate mucosa of the esophagus. Sharp pain ensues – heartburn.

We all pretty much know the scenario here. So then why don’t Tums and Prilosec end this epidemic of indigestion which NEJM estimates as more than 20% of Americans.

Because they take away the only thing that’s going to unblock the stomach: digestive enzymes. Heartburn stops temporarily, but so does intestinal motility. Now we’re blocked and really full. Further attempts at swallowing may come right back up.

Obvious solution here: twofold.

1. Stop eating trash.

2. Start taking full spectrum enzyme supplements 3x a day. Digestazyme.

The startling realization is that it often doesn’t take 60 days of Digestazyme to clear the tract and stop the vicious cycle of reflux and heartburn. It’s much simpler for most people. A few weeks of enzymes and the patient wonders why he’s spent all these years in pain and discomfort.

Just like the patients who discover chiropractic and wonders why they spent so much of their life in unnecessary pain. No use looking back, but once you know, you know.



The only problem with the coming vaccine is whether or not they will try to make it mandatory.

If it’s voluntary, well, feel free to indulge yourself – Darwinian selection will take over, as always. Whether it’s Fauci’s one shot in each arm trick, or Gates’ recommendation for multiple doses – let nothing hold you back in your efforts to cull the herd with your own numbers.

Just don’t make everybody a guinea pig.

The greater the number of the vaccinated, the less the chance for creating viable progeny. This is already self-evident, with the 72 vaccines on the present Schedule and the resulting proliferation of defectives. Just look around.

But this rush job they’ve got cooking right now – wherein the Moderna vaccine is a front runner out of a dozen – will be much worse.

In addition to the usual toxicity and neurodevelopmental assault characteristic of all vaccines – Moderna will almost certainly set new records for immunosuppression and outright injury.

Why? Let us count the ways.

First off, everybody knows it takes a minimum of 2 years to create a new vaccine. All vaccines have abysmal track records for both safety and efficacy Safety testing has never been required.

Wait, that’s not quite true – actually the Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 does require safety testing. It’s just that such tests have NEVER been done for any vaccine, as HHS admitted in court in 2018. [2]

Got that? Remember, vaccines are the only class of pharmaceuticals ever created for which safety tests are not performed before they’re released onto the market. [3]

And also remember that American kids are the most vaccinated demographic in mammalian history, getting twice as many shots as kids from other countries. Probably why the US has the worst infant mortality rate of any developed country on earth.

And why 54% of American kids already have a chronic illness.

These are just a few of the requisite perils associated with any vaccine. But Moderna is a brand new animal. It’s having a go at being the second in a class of completely experimental vaccines – the DNA vaccines.

Google the term DNA vaccine and watch your monitor explode with entries from every biotech PR source in the world.

Here’s the short version of what DNA vaccine means:

Traditionally, the theory of vaccination has always been this: that a laboratory version of some microbes that is associated with a wild disease, is injected into the patient. Those mutated microbes are foreign antigens of course, which will supposedly trigger the production of antibodies. Which will be able to recognize and destroy the actual disease microbe, should he ever make his appearance.

That’s the pitch, for the last 200 years.

Impossible and unscientific though it is, this is the fundamental canon of the entire vaccine religion, since the time of Edward Jenner. Lab version of bug, put into vaccine, injected, creates antibodies to disease.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

Most obedient sheep never think even this far. They just get the shot. For the few that do think about it, most just accept the whole theory with blinding faith.

And for that small subset of literate folks who are still capable of rational thought, and are concerned enough about their children’s survival that they might actually read something, there is a textbook that discusses many of the problems with vaccines in general: Vaccination Is Not Immunization. [1]

Back to Moderna now. Vax makers have no time for all this tedious lab work required to create a new vaccine. The election‘s in 3 months. No, no, this rush order will have to be a DNA vaccine, which is much faster to market.

What in the world is a DNA vaccine?

This extravagant notion was first introduced to the world in 2006 with the addition of HPV vaccine to the Schedule. You can read the story on p 167 of your vaccine text. [ 1 ]

Human Papilloma Virus vaccine was the first DNA vaccine to be proposed. The novel claim was that it prevented a uterine disease of 50 year old women. And even though the vaccine only claimed a 5 year immunity, guess who the geniuses decided to mandate it to? Right. Twelve year old girls.

Many girls died in the test trials and many more died and were injured after HPV vaccine became part of the Schedule in 2006.

But that’s not the worst of it.

To make the HPV vaccine, the manufacturer discovered some mysterious particles floating around the HPV virus. With no proof whatsoever, they made the wild claim that these particles were fragments of the virus, and even more recklessly, said that these particles could trigger the production of antibodies specific to HPV virus. And thereby confer immunity.

Just a wild theory out of left field. Never tested. Never proven

The good news was it would be very easy to manufacture because the model was faith-based – no science necessary. Merck then sold this lame turkey to CDC, and the vaccine with the mysterious particles has been part of the Schedule ever since. Gardasil.

Now with today’s hoax, since they’re under the gun from stockholders like Fauci and Gates, vaccine manufacturers excused themselves from standard science protocols, and came up with a new model, even more far-fetched.

With Moderna, they claim to have isolated the exact viral sequence that produces antibodies. They say they have learned to magically extract this segment, grow it in culture, and incorporate it into a vaccine. Then when mixed into a vaccine and injected, the fragment will survive intact and magically splice itself into the host’s DNA.

The DNA will then be able to trigger production of huge amounts of antibodies to the entire COVID virus! Thus conferring immunity.

So we’re talking about a vaccine that alters the DNA.

This is just one of the experimental vaccine ingredients we’re injecting this into perfectly healthy people, including children. [5] For a disease never proven to exist.

Every step of this pipe dream is purest science fiction.

Even if such a hypothesis were possible, which it definitely is not, it would take years to test and prove. Not 3 months. But there are other serious problems with Moderna, that are banned from fake news.

To deliver the fragments into the DNA manufacturers are including in the vaccine an industrial chemical called polyethylene glycol. PEG is also used in making inks, adhesives, industrial solvent, dyes, and paints. It’s used for its permanence and resistance to breakdown.

Like all the shortcuts they’re taking. Animal testing is one of the first phases of any new vaccine trial. That was skipped entirely and they went right into human testing.

Instead of finding a test sample representative of the people who would get the vaccine, they assembled a special group of extremely healthy people: [3]

    Non smokers

    No drugs

    No obesity

    No diabetes

    No autoimmune diseases

    No neuro disorders

After testing the vaccine on just 45 of these extremely healthy subjects, four of them had to be hospitalized. And more than half of them had side effects. So, was it back to the drawing board? No.

They immediately took a deposit of $500 million (of taxpayer money) for an order of 2 billion doses!

No safety testing. No more testing at all.

After 45 subjects.

$500 million can buy a lot of shortcuts. Especially when that’s just for starters. Drooling with anticipation, Gates has big plans – world market domination plans. Fauci has at least 5 subordinates who are in for a percentage of Moderna sales. [3]

And did we fail to mention that Fauci himself owns 50% of the patent?

That must be why Fauci announced yesterday on TV that the new vaccine would be: “70% effective. But even if it was only 50%, that would still be value added.”

The vaccine is still in production! Not finalized at all – they don’t even know what it is yet. There’s no way anyone could know its efficacy rates. Or its injury rate, in the absence of safety testing.

Even vaccine reichsmarshall Paul Offit admitted it was completely unknown whether this vaccine would be effective at all against COVID, in view of the its current progress in development.

This is an experiment that is absolutely being done on the live population. On anyone reckless enough to be inoculated.

Think there’s any room for corruption in this cozy scenario?

It’s not so much we mind being lied to – we’re used to that. But it’s the clumsy lies, the bad lies that are so insulting. Like we’re not even worth the effort of making up a decent lie.

We didn’t even go into the vaccine as political football tied in with politics and the election, etc. Spared you this time, but next time definitely.


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They just don’t talk about it. They make their office an oasis of sanity in a desert of covidiots.

They absolutely make no mention of the hoax on their outgoing phone message. Or the days and hours they are open. The worst are the dilettantes who say If this is an emergency call your doctor or 911. (Do you have any idea what signal that sends to people – what those guys actually do? ) The phone message is short and useful. Please leave a message. Anything else is not only an insult, it’s a deterrent to visits.

New patients sign a form giving them an option to be adjusted in a special mask room. Or not. The form also says something like since facemasks and lockdowns have had no effect on COVID so far, the patients understand they could contract the disease anywhere, including this office. Something like that.

After that the office just doesn’t talk about it. They talk about real health issues and chiropractic concerns. Nobody needs to hear any more of the phony brainwashing they get all day every day. This is how the successful distinguish their offices from those with their heads in the sand (and other locations).

Once you get past that whole notion that you must be first of all a vehicle to provide protection for a disease that doesn’t even exist, all that nonsense, then you can go about the business of chiropractic. At least these days people seem to have the time to actually come in. Silver lining.

Like they always say -success is between your ears. Give no energy to fake epidemics and it won’t detract from your practice. Law of the universe, creating our own reality, etc…

What’s the alternative? Head in the sand closing the office till “things get better” with the lame excuse that people won’t come in because they’re afraid to go out in public… ?

Motto of the career loser: I can’t

If you ever learned the story, now’s your chance to tell it.



Came to Las Vegas at the end of May to try and escape the California Covidiots for awhile.

At that time Vegas was just starting to come back to life. Masks weren’t mandatory, though some germaphobes were wearing them anyway. But they weren’t really required in stores, airports, or in public. They were essentially voluntary. People were beginning to realize there was no epidemic in evidence and the whole thing had been some sort of con-game.

The casinos were scheduled to re-open in 2 weeks and all the travel agencies were selling great packages –air and hotel- to jumpstart the town. The return to normal was in the air.

And then just before 4th of July weekend, the nationwide hoax came down – detailed in our video Positive Tests. Just when we all thought things were starting to open up, the bureaucrats had a seizure when they suddenly realized they were going to lose power…

Remember all that?

Nevada’s intervebrate governor had a chat with Field Marshall Newsom, a little refresher seminar on how to create statewide panic overnight based on nothing, and lock every thing back down, tight as a drum.

A cinch when you have total control of the daily numbers, and are able to manipulate them at your whim.

So now suddenly Vegas switched from being sensibly on track back to normal to being a place where you feel like you’re walking through Alabama or Arkansas or somewhere, where everyone marries their cousin or something…

Now in August, it’s like a Rod Serling zombie land here in Vegas: facemasks everywhere – facemasks nazis in every store shrieking at anyone who dares enter.. Restaurant Nazis screaming at you if you don’t wear your facemask badge in the ten feet between the door and table.

And then when they take your order they’re going to be polite enough so you’ll tip them, right? How does that work? No wonder nobody goes to them. Great business model – going to a place where you pay to be treated like a leper. Definite success-oriented.

The casinos are open but there are no shows, no shops, and no conventions. Every other slot machine, right? One-armed bandits manned by masked bandits… Bugsy Siegal would be horrified. No wonder the parking lots are empty.

Took the kids to a giant indoor trampoline center here in Vegas. All these kids doing flips and extreme aerobic gymnastics, having a great time – all with facemasks required. With the requisite roaming nazis to guard against any infractions, of course.

And every 30 minutes they clear the place so the germaphobe squad can hose everything down with Lysol or whatever to “kill” all the “germs”…

Anyone know the actual meaning of the word aerobic? Anyone know words like – alveoli, O2/CO2 exchange, arterial blood saturation, tissue diffusion, pulse ox, etc…?

Of course not. The important thing is the cult, and the cult rubric, and the totem that shows you’re a compliant member. The new religion of the germ theory. Germophobe Nation.

Every state is not like this. Obviously this virus knows in which states he is welcome

That makes perfect sense, right?