1. Lectures:
Avila Beach,

2. Focus V Review – Oklahoma City

3. Educating the

3. Sigafoose: Burn Down the Schools?

5. Best/Worst of All Possible Worlds

6. Excerpt from Vaccination
Is Not



22 Aug MileHigh Chiropractic, Denver
—with Dr Danny Knowles

12 Sep Avila Beach CA — Evening Vaccine Lecture

13 Sep Avila Beach – Full day Nutrition Seminar

27 Sep Tulsa OK Full day Chiropractic
Philosophy and Neurology Seminar
Oklahoma Chiropractors Assn



If you weren’t at this summer’s Focus in Oklahoma City, well you missed out. That is, if you have any interest in the present or future of chiropractic.

Maybe you don’t like DC events where it’s mostly colored bubbles and shouting and hustling, utopian futures, with little content. Don’t worry, Tim Young isn’t ever going to let that happen with Focus. He’s not chasing numbers or fame, but instead is carefully nurturing his original idea, faithful to the true legacy of chiropractic. His success may have made the old guard in Oklahoma a little nervous, and with good reason, as they see their constituency deserting their ranks in favor of a better, more genuine ideal.

Focus is one of the very few events in the profession today where there’s a consistent thematic tone from beginning to end running through all the presentations, like a golden thread, linking them together. That thread would be the contemporary, living breath of the world’s most sublime – and misunderstood – health profession, honoring its original time-tested philosophy and tradition.

In this way, a self-generating momentum builds throughout the day, each new speaker reprising the same basic theme in a different key. And that message is – that after everything else has failed, chiropractic is the only hope for so many people. Should have tried it first. There’s an urgency about it – people desperate to hear the story, others desperate to tell it, others desperate to be set free.

Attendees of Focus appreciate that Dr Tim is very cautious in both the number and character of the few vendors he allows at the event, shying away from the carnival atmosphere which seems to lure so many events of this type away from their original intent. He explains that he doesn’t want anything to eclipse the primary objective of the event: to promote the idea of traditional undiluted chiropractic, based on our actual legacy, and to provide a forum in which to update and reinvigorate the original commitment to the Sacred Trust, so rare today.

With speakers like Tim Young, Joe Borio, Hugo Gibson, Kristen Kells, Bill Esteb, and myself, there wasn’t a lot of ambiguity, or dead air – time went by in a shot. And in its wake, once the Cox Convention Center had finally emptied out, one could still sense the spirit of those who had just left the hall, their energy electric, still tangible in the air-conditioned quiet.

Focus V – 2014. Ask somebody who was there. Exponential Synergy, pure intent, a drink from the wellspring of inspiration.



A new problem just occurred to me this week when I was talking to a classmate from Hawaii.

Originally, the parents had the foresight not to vaccinate the children, who then enjoyed good health and a very powerful immune system so far in their lives. But now the kids are in college and are subject to the same incessant media conditioning that infects us all.

Since they have not done the homework themselves, the college kids are having their own doubts about not getting flu shots or MMR, or the pop injection du jour. They rode the coattails of their parents’ study and research that led to the difficult decision not to vaccinate. Which took a lot of diligence and follow through – commodities in short supply in today’s colleges, it seems.

Think of the tragedy when a lifetime of natural immunity is suddenly undone by adult vaccines. All the reasons not to vaccinate in childhood are still relevant, but since the kids never thought it worth studying, they don’t value their own pristine inner ecology, a precious gift from well informed parents.

Worse, they make their decision in the same way most people make it – based on the vapid, tranparent, undiscriminating sales raps at the google -pedia level. Rather than spend a day reading a book like Vaccination Is Not Immunization to see the triumph of false science.

Unvaccinated kids are a living testament to your father and mother’s efforts to learn a difficult and unpopular truth – the specifics of the science behind today’s vaccine mandates. If they went to all that trouble to protect your immune system, the least you can do is match that effort.

Who cannot see the mistakes of history is destined to repeat them.



In his final years Dr Sigafoose seemed somewhat bitter about the schools. He was famous for saying we should burn them to the ground, and he never relented. I always wondered why he would say that.

In the past few years I have been to most of the schools in the world, and have lectured at the majority of them. Lately I’m getting little hints of what Sigafoose might have been saying.

A recent event at Parker might be a case in point in this discussion. For the past few months, students from many schools who have attended our seminars have reported that they not being taught very well how to adjust.

Worse is when they are actually prevented from learning: if they try to practice basic palpation and adjusting skills, they might be reported by other students just by hearsay, and then be summoned into a hearing without evidence. And subsequently be threatened and disciplined.

Now I know the tendency of students in general to cast themselves as martyrs and talk about their sufferings, etc. And nobody understands them, yes ,yes. But this particular event seemed a bit extravagant. Perhaps we should ask the students themselves about it. I did. They were more than forthcoming.

It seems that one of the upper-tri students had a friend visiting from out of the country, and the student showed him how to do some stretching, in his apartment. Not at school, now. Innocently the student posted something on his Facebook page, that he was proud of being able to help out his old friend, etc.

Next thing, he’s called on the carpet before their board of Inquisition to answer a string of allegations for which there was no proof and no witnesses. The student showed me the verdict of this kangaroo court, in their own words,

“you will be suspended from the clinic for two weeks (12 clinic business days).
“- Complete a course on ethics (minimum of 20 clock hours). Course needs to be pre-approved by providing a syllabus or a link to the course description. After the course is completed, you will need to provide documentation that the course has been satisfactorily completed prior to your graduation.

“- Write a two-page paper on the negative effects of social media in the workplace. Your paper will be written in 12-point font, single spaced, and include at least five references. This paper is to be completed prior to your graduation.

“- Probation for the remainder of your time at Parker University.”

Wow. The students wonder: isn’t this a little outside the scope of jurisdiction, not to mention the boundaries of good sense?

Not all schools maintain such an inquisitorial approach to the problem of monitoring novices in the art of osseous adjusting. There’s a way to do it that doesn’t involve threats and lawyers, and is altogether professional and in accordance with the Law of Fair Exchange. And in the spirit of higher education one might expect from a professional institution. Ask around.

The students are a school’s charge, not its subjects.

Covert monitoring and intimidation tactics – if they are the policy against students who are trying to get the rudiments of osseous adjusting skills, tend to interfere with the students obtaining the one thing that’s going to have any real value after graduation – entry level skill at adjusting.

At $10K per quarter, is that such an unreasonable request?



Start with the worst so we can finish with the best.

Veterinarians. What a declining profession. Used to be they helped you, gave good advice, knew how to fix things, and acted in the best interests of the animal. Remember those days?

Now many of them are cops first, salesmen second, and doctors maybe – somewhere around fourth or fifth. Maybe it’s the inequity in a system that makes it more difficult to become a DVM than an MD, and yet nobody calls them doctor. It’s all first names. That would disconcert me.

Now with horses, I’ve discovered after 2 decades that much of the time the people who know the least about horses seem to be the very people who own them. And where do they get much of that disinformation? Vets.

Shaving the winter coat in the cold months so the poor horses have no natural protection? Where’s that from? The vets tell them it’s a good idea because when the horses sweat they might catch a chill if you put them back in the stall wet. And the people believe them. Better to stand around all night all winter freezing, right?

Or dumber yet, blanketing a horse in locales where it only goes down to 40 degrees a tonight. which prevents the winter coat from growing in the first place. So now they’re dependent on their blankie.

Or their favorite diagnosis of “navicular” which is simply a name for a bone of the hoof, which vets have turned into a disease label, often necessitating months of ineffective treatment.

Or ‘floating’ the teeth, with no training, no anesthetic, just two minutes a hand rasp. Right.

That’s not even close to the worst about vets. Every conversation, doesn’t matter how short, ends with a recommendation for drugs – and procedures. Anything to make a sale – desperate for every last dime, no matter how far from common sense it strays. Vaccines and more vaccines. And stronger vaccines.

Do you think there’s an entire separate vertically integrated industry of vaccine marketing and production for animal vaccines that is different from the cartel that makes human vaccines? Nope – same guys, same politics, same ethics. A growth industry. Convince horse and dog and cat owners that there are new disease threats requiring new vaccines.

And never consider the total cumulative effect on the animal. More, more, and more. And vets are the sales force – first and foremost.

Seems like dogs suffer the most – the number and strength of vaccines given to dogs now is a danger not only for the recipients of the vaccines, but for other dogs who come in contact with the vaccinated for the next 30 days. Shedding can be fatal for either one. Everybody knows it– it’s everywhere, and nobody talks about it. Two vets came to my vaccine seminar and told me that. They were embarrassed by their own profession.

Or if you find a dog and don’t want to register it, you can’t get vet treatment until you vaccinate, license it, and get it in the system. Even if there’s significant injury. You’ll never get out of there unvaccinated, and some of the time you can’t even get in without vaccination. Cops first.

The other modern vet scam is the-horse-has-the-same-diseases-as-humans scam and needs the same drugs. So now we have the ridiculous promotion of thyroid drugs, insulin, liver medicine, experimental vaccines, hormones, headache pills, cortisone, for a whole host of human diseases that horse’s physiologies are not subject to. And the people buy it – don’t even hesitate.

I’ve even heard of them giving the horse antidepressants because they seemed a little stressed! Not kidding!

Surgeries? They’ll try anything, no matter how unnecessary or unlikely to succeed. Because after all, they’re just animals, right? The days where people went to vet school because they loved animals– those days are gone. Baser motivations prevail today, it seems.

The short version of this is – stay away from vets if at all possible. To the degree you are able to do so, your pet will be healthy. Only exception: trauma. They’re pretty good for that. But even there be vigilant. Don’t let them save your pet too much. Just the basics and then say thanks and get out of there and disconnect your phone. They’re billing mad.

Sound familiar?

Finishing up with the Best of All Possible Worlds.

Despite all the problems DC students face today, the profession is really attracting some fine young people. Somehow they are able to see through the haze to the inner core of the Universal unchanging. By some confluence of events, they have had that Transitional Experience which revealed that chiropractic is something real and infinitely powerful, and that secondly, they can learn how to do it.

At Billy D’s, at Focus, at Mile High, in the good schools, at my seminars, wherever – these people somehow show up and make their presence known. The future isn’t a complete catastrophe, like you sometimes might think, like some people say, like even I might sometimes suggest, looking through this archive. There are some very evolved, humanistic people in the works, coming down the pike, on deck, in the chamber – pick your metaphor.

The challenges faced by the new graduate today are measurably more problematic, even than 20 years ago. But these docs have no experience with 20 years ago; they only know chiropractic as it exists today. And at some level they understand that the power that surrounds the reconnection of the universal with the innate – this authority is enough to overcome an enormity of injury, trauma, and bad advice.

At some point the novice has got to be inspired: he has to see it, to experience the limitless power of the adjustment. Even a glimpse can be enough for them to shoulder almost any burden, just to have a chance to stand in that place of the Facilitator, the Conduit, the instrument that delivers the universal order into the situation of disorder. Being willing to overcome impediments like

    • finances
    • time commitment
    • faith without direct evidence
    • negative input from incompetent teachers
    • skepticism of society at large
    • bureaucratic nonsense from local pedants
    • silver tongued devils – promises of success
    • challenges of learning a new physical skill
    • crushing debt

all these and more. And yet the students seem cheerful and optimistic, through it all. The heroic human spirit in the face of overwhelming odds – this is the only thing that ensures our profession will even have a future. And it will. It’s already happening – like planting grass in the desert – some of it will flourish. Through any adversity.

Somehow, in some form, the Sacred Trust will always survive and prosper. And the children of the future will be saved.


6. Excerpt from
Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 2013
– now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

“The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines.. Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.” – David Ayoub, MD

“The only book more important than this one is the Bible.” – Dr Tim Young


“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
~ John F. Kennedy


No amount of creative writing can make the prospects for the future of autism look bright. As of 2013, the rates were still going up. A lot of numbers – one child in 67, one child in 50, but the truth is – no one really knows how many autistics there actually are.

Autism is usually permanent, no matter what the MLMers say. Although there are some effective programs out there [36] rarely will a vaccine-damaged child recover and be 100% normal again.

Risk/benefit studies have never been done for any vaccine. Realizing this one simple fact, blindly accepting the dictates of the Mandated Schedule of vaccines, puts the child in harm’s way. Until parents start doing their homework on vaccines, it’s inevitable we’ll continue to mass produce thousands of permanently defective citizens year after year, for decades to come. [M. Lahey, MD, 303]


Always remember: Autism is just a word. It is not a true diagnosis of a thoroughly studied pathology, backed by proven causes from extensive clinical trials. Rather, it’s more of a descriptive term, used more by media than by science, since mainstream science steadfastly refuses to study autism. Many parents’ groups don’t even use the term at all – they use the more accurate term ‘Vaccine Damaged’ to describe the new demographic.

While a variety of factors are certainly contributing to the new epidemic, independent researchers have now presented incontrovertible evidence that vaccines are a primary, if not the principal precipitating event in creating this novel class of neurologically damaged children.


Before we overintellectualize the minutiae of the autism phenomenon here, let’s step back a minute and consider what these parents actually experience.
At some point, most of us have watched an infant develop into a toddler and become a little human being.

One of our highest joys is to see the various stages and milestones the child reaches, about the details of which we have probably bored our friends senseless. To play with a little one every day and watch the miracle of their discovery as their light grows daily brighter is not just one of our greatest joys, but is it not one of the main purposes of human life?

Got the set-up here? OK, so now imagine that after 2 years of carefully nurturing a child all day every day, with all the rewards and sacrifices that entails, suddenly all at once – click – the light goes out, the child stops responding, stops smiling, stops learning, and soon doesn’t even recognize you. And he’s not just sick – it’s permanent. Forever. Can’t unboil a hardboiled egg, and all that. Another liability.

Now the whole contract changes – now it’s a one-way street. You still have to care for the child, but now there’s nothing coming back your way – no response, no interaction, no love, no promise for the future. And after a long time you have to try your best to keep telling yourself it’s not just some lab experiment. This is your child.

Take a second and imagine your child like that.

The most common lament of the parents, once they find out about the vaccine /autism connection is I wish I’d known . They all say the same thing: I wish I’d known.

So that’s what this book is then – a chance to know. Beforehand. But why would anyone study something until they need to? And there we have the worst tragedy of all – we need to know before we vaccinate.”