1. Tim Young’s Oklahoma: Hotbed of Chiropractic
2. Reflux: 20% of the Population?
3. 12 Hours CE in 6 Hours of Class Time
4. Today’s Excerpt: Vaccination Is Not Immunization


1. Tiger By the Tail:
Oklahoma Chiropractic 27 Jul 2012

Hey Dr Tim!??

Just wanted to jot down a few ideas while I can still remember them about the event. I’d have to say I can’t remember a more valuable chiropractic event ever in my career! Anywhere. And I’ve been to a few. But consider the expanse of ideas that were paraded across that stage in 2 short days. I mean of course everybody didn’t take everything in but, hell, all you need to make a weekend worthwhile is one or 2 zingers to take home with you that change your life. Am I right? In this case it was a zinger barrage! No wonder the frigging tornado alarm went off!

??The ripple effect… and the real value of the weekend being not the presenters but the synergistic effect of all those people in that room coming into contact with all those ideas and all those other people that will definitely have some effect on their lives, both in the short run and in the long run. The energetic interface in that room from all those like-intentioned people was exponential, geometric. Logarithmic. And it wasn’t based on woo-woo false hype and phony rah-rah like so many conventions try to stir up. This was real, and solidly grounded on truth, facts, and immutable principles. We were in the zone, fully channeling the giants upon whose shoulders we stand. No one who was present could deny it, as I sure you’ve been told.

The choice of speakers was good, with each contributing to the general momentum. The enthusiasm in the room was palpable. Having heard what went down that weekend, I’d say the students in that room are so far ahead of most of the world’s chiropractic students.

I had never heard David Jackson before and was really impressed. He was very focused and obviously has a boatload of material that we just caught a glimpse of there. When you’re navigating the waters we’re travelling in, things can go in many different directions. Requires a plan, a recollected state of mind, and a focus to convey some simple message.??

Oklahoma is an amazing pocket of evolved awareness of chiropractic values, unlike anywhere else in the US. Outsiders have to see it to believe it. It’s like the 80s or something! Sky’s the limit.

All things considered though, it’s astounding what you and FOCUS have accomplished in such a short time. It’s a living example of somebody with no formal training in promotion, following an innate calling to bring a unique message to 500 people who will value it enough to spend their time and money, and for many of them go to considerable inconvenience to attend, and to produce such remarkable results! You must be onto something here, dude!

??Very grateful to be a part of FOCUS.


2. The End of Reflux

In the chapter Enzymes: The Key To Longevity we learn the definition of processed food: enzymes scientifically removed from natural foods for one purpose: shelf life.

Enzymes are protein and peptide complexes present in all living tissues and foods which are responsible for cell life. They are the most important component in human metabolism, effecting millions of individual changes every second of life.

Any nutritionist who can spell cat knows about the importance of enzymes in the diet. The presence or absence of enzymes is specifically what delineates a natural nutrient food from a dead processed food.

Estimates are as high as 80% of the diets of much of the population consist of processed enzymeless foods. Not much of a stretch. Look around. Fast foods, mall foods, snack foods, pizza, donuts, fries, pasteurized dairy, coffee, soft drinks– you get the picture. Cleanse or clog? — take a guess. Lifeless foods must have fake flavors added to them or else they would taste generally like cardboard. And it’s taste people are addicted to — mouth feel, crunch, sweet, salt, tingle, with fake aromas.

A very sophisticated science is required to disguise the inert blandness of processed foods. The flavorists.

Once inside the stomach, digestion is attempted. Now a different class of enzymes plies its trade: digestive enzymes attempt to beak these frankenfoods down to usable components. But human evolution is very limited – no enzyme ever invented in human physiology can hydrolyze creations like Velveeta, fries saturated in GM hydrogenated oil, complex snack foods and candy bars, with fillers that don’t even have to appear on the label, congealed hydrogenated pizza cheese, on and on…

The bolus cannot be metabolized. It remains in the stomach, maybe for several days. You get that feeling you’re already full, even at the beginning of a meal. That’s because the last meal is still in there, digestion never having occurred. But it’s meal time anyway according to the clock, so here come heaps of new processed foods down the shaft. Now the esophagus may fail, as digestive juices are splashed onto its delicate mucosa at the stomach juncture. Sharp pain ensues – heartburn.

We all pretty much know the scenario here. So then why don’t Tums and Prilosec end this epidemic of indigestion which NEJM estimates as more than 20% of Americans.

Because they take away the only thing that’s going to unblock the stomach: digestive enzymes. Heartburn stops, but so does intestinal motility. Now we’re blocked and really full. Further attempts at swallowing may come right back up.

Genius solution here: twofold.

1. Stop eating trash.

2. Start taking full spectrum enzyme supplements of the highest bioavailability.

A few weeks of that and the patients wonders why they’ve spent years in pain.

Just like the patient who discovers chiropractic and wonders why they spent so much of their life in unnecessary pain. No use looking back, but once you know, you know.


3. Upcoming Seminars:
12 hours CE in 6 Hours of Class Time

How is that possible?

See Seminars. The new Chiropractic Seminar, a blending of neurology and philosophy. The full version of what we alluded to in Oklahoma and in Newport Beach last week. End of confusion. The original ideas of BJ and DD are validated and reinforced by the best of today’s neuroscience.

How did they know all that back then?

And this is the legacy we want to give away today, and trade it in for a scrip pad?

I don’t think so!

18 Aug – San Jose, CA

15 Sep – Long Beach, CA


4. Excerpt from the new textbook –
Vaccination Is Not Immunization:


Are people becoming more or less aware of vaccine problems?

With the tens of millions spent annually to advertise and promote ?vaccines, it would seem that all parents would be absolutely sold by now. They’re not. The percentage of unvaccinated children in ?the US is increasing very slightly every year, despite:

incessant media endorsement of vaccines

school requirements

the course of least resistance

new bills like AB2109

The increase is astounding when one considers that to resist vaccination requires self-education – enormous personal effort, following up the spark of a new perception that hey, there might ?really be something to all this noise about vaccines, and I as a parent will do whatever is necessary to protect my child. Even if it means actually reading something.

The struggle to step off the ????common treadmill thus becomes a war of attrition. A brick by brick proposition.

A true awareness of vaccines can never be mainstream – not with the never-ending attacks on self-reliance, self-education, and allowing the child’s natural immune defenses to develop unmodified.

The point of view expressed in this book can never be endorsed in popular media. It can never be the prevailing conventional outlook on vaccines, no matter how many children are damaged. Vaccines are here to stay. The majority of the children in the US will always ?be vaccinated. And the amount of vaccine damage will continue to increase.”

This is what I mean by the phrase the Survival of the Correctly Informed. Only these will have the best chance at replicating a viable progeny. And it takes enormous effort to inform oneself, outside the superficial canned fare paraded across Yahoo news titles. In the area of vaccines we have taken all the effort out of the research – we did your homework. It’s all organized in one little book.

??The definitive book on vaccines today.
Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 2nd Edition 2012