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Controlled Opposition: a common device by which fake news/corporate media attempts to create the illusion that there is open dialog about a major issue, by disagreeing with some minor detail of the mainstream narrative. It was invented by the Father of Public Relations himself: Edward L Bernays. [1]

In this example, the mainstream narrative is the COVID pandemic, and the minor detail is what caused it.

There have probably been more examples of Controlled Opposition with the COVID Pageant than for any media campaign since Gutenberg. Most have a common thread by which they can be identified: they will keep repeating the term The Virus. Or The Pandemic.

So whenever you’re watching an “interview” where the speaker keeps talking about “The Virus,” well my friend, there’s no revelation forthcoming here. He’s simply reciting his lines. Keep scrolling. It’s just part of the same superstitious indoctrination these past two years.

Why is that? In case you forgot, there is no novel virus ever isolated and sequenced that has spread across the globe in the past two years. And since that is true, there was no pandemic.

If you don’t know that much, no use continuing here. Watch these videos first: The COVID Pageant [2]

Otherwise, good luck with your devil worship, snakeoil, and junk science, and keep wearing those masks for the next lockdown, till you hear Gabriel’s horn.

So a semi-famous Dr. just sent me this link of the Dr Ardis “interview.” He was utterly bewitched by Ardis’ far-fetched claims, and thrilled that at last someone had explained the true etiology of COVID to the world. I promised that I would watch the clip and then report back to him.

I kept my word and watched the “interview.” Wow.

Being unfamiliar with this guest, I struggled for several minutes to decipher exactly what he was saying. At first it seemed like an outtake audition for Saturday Night Live. Then it began to dawn on me that this guy was seriously proposing that the entire COVID phenomenon had been brought about by poisoning the country’s (or entire earth’s) water supply with snake venom!

Gentlemen, start your vape pipes.

To even have a basic understand of this story you have to watch the interview itself, read this complete article, and then read Dr Setty’s article on Bobby’s site. [16]

Anything less, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Ardis begins with a litany of the most baroque examples of “science” fact, one after another, rarely citing any specific verifiable references. Occasionally he might name an actual citation, but mostly he makes casual references to “this study,” or something similarly ambiguous.

The exasperating thing was that some of Ardis’ statements are actually true. Let’s start with those:

1. His commentary on the FDA’s dangerous promotion of Remdesivir as the only recommended “treatment” for COVID, as well as its toxicity and the censorship surrounding its effects. And that people should do whatever is necessary to protect themselves and their children from this particular poison.

All that is true. Even understated. Yet Ardis cites practically none of the specific relevant science proving how deadly Remdesivir is. [4] He only cites references demonstrating FDA’s promotion of it. But his statements are nevertheless spot on.

2. Ardis was also accurate when he mentions FDA and medicine’s antipathy towards monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquin. All three have been strongly disavowed by mainstream media, medicine, and government. Perfectly logical, because these remedies might interfere with the global sales of COVID vax and Remdesivir.

3. Ardis is also right on the money with his assessment of ventilators, how unnecessary they are and how the majority of people on them usually die. Just a few of the many legitimate citations (none of which he cites):

    In New York’s largest hospital system, many coronavirus patients on ventilators didn’t make it
    – Washington Post 4 Apr 2020

    “A total of 1,151 patients required mechanical ventilators. Of the 320 (either death or discharge), 88 percent died.” [5]

    “The largest analysis of hospitalized U.S. COVID-19 patients to date finds that most did not survive after being placed on a mechanical ventilator. [6]

    “The study included the health records of 5,700 COVID-19 patients hospitalized between March 1 and April 4 at New York State’s largest health system.

    “Among the 2,634 patients the overall death rate was … 88% for those who received mechanical ventilation” – Study: Most N.Y. COVID Patients on Ventilators Died Robert Preidt April 22, 2020

In addition, Ardis is quite correct that most ventilator people die from the drugs that block the gag reflex, which also diminish normal respiration – in people who are already debilitated. The drugs (including the toxic Remdesivir) are given for weeks or months at a time. No doubt this is a lethal protocol.

[Setty [16], and Donald himself got this one wrong.]


But unfortunately the number of Ardis’ accurate statements is far less than his groundless contentions. Let’s look briefly at a few of these egregious errors:

1. Ardis says “Monoclonal antibodies are anti-venom.” That’s not true at all. Anti-venom production is similar to MCA production, but they are definitely not synonymous.

What are Monoclonal antibodies?

Monoclonal antibodies are synthetic lab creations that falsely claim to produce antibodies that are identical to natural human antibodies. By injecting specific antigens into mice, the lab will harvest the antibodies that are produced in the subjects.

The manufacturers claim MCA success with Ebola, RA, autoimmune diseases, and cancer, but these claims are completely theoretical, often spurious. – (NIH: How Monoclonal antibodies work) [7]

As far as monoclonal antibodies for COVID are concerned, that’s an utter fantasy. SARS Cov2 virus was created in the laboratory as a computer model consisting of hundreds of random viral fragments and contaminants. (Andrew Kaufman) [8] There’s no proof it ever left there. It’s never been found in humans.

It was never isolated and sequenced. So of course there’s no evidence whatsoever that everyone who “got COVID” was infected with the same “virus.” And also why all the COVID “tests” are nondiagnostic, as even CDC admits. [See videos] [9]

2. OK – so what about snakes?

Ardis attempts a random, unsupported equivalence between monoclonal antibody production and anti-venom production, and then makes the enormous leap of logic, pretending a sudden epiphany – aha! – COVID must therefore be caused by snake venom!

And once this extravagant hypothesis is suggested, the rest of his argument is little more than religious superstition and unfounded presumptions. It’s the polar opposite of the inductive method of true science. [10] He starts with a wild idea, and then proceeds to “prove” it by irrelevant nonsequiturs and unfounded conjecture.

3. Ardis next states that the proof that Monoclonal antibodies are a cure for COVID is medicine’s shrill disavowal of them. Now he’s 100% certain.

“Absolutely certain – there’s no doubt about that” – his words.

And right there – that’s the quintessential Controlled Opposition. Because there he’s confirming his faith in COVID as an actual viral disease. Which is the Prime Directive in all of media / government/ pharmaceutical “science” for the last 2 years – justifying global lockdown, masks, vaccine – the whole social transformation. All narratives in every medium must constantly repeat that doctrine: COVID is a lethal disease spread throughout our the world by a novel virus, blah, blah, woof, woof …

4. It gets worse. Now with this serendipitous come-to-Jesus moment about monoclonals, Ardis suddenly decides that COVID was no longer a virus – no, it must be … a venom! Why? He clearly states that the media’s rejection of monoclonal antibodies for COVID treatment – along with the similarity between MCA production and anti-venom production – this is his unimpeachable evidence that COVID is a venom not a virus.


5. Ardis then makes the utterly capricious statement “Remdesivir is venom – from a cobra.”

Gotcha, Ardis. That statement was your bear trap.

Ask yourself this: Where would they get enough snake venom to contaminate an entire reservoir? Let alone the water supply of the entire world. How many snakes would we need?

Or let’s just talk about all the millions of doses of Remdesivir in the whole world. How difficult is it to collect snake venom?

Here’s the science:

So obviously we can’t blame all the world’s COVID deaths on Remdesivir. First of all Remdesivir is very inconvenient to handle and is only administered by IV. It’s also very expensive – a course is $2800. So it’s just not commonly prescribed for every COVID case. Only for a very few patients.

Just these two facts alone would be sufficient to collapse Ardis’ entire theory. But he really goes off the deep end when he says that the CDC in concert with local contractors are contaminating the US water supply. Which really doesn’t address the COVID question for the rest of the world, does it?

Does he even hear the words coming out of his mouth?

6. The nicotine /smoking nonsequitur. Next, Ardis comes up with a source that states that snake venom inhibits certain nicotinic receptors in the brain that control breathing (which is true). [13]

But then he quotes an uncited source that supposedly matches snake venom proteins with the imaginary “spike proteins” of the “COVID virus” (which have never been isolated). And thus his certainty is magnified:

    ”It absolutely is known that nicotine is protective against COVID 19.”

He actually says those words. ”It absolutely is known that nicotine is protective against COVID 19”

Known by whom? Enlighten us.

As if that were not not enough, he then contends that smokers actually have an advantage if they have COVID because nicotine blocks the snake venom from contact with the nicotinic receptors of the brain.

Utterly ridiculous – he’s makes reference to some unspecified “studies” that show COVID virus attacks brain receptors that control breathing…

Now such receptors do exist in the brain. The problem is any “studies” are spurious since they have no specifically sequenced COVID virus to work with. This is the same error made by all journal article studies of COVID for the past two years.

7. Ardis’ next “evidence” is to Google search the phrase ‘did COVID come from a snake?’

Google. How very scientific.

Of course that search evokes a flood of sites from every religious fanatic and whack job in the known Metaverse. But that’s all our boy needed – now Ardis is off to the races, on a mission from God. He asserts from his uncited google source that some Chinese somewhere found a similarity between cobra venom and the blood of COVID patients, and so this is definitive proof that snakes caused COVID.

Read that again.

But just a moment here. If no novel virus has ever been sequenced and isolated for COVID, how could anyone know all these Chinese COVID cases had the same disease?

Much too profound a concept for our Dr Ardis. Again, the deductive method is not science.

8. Queer also is when Ardis tries to associate the root word of coronavirus with popes and king cobras. Anyone who took high school Latin and who looks at any pre-COVID medical reference can easily find sketches of coronavirus morphology drawn from electron microscope images. They all look like a ring, or a crown. Corona is the Latin for crown. The term coronavirus has been around for 100 years. Long before they dreamed up COVID. [14]

Next step in his snake conspiracy is the Pittsburgh researcher named Bing Liu who was reportedly shot down just as he was about to release some new findings on COVID spike proteins. What findings? They were never released. And what does that have to do with snakes? Nothing. So why bring it up?

From here on out we’re in Fantasy land.

No need to continue watching the Ardis interview after 38 minutes. The rest of the clip devolves into a hysterical rant where he makes random associations within some peculiar religious symbology and mythology which support his shaky premise. He shows some unrelated clips from science fiction movies that he thinks relate to his conspiracy theory. Except that they prove nothing.

Again, the main problem here is that the snake / COVID notion is not even close to a hypothesis. The scientific method requires hypotheses to be tested by diligent comparisons of the best clinical science, pro and con. Arriving at conclusions and limitations of the research. It’s a deductive process. Ardis employs only the inductive method – here’s my notion, now let’s see what facts and factoids can I find to support it.

You can find a better critique than this one on RFK’s childrenshealthdefense site [16]

It is a very well documented analysis, written by a Dr. Setty. He has done a thoroughly scientific point-by-point breakdown of Ardis’ pantomime. Setty brings in world class authorities like Meryl Nass, MD. Nass was a source for most editions of my vaccine textbook. [17] Nass shares the same opinion of the interview as Setty and myself.

Setty underscores many of the same flaws I noticed in the interview. Like Ardis equating monoclonal antibodies with anti-venom, saying they’re the same thing. That’s patently false. And this is one of the chief pillars upon which his COVID / snake theory is founded. Shows a rather dilettante apprehension of immunology.

Setty’s conclusion is much the same as mine: The entire premise of snake venom as the cause of the COVID phenomenon is simply untenable. “Poorly substantiated” is his phrase.

Setty is very kind. My view is a bit more pointed and unforgiving. Probably because he’s a DC. Ardis’ theory is a very superficial and poorly conceived notion, and does not stand up against the most cursory scientific scrutiny.

But then that’s the very hallmark of Controlled Opposition isn’t it? Keep it simple. Surround it with a few trappings of legit science, but don’t go too deeply into it.

Yet this interview isn’t good enough to be used by the real experts in Controlled Opposition. It’s not even allowed on YouTube, with the majority of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine clips – the real controlled oppo.

Ardis’ frenzied demagoguery is getting entirely too much attention for such a low end production – such an ill-conceived premise. He stands alone in his underwrought, unsupported contention. No legitimate scientist agrees with him. Only the wingnuts.

But then, scientific validity has never been a prerequisite for online popularity, has it? This is simply the newest shiny thing.

A good prediction would be that this story is just today’s lunch. It will be gone and forgotten in a month. Hopefully sooner. Like Ardis, supporters are embarrassing themselves. Exhibit A: regard the IQ level of most of the supporting comments. These folks stayed too long at the fair. Those are the people wearing masks long after the mask mandate has ended.

Nothing insightful or perceptive about this entire interview. If you didn’t see it, don’t bother. Ardis simply joins the ranks of the uninformed masses, who take the entire COVID mythology as gospel, without investigating it in the slightest. Tacitly admitting that of course there is a novel coronavirus that has spread through the world infecting and killing millions, he’s just another shill for the architects of lockdown, untested vaccines, and the whole array of germaphobic hysteria that has devastated our global culture in the past two years.

As such, his notion is the very epitome of Controlled Opposition.


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Ever wonder why those lower primates were walking across the White House lawn with masks on? What were they protecting themselves from? A virus that respects state boundaries? What were they selling?

Compliance. Submission to the lamest junk science in history. The desperate attempt to prolong their power.

Finally after two years, A Florida federal judge has said no more of this nonsense.

Of course the CDC can’t make laws, even if the pandemic had been real. So all those “stewardesses” telling you it was a federal law that you had to wear masks on flights — they were lying. For two years. CDC can’t make laws.

But it took a lawsuit to end the oppression of healthy, paying passengers put into a toxic environment, denying them oxygen for the duration of all domestic flights. For two years.


Here’s the story:


Here is the ruling

Health Freedom Defense is owned by Leslie Manookian who created that vaccine documentary The Greater Good.

Now that the mandate is gone you’ll see who the real germaphobes are. You have the courts saying there is no threat, and a White House spokesman, with no science credentials whatsoever, telling people to continue with masks….

It will be like an IQ test ..

Read the story!