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    $5K Reward for Proof of COVID Diagnosis — Podcast #705

Are you believing everything you hear in pop media? Notice any lies, inconsistency or propaganda? The coronavirus phenomenon is nothing more than the re-categorization of cases of the regular seasonal flu. Try to disprove that hypothesis. More science supports it than thwarts it.

There is no novel virus. There is no new epidemic. Why are all the hospitals empty?

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    PODCAST 3 – 17 March 20

Greetings from the Warsaw Ghetto here in the locked down Bay Area.

This podcast will be a follow up to the February and March newsletters at thedoctorwithin.

We were discussing Boutique Epidemics, as we’ve seen them come and go for the past 15 years, and now what an unprecedented departure from the typical pattern this present manufactured Epidemic is, with its lockdowns and the interruption to our lives.

Up until last week, the current Coronavirus phenomenon was following exactly the template established by all the previous Boutique Epidemics, as we covered in the Feb and March newsletters.

But then something happened, a quantum shift away from the control of its creators. It seems like it all started when the teachers at a California University complained that they were being exposed to disease, and they wanted a 2 week vacation. The administration caved and soon other colleges got wind of it. In short order there was a snowball effect and within days all colleges, in the state were closed. A week later the grade schools and high schools followed suit.

Next came Silicon Valley businesses, who started out encouraging employees to work from home. In the absence of any verifiable bio-threat, this practice began to spread nationwide. All that was the beginning of the ascendency of the Bureaucrats.

Think about it: what do all bureaucrats have in common? their greatest fear is to be accused of not protecting the people over whom they have authority. Threat or no threat — the perception of a threat is all it takes. Self preservation is the bureaucrat’s life’s blood.

They must avoid at all costs the slightest suggestion that they were lax in protecting their people. And so as a consequence, they will always err on the side of caution. No matter how extreme, ill advised or groundless.

And that’s just what happened. It was as though a sweeping molecular change gelled across the nation, all at once. In just a few days, mass hysteria ramped up to mass psychosis. International travel ban, runs on grocery outlets, stock market decline, suspension of our constitutional right to assemble, thousands of businesses closing, thousands of jobs gone overnight, etc. you saw it all. And for what? The perception of an unproven threat.

At this point any scientific considerations had become irrelevant. The facts that

    There were few new cases
    The numbers being claimed were all over the map
    The recovered cases were not being tracked or counted, which was 99%
    There were no testing facilities to identify and verify viral disease
    There was No verifiable scientific proof of any new disease

All these facts no longer had any relevance to the galvanizing effect of fear and hysteria sweeping across the country, buoyed up by incessant indoctrination.

It was easy, with people’s addiction to their iphones all day every day. Plus the new censorship across social media, effectively putting an end to any possible rational or scientific discourse on the nature of the threat.

But the crowning blow was that single video on March 16 wherein some badly dressed bureaucrats read their badly written Marxian/ Bernays script provided by their handlers – the announcement that they were instituting a virtual lockdown of the entire Bay Area. And what happened?

At the snap of the fingers, 5 million people in the Bay willingly locked themselves up in their own homes, obediently glued to their computers, awaiting their next instructions from their masters. In America. In an instant, without ever firing a shot, an entire population has been subjugated to the whims of corporate media.

Karl Marx, Mussolini, Adolf, Alexander the Great etc,–are all drooling in their graves, marveling at the sophistication of such a bloodless, overnight conquest.

So what’s going to happen next? In the absence of large numbers of new deaths, mass hysteria has a finite shelf life. The problem with sheep is they have a short attention span.

At any time, the entire population could experience a wave of doubt, throw off their masks open their doors walk outside and yell “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” Then get in their cars and go back to work like nothing ever happened.

What’s to prevent something like that? The bureaucrats. They’re now entitled to their vacation and nothing is going to deprive them. Fear and hysteria are their power tools. So they’re keep making up fake numbers, as long as people will believe them.

How will it end? How will this medicine show come to a halt? In the past, all the previous Boutique Epidemics ended in the same way: soon after the funding was disbursed, the threat just mysteriously evaporated from the daily narrative. Even though reports of impending global meltdown continued right up to the day before it was over. And after that you just never heard of it again- another case of the Disappearing Threat.

But this time it’s different – we’re in uncharted territory now. It’s still likely that it will end abruptly – the bureaucrats will announce that they have saved all of us from the brink of disaster and that the numbers are now under control … Now that their vacations are over.

But hold on here. We’ve really got to ask ourselves, with all we’ve endured in the past month, what is the worst thing about it? What is the worst part of everything that has just happened?

    Is it that we’ve been deceived by yet another manufactured epidemic, unproven by any transparent, verifiable science

    Or all the time and energy we’ve wasted on something that never could have affected us

    Or the millions lost in the stock market decline

    Or the millions lost in productivity and salaries

    Or the trauma to families

    Or all the unnecessary stress from the nonstop hysterical media

Certainly all of those were tragedies of monumental proportions, for many of us.

But they’re not the worst. No, no.

The worst thing that we’ve all just lived through, the nadir of the American experience up until now, is this:

They told everybody what to do, on TV – to stay home – and we all did it.

The damage to the American psyche from this event, to our self- image as a nation, and to our entire legacy as a civilization is incalculable.

So thank you for listening to today’s podcast here at thedoctorwithin



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Podcast #704 1 April 20

Coronavirus: Isn’t It Just the Seasonal Flu?

HI everyone—You’re listening to Dr Tim O’Shea here at thedoctorwithin podcast

When we left off in podcast #703 only 2 weeks ago, the nation had supposedly gone from 22 cases to 8000 cases in 10 days or so. These days we’re up to 20,000 cases, depending on your source, which is double from just a few days ago.
How can that be, with everything closed down and everybody under house arrest? Where are they getting these numbers?

Since pop media is not responsible for sourcing these wild estimates, they can say anything they want. What’s their goal – to sell newspapers, hits, and views, or tell the verifiable truth?
Unfortunately, it’s only the numbers that are keeping this rich pageant afloat.

Probably half the people see 20,000 case in Yahoo news, and suddenly – it’s gospel. Yes, sir, There’s 20,000 people in the US with coronavirus – yep, saw it on Yahoo..

So let’s do what no one else is doing – let’s take a close look at the numbers – how verifiable are these statistics?

As we learned in #702 and #703, just 3 weeks ago (29 Feb) , there were only 22 confirmed cases in the whole country. [1] This was announced on a show with more credibility than any previous newscast – there were the heads of NIH, HHS, Mike Pence, the President – the top of the organized medicine food chain making that statement. 22 cases.

Then just two weeks later came that fateful YT video of March 16, that we’ll never forget when the bureaucrats suddenly announced that the Bay Area is under lockdown because now the count is up to 8000 nationwide. Remember? Beware the Ides of March.

Since then the estimates have been growing exponentially day by day. How is that possible? What proof do we have?

First off, Much of the numbers come from diagnosis by symptoms only – either from in-office visits or telephone interviews. The usual flu symptoms plus high temperature, that’s enough to get you on the trendy coronavirus list.

Review Podcast #702 for details on how this is exactly what took place in China, California and across the nation. And this practice of diagnosing by symptoms only continues today, in many communities.

You can also get on the list with a blood test that shows antibodies, which may or may not be specific to any coronavirus, let alone the alleged COVID strain. [6]

As we explained before , in the past, identification of antibodies in the blood usually was an indication that the body was fighting off a disease or else that it had already recovered. That’s what immunity is – creating antibodies.

But then with the new marketing of flu vaccine for the past 15 years, the presence of antibodies now means that the patient is afflicted with a potentially fatal illness and heroic intervention is necessary. Natural immunity – what’s that?

Still Another test for coronavirus is the mythical PCR test that we outlined in Podcast #702 (March Newsletter). Polymerase chain reaction test – Medicine’s gold standard for identifying disease, for the past 40 years.

The claim is that the PCR can identify the exact RNA sequence of a disease virus, they can print that sequence out and Then they can compare viral samples from patients with that master sequence, looking for a match up.

That’s the pitch that everybody believes – doctors, hospitals, bureaucrats, the media … . Great premise, great story. Unfortunately it’s science fiction.

The real PCR test does nothing of the kind.

PCR testing was richly disavowed by its own inventor, Nobel prize winner Dr Kary Mullis. He was always embarrassed and exasperated at the unsupported claims being made about his PCR by organized medicine, for several decades.

These unproven claims have gotten more and more extreme, up to the present day.

So Getting back to our story here, once the “scientists” decided the disease from Wuhan was a novel entity of the coronavirus family, they had to decide which one of the 500 strains it was.

And that led to months of acronym Scrabble, which is still ongoing – is it COVID or SARS COVID 19 or coronavirus, etc…??

So throughout February into March, bio-samples from patients were being sent to CDC, presumably for PCR testing to rule out COVID. Right?

So that’s where all the numbers up until the Feb 29 Press conference were coming from. [1]

By February 22, CDC announced they had tested 2021 people, and of these 49 showed positive, but only 17 were confirmed positive by genetic sequencing testing.

This reinforces the figure of 22 cases in that Press Conference of 29 February. [1]
OK. So how’d we get up to 20,000 cases now just a month later? Good question. Obviously there are many contributors to those statistics:

    1. The practice of diagnosing by symptoms only continued. Some communities actually have drive-in windows for “coronavirus screening.” Just took their temperature and did a questionnnaire. That’s it!

    2. sputum Samples continued to be sent in to CDC, who had figured out a way to increase their output. Whether or not they actually did the labor intensive PCR testing for each patient sample or not is their best kept secret. Nobody knows.

Especially when they admitted that of the 2021 samples they tested, there were 49 positives, but only 17 of those were confirmed by genetic sequencing. [5] Which is what PCR is supposed to do, right?

This is the antithesis of transparency in science here, which is the hallmark of CDC behavior since its inception.

Now there’s one more method of testing: the new test kits. This is probably the worst news of all, as far as the beleaguered American people are concerned: the test kits.


After several failures, around March 9, 2020 the CDC finally began to market its experimental test kits for the virus that presumably causes COVID 19.. Even though these tests remain unapproved and CDC is making no claim for their reliability:

    “These sequences are intended to be used for the purposes of respiratory virus surveillance and research. … CDC cannot provide any warranty regarding their accuracy. “ [8]

The kit was sent to an undisclosed number of hospitals across the nation around March 14-20. Even though Alex Azar stated that 1 million of the kits had been sent out, no one knows exactly where they were sent. There is no list at either HHS or CDC. So we have no idea how many kits there are.

Worse yet, on Feb. 29, the FDA began allowing medical centers and hospitals to develop their own tests, which were fast-tracked for automatic approval. [7] Remember the CDC’s test kit itself is not approved, and carries the warning: for research use only NOT FOR DIAGNOSTIC USE. [8]

So These test kits are completely experimental.
This means that any hospital can now develop its own test, completely unregulated. Which is exactly what they’re doing. So any hospital can decide what constitutes a positive test. [7]

This is the briefest glance at what’s going on with the new coronavirus test kits across the country. This may begin to explain the skyrocketing numbers we’ve all seen in the past few weeks, their sources and reliability

For a more complete look at the scientific inadequacies of the PCR Test itself, please look at David Crowe’s excellent review [3], as well as the discussion in Vaccination Is Not Immunization. [4]

So much for the delusions of COVID testing and the reliability of the daily scoreboard numerology we’re all subject to.


Pop media’s greatest fear is that people will suddenly realize the most basic, simple fact about this disease we’re all talking about– that it’s not that serious.

Almost everyone recovers in a week or so – just like all flu—-. By sensationalizing the fatalities every day, coronavirus is continually portrayed as a death sentence, like it’s Bubonic Plague or something from the 14th century.

As we showed in Podcast #703, there’s no evidence that all these “COVID patients” have anything other than the seasonal flu. Think about it. The symptoms are exactly the same. The only thing that distinguishes it as novel is the presumptive evidence of an internationally discredited test procedure [3] which has been around for 40 years.


Thinking outside the box of contemporary media for a moment , let’s float the hypothesis that all these people simply have this year’s seasonal flu. Let’s say it’s just the flu. OK. So what would that look like?

First of all, we have to remember that influenza has been #10 of the Top Ten Causes of Death in the US for the past 25 years. The incidence is always highest among the elderly, the hospitalized, and the immune suppressed.

If you are in the hospital with terminal diabetes, lung disease, and lupus, let’s say and at the very end you happen to catch the flu in the hospital, and you die, the cause of death is listed as influenza.

So today they’re trying to claim that there are 20,000 coronavirus cases in the US, and it’s going up and up. Even if that number were right, which it certainly is not, how would that compare with the incidence of influenza in a normal flu season.
OK so let’s look at the real statistics – incidence of flu in the US for the past 3 seasons.

From CDC’s own website [2] on a page called Estimated Influenza Illnesses and Deaths in the United States, here are the numbers for the last 3 seasons:

    2018-2019 flu season 35 million cases 34,000 deaths
    2017-18 flu season 45 million cases 61,000 deaths
    2016-2017 flu season 29 million cases 38,000 deaths


So what is 20,000 cases compared with last year’s 35 million cases? How easy was it to pretend that this novel virus exists and is spreading in the absence of any verifiable scientific testing?

Ok What about the death rate? last year out of 35 million cases of the flu there were 34,000 deaths? That’s a death rate of less than one one hundreth of one percent! Serious disease??

So you might say: But what about all these people dying from coronavirus?

Well. There’s no real proof that this novel coronavirus epidemic exists, what with the sloppy testing etc..

Plus the % of patients that are getting better from this supposed coronavirus are about the same as those who recover from the flu every year. Which is almost all of them And don’t forget this is a disease with the exact same symptoms as the flu.
o what are we really talking about here?


Most likely the same way all the rest of the Boutique Epidemics ended. And just the way it is ending in China right now. One day the pop narrative will simply change. Abruptly. The bureaucrats will simply announce: “Yes because of our efforts, we have saved our nation from annihilation, etc. and the numbers of the stricken are dropping now, and it seems to be under our control… “

And very soon after that you won’t be hearing about it any more, and it will be just a faint memory, like it never happened – just like all the other Boutique Epidemics.
But right up until that day, when they decide it’s over, media will still be predicting the direst of futures and impending doom, etc. Yet suddenly – it will be over. And we’ll be allowed out of our cages.

So as we saw in Podcast #703, what’s gonna be the worst long term
consequence of this whole experience?

    Not the economic devastation
    The emotional stress and panic
    All the Time lost from work
    The collapsed businesses, and loss of jobs
    Trauma to families

No, no something much worse than all that. We have just been trained.

For the first time in our history or anyone’s history we have just been told to stay inside our homes for weeks on end. Told what to do on our telephones – stay inside till we tell you to come out. And we obeyed without the slightest complaint.

And the masters saw that, and now they know: they can do it again any time they want, for any reason they come up with.


For those of us who can remember the time before cell phones, look at the evolution. For the first decade or so, cellphones were this fabulous technological advance, a quantum leap in convenience, freedom, and communication.

Then after several years, they became more of a tool for realtime messaging and for business. Then a few more years and they also became instruments of amusement and silliness, which competed for the precious moments of our actual lives. And in many cases replaced actual life.

And eventually the cellphone became a necessity – who can live without one today ?

This evolution was all so gradual that most of us didn’t notice it. So notice this: with their newfound ability to send out an alarm signal to every single cellphone in the state at once, forcing us to read the message, ANY TIME THEY WANT. And the ability to suddenly give orders for the entire population to self- incarcerate,

Cellphones have finally reached the abyss of de-evolution. We have now been shown unequivocally that among all their other uses, cellphones can be the instruments of our enslavement.


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