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2. CALJAM Review: Andy Wakefield, Dane Wigington, and Robert DeNiro







Advanced Clinical Nutrition

    • Ventura CA – 9 Apr


    • Seattle WA – 16 Apr


    Paris, France – 15 Sept

Vaccine Lecture –

    September 2016 – Wales UK

Chiropractic Philosophy/ Technique –

    September 2016 – Wales UK


Alaska Glacier CE Cruise: Aug 19 – 26

2016 New Living Expo
April 29th, 30th & May 1st
San Mateo Event Center


Live seminar: Advanced Clinical Nutrition/Cell Detox


    • Ventura CA – 9 Apr

Seattle WA – 16 Apr


12 Hours CE in 6 classroom hours 8 am – 3 pm

To summarize the essential principles of cellular nutrition for the practicing chiropractor, defining the roles of diet and lifestyle in the patient’s overall clinical picture. To provide the practicing chiropractor with a complete nutrition program, based on classical ideas of arterial and tract detoxification.

    • Bioterrain analysis and cancer


    • Toxic Load: total human exposure to poisons


    • The End of Reflux


    • Tilden’s principle of Vicarious Elimination


    • 60 Day Program Systemic oxygenation


    • Leaky Gut


    • Collagen Production: organ integrity


    • Free radicals and antioxidants


    • DNA alteration and metaplasia


    • Joint reconstruction


    • Immunity and Probiotics


    • Complete Autism detox protocol


    Heavy metals and arterial plaque

“This program literally saved my life – so glad Dr Tim was there for me” — Dr W. Herstad, Seattle
“O’Shea’s research on both vaccination and on nutrition is unparalleled.” Dr M. Cheung
“Thank you for making our profession a better one and risking your life speaking on the sensitive subjects” – Dr S Blanchard
“Wow – a CE seminar where you actually learn something – what a concept! Not only useful, but life-saving.” – Dr Aaron Khem, NYC
“Very fast-paced — a goldmine of information..” Dr J Jones, Morgan Hill
“So much useful information, concise, astutely researched.” Steve Alff, DC
“No fluff – scientific but not medical” Dr C Medl, Manhattan Beach
“Nothing hyped or undocumented – the perfect complement to chiropractic” JC Milrod, DC
“Phenomenal job explaining intricate details of nutrition, health, and disease – The BEST CE seminar!” – Dr Faith, Manhattan Beach
“Backs up everything he says with the research..thorough, entertaining, superbly delivered.” – J Golditch

Doctors $159 Students, General public $99. CAA 15-11-11363

To register 408.753.9830 or



As usual, one of the largest chiropractic events on the west coast was a very worthwhile synergy of ideas. Just to see people from your past – and future – and bounce your own ideas and values off them, inhibits the mental stagnation so evident today with the homogenization of our collective American mentality. Just think, a non-electronic experience!



I walked into the Wyndham hotel bar on Friday afternoon to find Andy Wakefield there with an hour to spare. So right away, the whole trip to the OC was in the black.

One of the favorite humans it’s been my good fortune to have encountered in this lifetime, Andy filled me in on a wide variety of subjects. He has an advanced awareness of yoga, about which I know nothing. We were also talking about the subtext behind the mysterious demise of holistic researchers we’ve seen in the past year. (Feb Newsletter). Specifically with the murder of Jeff Bradstreet, a world class expert on autism, whose recent research involved the enzyme nagalase, a little known ingredient in vaccines, proven to cause neurological damage within the CNS…

Andy then was talking about his life’s work every day for the past two years, his new film, now titled Vaxxed. And he recounts the story of CDC’s William Thompson, how he came to a moral crossroads after suppressing vital data on vaccine toxicity in 2003 and was in a quandary about what to do next.

Wakefield explained how Thompson was much more exposed, in harm’s way, by keeping his knowledge of CDC’s cover-up a secret – the less people who knew about Thompson’s misgivings, the more in danger he was. So it became a question of survival, when in 2014 Thompson began to share his remorse about his role in the cover-up, having suppressed all that data that proved vaccines were indeed directly linked with autism.

Wakefield cited the new numbers that CDC has for autism – today 1 child in 45 is autistic, which means we’re now at the top of a logarithmic graph beginning in 1978 when it was 1 in 10,000. And with their immutable stance to spend zero dollars trying to discover the cause of autism – how long can this ostrich impersonation go on?

Here’s the chart:

    • 1978 1 / 10,000


    • 2002 1/ 250


    • 2008 1/ 160


    • 2010 1/ 250


    • 2014 1/50


    2016 1/45

The CDC is now admitting that if this trend continues, by 2032, fully half of all children in the US will be autistic! For boys, it will be an 80% chance.

We are not on schedule; we are AHEAD of schedule for such an eventuality.

These are the issues that the new movie will bring to light, and hopefully introduce into the national awareness.

Then I asked about distribution, and the likely opposition that is certain to emerge once corporate medicine gets wind of the film’s eminent release. Think about it – here’s incontrovertible science from our top government agency for “disease control,” demonstrating a clear and present connection between vaccines and autism, in defiance of their own robotic mantra of the past 25 years that no such relation was POSSIBLE.

DeNiro? Vaxxed originally opened in New York at big theaters in April 1 for 1 week. But then, look what happened to Robert DeNiro, owner of the Tribeca Film Festival. Vaxxed was scheduled to open there on 24 April, and DeNiro himself was going to introduce it. But then the fix came in, and DeNiro not only cancelled his intro – he cancelled the whole showing itself! ( Rappaport )

Ironic isn’t it – DeNiro is famous for playing all those mafia tough guys, but in real life rolls over after one little phone call. Guess he forgot for a second who the real mafia is. You talkin’ to me?

Here is the ABC News whitewash of the DeNiro story

in which DeNiro’s comments are deleted. This is supposedly an “interview” with the Vaxxed’s producer, Del Bigtree. Best way to watch the original 12 minute “interview” is fast forward past the corporate ABC whitewash and just play the parts where Bigtree himself actually speaks. Emblematic of the way media science shapes facts to their own agenda, ABC only aired a few seconds of the full interview and omitted anything substantive.

This is just the start of the direct and indirect forces which will try to obliterate a film of this calibre. They are desperate to shut it down. All other vaccine films up till now have been too equivocal or unprofessional to have had any significant impact on pop perception. So they all died a quiet death in art theatre land, or on obscure websites, and very few people ever saw them. Trace Amounts was the best of those, certainly, but how many people really saw it? Didn’t even make it to the dustbin of movieland – Netflix.

But Vaxxed seems different. Looks like it actually could have the gravitas necessary to effect a tipping point in pop consciousness, or at least drive a wedge of doubt. The big boys are certainly nervous, and are pulling out all the stops to trash something they haven’t even seen. They’re making every effort to prevent people from seeing it.

In 2014 Wm. Thompson demanded that a full investigation of his claims be formally conducted. So far, they’re silent as the grave, and hoping every one will just forget it. A mass screening of Vaxxed, even the size of any of the silly films that infest our multiplexes, would make it impossible to sweep this cover-up under the rug.

Think about the scale of liability for this 25 year cover-up – the settlements against the manufacturers, and the complicity of the CDC, if these charges ever see the light of day. We’re talking trillion$. Worse than that, the blow to global vaccine credibility if it becomes generally known what Vaxxed offers incontrovertible evidence for: the CDC has known about the connection between MMR and autism since the 80s, and deliberately covered it up.

After the ABC ‘story,’ the LA Times and Forbes magazine fired the next salvos, with their ludicrous exhortations why people should not see the movie. Which none of them has seen! Such red-flag proscriptions are rare indeed in today’s wide open film industry, and should ultimately serve as an endorsement for alert people to see “the film they don’t want you to see.”

Banned movies? What’s next – burning books? Sieg Heil.

If the film is completely banned from multiplex, like Food, Inc. et cetera, the last resort will be Netflix and other venues, where standards for quality are nonexistent. The sooner it turns up on Netflix the greater its failure as a film. This film deserves to be shown in every AMC multiplex in the country for as long as people buy tickets.

Certainly the most spellbinding description of Vaxxed comes from a letter written by its producer, Del Bigtree:

It’s not long, but tells in the inside story about Vaxxed. Just read it.

A good bellwether for the power of corporate media can be observed in the vilification of one of the most courageous and heroic of scientists of our time: Dr Andrew Wakefield. The extent to which his attackers will twist truth into lies, fact into fiction, danger into safety, poison into medicine – it’s limitless. They are desperate – no one has ever come this close to exposing the dangers of vaccines to the mass mind.

This movie will be appreciated only by those willing to overcome all the negative press which cloaks the ongoing crimes against American children, perpetrated by the very same agencies charged with protecting our children.

In the old America when the First Amendment was in force, Wakefield’s Vaxxed would be to child immunity what Tesla is to the car industry – a quantum leap in awareness. Followed by a call to action that would shift the paradigm.

These early rumblings do not bode well for mass enlightenment about vaccines. The mythology of vaccines is the foundation upon which our whole medical orthodoxy is based. The supreme masters of global disinformation will try to annihilate any hint of attack, using any means at their disposal.

That’s what we will see these next few weeks. Check out Bigtree. Find the movie.



OK, back to CalJam. Then I went inside and ran into Dane Wigington standing near his booth. Same thing, no one around – actually had an uninterrupted conversation.

Dane is the premier authority on chemtrails, although he never uses that term, preferring climate engineering as more scientific. In previous newsletters we’ve discussed his site – – and his main premises about the radical worldwide environmental changes in the past 8 years.

In the there’s a link to dozens of images of chemtrails which are most instructive, to those with the enough curiosity to simply look at the sky.

By now the term chemtrails is in the pop lexicon, though mostly in the conspiracy theory context. But all one needs to do to find out if they’re real or not is to just look up. Every day. Learn the difference between real and manmade formations. The little girl on the vaccine book cover is 8 now and she can easily distinguish real from manmade. Because she took the time. And is interested in the world she will inherit.

Dane sees climate engineering as the premier topic of the day – everything else is secondary – the election, the economy, illegal immigration, the food industry, education decline, health care, recycling, etc. Why talk about any of that if we’re not going to be around? I sat in the front row for Dane’s lecture, which is shocking enough. But speaking with him privately, he is even less optimistic about the skein of human survival on this third stone from the sun.

Dane is a true scientist, that rare breed who reports the objective consequences of verifiable events, no matter how disconcerting. Corporate ‘scientists’ have a DNA flaw from the outset: they are typically hired to prove a pre-assigned outcome which will advance an explicit agenda. Discoveries of facts that conflict with the original assignment are either covered up or not pursued.

Dane is not so encumbered. He seeks the truth, no matter what it portends or whom it implicates. First of all he just wants us to be aware of the possibility of climate control, by means of deliberate, systematic discharges from high flying military and commercial aircraft. Why would we believe something like that?

Step One: Watch the sky – every chance you get. It’s your sky, above your country. Not that the country owns it, but your physical well-being and longevity are directly dependent upon its composition.

Astoundingly, this simple first step is the biggest obstacle that geoengineering scientists face in getting their research publicized. It has to be empirical. And possible. So if a group of scientists are saying there is a worldwide agenda in place to change the climate of specific metropolitan environments by means of systematic aerial spraying of nano-particulate aluminum oxide into the atmosphere, people will say, Oh yeah? Where is it? Show me.

And the answer is: right above your head in the city sky, several days a week. But again, you have to look up all the time and learn what normal cumulus and cirrus clouds look like. And then learn to identify the manmade cloud formations, distinct from the natural. Every day.

Read the past newsletters for an intro to what to watch for.

Dane talked about the recent evolution of chemtrails away from the horizon-to-horizon aerial streaks we’ve seen for the past few years, to the new formations that widen and last for hours on end. In recent months we’ve seen a new technique being perfected in the Bay Area that releases very wide strips of spray which then have the ability to join up with each other and blanket the majority of a city’s skyscape in just a few hours. Which then persist the rest of the day. Don’t you see it? Look!

Dr Russell Blaylock talks about precisely the same phenomenon in his recent youtube interview :

Any observer in the Bay Area knows just what we’re talking about. In recent months, the skymonkeys from Moffett Field are really upping their carpet game, relying less and less on the classical streaks- behind-airplane technique.

But El NIno has really upset their applecart this winter. No amount of aerosol spraying from airplanes can prevent droplet formation in the face of a phenomenon like El Nino, with the massive amounts of wind and rain it can bring. Aluminum sprayboys still did their best to minimize normal precipitation.

Here in California it was patently evident. The El Nino effect, which mercifully ended a 5 year drought, stopped just south of San Luis Obispo, like somebody drew a line west to east, right across the state. LA and Orange County did not share in the bountiful drenching that is refilling most of the reservoirs in northern California.

As observers in the OC clearly witnessed, the So-Cal airborne sprayers worked overtime, almost every day this winter, to keep the sky full of the particulates that prevent rain. Did you look up? As a result, southern California had another dry winter, bearing no resemblance at all to the Bay Area and the rest of northern California, where for the first time in 15 years it looks like Ireland.

Without chemtrails, the Bay Area would certainly be one of the most beautiful cities anywhere. A really gorgeous day there compares with anywhere on earth. Room temperature most of the year, very little heavy industry, breezy enough to clear away most of the traffic haze, a sunny day in the 70s with blue sky and some high cumulus towers at 20k feet or so – it can be idyllic, the sky often a breathtaking panorama. But this scenario is occurring less and less.

Now that El Nino is playing out, we’re already seeing the return of the silvery geoengineered particulates being dumped into the sky 4-6 days per week. That’s our new life. And nobody talks about it — not a word. It’s anathema for any and all media – the emperor’s new clothes.

Here are a few tips for distinguishing manmade cloud cover from natural.

1. The sky carpets they’re learning to weave, as well as the unnaturally regular wispy gossamer cobweb patterns we see– all this fake stuff is always at the same altitude. Low. Between 5 and 10k feet. Which creates a low ceiling, suffocating, claustrophobic atmosphere ..

2. The fully geoengineered mid-day sky has a very characteristic monochromatic light grey color, and a flatness to it: two dimensional. Always looks the same. And persists for the rest of the day.

By contrast, beautiful big white cumulus clouds against a cerulean sky on days with no chemtrails – these clouds are graphically 3 dimensional and are at 20k feet or so. This gives a completely different ambiance to the city day — Big Sky – buddha’s house is expansive, with spacious high ceilings. The horizon is 10 times farther out. Life is abundant with limitless possibilities — all that life-affirming Tony Robbins type consciousness we’re paying all those taxes to enjoy here. Pre-chemtrails, this was the natural Bay Area ecosytem.


Dane carries environmental consciousness to its logical conclusion, that is, a scientific awareness, one not limited by the daily bubblegum press. He provides statistics about the dying oceans, the number of species extinctions, ground surface measurements of aluminum accumulation thousands of times normal, UV2 penetration through our ozone depleted sky, and the effects thereof, etc.

It’s a pretty grim picture — Dane would definitely not make it as a stand up comic. He’s very intense and serious. The startling thing is once you realize he’s not a tin hat guy, if just half of what he says is accurate, our kids are in for a very rough ride.

The other thing to keep in mind is this is a global agenda, not just California. It’s everywhere. In the past two years I saw chemtrails in Scotland, England, Barcelona, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, and many other places I don’t remember. Just came back from a weekend in Mammoth and the entire sky was covered in chemtrails – crystal clear from the top of the gondola. Old- fashioned streak behind the planes, drawing hashtags, etc. And nobody said a word.

Why would the military carry out such a program? That’s easy. In the military, there is no why. Orders come from above and they are followed. Period. No evaluations about danger, poison, eco-assault – none of that. Orders.

OK, what are the physiological effects? As a neurologist, Blaylock is the expert on that. Listen to the YouTube video Neurodegeneration. Organ toxicity. Making people sick and dumb. Why would “they” want to do that? That question is beyond the scope of this little newsletter. Dane and his research is focusing on the What – what is it, where is it, how does it act, how long does it last, what are the levels, effects etc.

For the Why, there are only theories. With the virtual blackout in global media admitting the phenomenon even exists, most references still dismiss it as contrails, which is ridiculous. Contrails only persist for 2 minutes or less. And they are not sprayed from tanks inside the aircraft out of nozzles mounted on the wings. That much is documented.

The media blackout on chemtrails has been virtually absolute. Military and government sources are mute. So media feels excused from initiating a pop narrative. Easier to focus on celebrity minutiae, election gossip, sports fun, etc. The science of global media – distract, deflect, and hide.



While it’s true that droughts can be cyclical in nature, there are too many human components of the recent California shortage to ignore.

One intended effect of spraying millions of tons of aluminum oxide into the atmosphere seems to be prevention of cloud formation, and therefore precipitation. The recent drought, along with the logarithmic increase in weekly chemtrails we’ve observed these years, can hardly be coincidental.

An ordered military agenda seems apparent only when one develops a habit of daily skywatching. Until we’re willing to look up every day, the whole premise sounds ridiculous and paranoid. But once the pattern is apprehended, the systematic spraying can no longer be ignored.

What other human endeavors contribute to chronic drought? Several:

    • Urban water engineering that directs virtually all storm drains to run to the sea or bay


    • Releasing water from reservoirs during drought when they’re only half full


    Diverting rivers from their natural courses, rerouting them for political expediency

This 5 year drought has been doubled by our ongoing policies of mismanagement and waste. Everybody knows it. It’s all around us, north and south. But rather than acknowledge the obvious, Sacramento’s newest brainstorm suggests a way to further loot California taxpayers: a $17 billion aqueduct southward from the Sacramento River to finally recover a tiny fraction of the billions of gallons of fresh water that pour every single day into the Bay and Pacific ocean.

It’s a reasonable idea, with several historical precedents. The Romans built hundreds of aqueducts, many of which are still in use today, after 20 centuries. Even Mexico thought of it, in several instances in its history, from the Aztecs to the Spaniards.

The famous Los Angeles Aqueduct system built in the 1920s, however brought a new twist, never before seen. Here we have constructed an enormous network of concrete waterways in a dry, semi -desert ecology, which has as its function not the obvious conservation of water, like all other aqueducts in history, but no, ours provided for the drainage of the entire Los Angeles Basin into the marina to guard against the rare chance of flooding! Which may occur once every 2 decades.

What is unrealistic has been the conventional wisdom in California about conserving water, taking fewer showers, not washing cars or lawns, etc. All that is a cover-up form the real events – the politicization of water, and new ways to loot the citizens, while continuing to squander our most precious resource.



Most elections are something of a circus – seems to be the nature of the beast – all spectacle, little substance. But in past years, it has always seemed like a simple choice between buying different versions of the same thing – Cheerios or Raisin Bran, Odwalla or Naked, Fuji or Red Delicious, Democrat or Republican, etc.

This year brings something brand new. Never before has the “electorate” been so polarized, with such vitriol, to the point of violence. Never before have we seen such strident protests at rallies, where one group resents the other’s very right to assemble. Were it not for the presence of the strongest police/military in history, this radical divergence of opinion seems capable of erupting into civil war. At the very least, large segments of both factions would likely be in favor of passing legislation outlawing the views of the other side.

Corporate media is primarily responsible for this new intensity of political ferocity. The science of deliberate, calculated misrepresentation has become very sophisticated indeed. Today’s narrative has become peculiarly one-sided, making one faction look mostly honest and well-intentioned and the other side neurotic and diabolical. Over and over, the sails are set on this assigned course, day after day the identical bias. So predictable.

Their technique is transparent – the candidate is never allowed to have more than one sentence publicized in media. That sentence is repeated over and over out of context, followed by unlimited editorializing by nameless newsreaders and assorted bubbleheads with no qualifications whatsoever, who are given all the time they want to teach us ‘what the candidate actually meant’. Instead of airing the candidates themselves.

The result of this practice is that the public generally has no idea of any candidate’s actual position on any given issue, but relies instead on what has been spoonfed them by the endless daily soundbytes. This is why when you hear people talking about politics in daily conversation it’s usually so blatantly superficial and silly, based solely on fragmented memories of the lines they’ve been taught, with their own emotional overlay. Identical cookie-cutter retards.

Almost no one knows the candidates’ real stand on individual issues, because there’s only one way to know that: look at the candidates’ own sites themselves and READ what they say. And no one does that because we don’t “have time.” We accept the pop narrative version of reality because it’s the course of least resistance.

The Information Age? I know, right?