Vaximmunology Seminar

27 May
Foothill College – Sound Therapy:
Pythagoras to DD Palmer

July 17 Oklahoma City —
Evening Vaccine Lecture

Sept 18-19 ChiroFest – Seattle

3 Oct – Edinburgh, Scotland –
The Fading Art of Osseous Adjusting,
with Dr Tim Young

10 Oct – Windsor, England
The Fading Art of Osseous Adjusting,
with Dr Tim Young



It is said that we’re really not dead until the last time a human voice speaks our name out loud on earth. So here’s my contribution: Dr JR Weltch.

Really hate doing these things. But don’t see anyone else doing it, as our old soldiers fade away.

First met Dr J. Ray Weltch back at time when you actually had to demonstrate some qualification for being a CE provider, other than just writing a check for 50 bucks.

You had to do a 5 year apprenticeship program, where your mentor reviewed all your paperwork and records keeping, as well as the details of the way you advertised and presented your seminar. Obviously I’m talking ancient history here. Today pretty much anything goes. Dr Weltch was my mentor.

First thing I noticed about Dr Weltch was that he was the genuine article – he lived and breathed the history and traditions of chiropractic, and could actually adjust. Moreover, his passion was in sharing that knowledge as much as possible.

Many of you probably took his technique seminar, which was a valuable collection of shared information on a whole spectrum of techniques. No fluff or colored balloons, or the whole time doing email in the back of the room — you came home with useful tips on how to be a better adjustor.

How many seminars can you say that about?

I think Dr Weltch was in Korea – he was a veteran and had very definite political ideas. This awareness spilled over into chiropractic politics in Sacramento where for many years he was a voice of reason, often amid a floodtide of babble. I saw it firsthand, more than once.

Dr Weltch saw the transformation of chiropractic in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s to something smaller and more vague than what BJ originally had in mind. Unlike most people, he wasn’t afraid to voice those opinions at the risk of bucking the lowest common denominator mentality, which reigns virtually unchallenged today.

After the apprenticeship was over, I kept in touch with Dr Weltch, especially when some crisis or other popped up, in order to gauge how far overboard my opinions were, as I felt the deterioration of some classic principle or other. I knew his phone number by heart. I always thought he and Clum were the true north for the profession, the reliable bellwether you could count on.

Don’t really see many like that any more. Mostly now it’s just the angle, you know?

When I lectured in Sacramento, we used to end up at Harry’s Hofbrau, his favorite. Most people didn’t know that Dr Weltch always carried a gun, even into restaurants. You would never know it about him – he was the most polite, non-confrontational, sane individual. But it was reassuring to know that no one was going to get the upper hand on him if things went ghetto all of a sudden. Obviously he had known violence at some point, and had learned something about preparedness.

Why everybody loved the guy is that Dr Weltch was proud to be a chiropractor, and he thought that was the greatest accomplishment of his life. He had no doubts about the power and extent of what chiropractic adjustments could achieve, having witnessed it first hand, as well as through countless stories from his students over the years.

In the last few years, after he became debilitated, I kept telling him to take off, leave everything behind and take advantage of an invitation to stay with his friend down on the beach in South Carolina or somewhere, and just leave his troubles behind. Sorry he never did that. He kept such a low profile that I didn’t find out he was dead until 5 months later.

One of the last conversations I had with Dr Weltch, I remember asking him what was going to happen to chiropractic in the future. The context was – after what we had just seen the profession go through in the past 25 years— what next?

His answer was that we were going to see chiropractic change significantly. He said it was going to be smaller and more confined, mostly because the schools and the profession were not telling the traditional chiropractic story. Because most really didn’t believe it in their hearts, having never experienced it. It was becoming all about sales and marketing – the aimless pandering to the Career Market, and all too little about the universal connection and the vitalistic paradigm and the sovereignty of the wisdom of the body.

Wish he wasn’t right. But he was. Except for a few pockets of awareness scattered here and there throughout the world.

Often it’s not the loud famous guys you see at all the conventions, but the little guy in the trenches doing heroic work that makes all the difference.

Sayonara, Dr Weltch. Thank you for influencing so many of us and showing us the path, now so overgrown.

Give our regards to BJ and DD. And Fred and Clarence and Michael…. Guess by now you pretty much found out one way or another if they were right about the whole universal intelligence thing, right?

Can you text us, then?



So as we drive up to Sacramento – again – to try and remind these ‘representatives’ about the voice of reason, there are a few points to keep in mind:

1. State legislatures are not the forum to debate the science of vaccines. That is a complete waste of energy, but worse, it’s a distraction from the vital present issue: medical freedom in this country.

Now is the time we are deciding as a nation whether or not we are going to go completely off the reservation from the original letter and intent of the Constitution and allow one part of the population to force their views on drugs and medicine on the rest of it. All the name calling, ad personam attacks, the invocation of false science, and the invocation of true science — all this is peripheral to the present discussion.

2. The fourth Amendment states clearly:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons,…. shall not be violated……

What worse imaginable violation of one’s person could there be – one that would force the drug preference of one part of the population upon the entire group? Especially when it is an opinion so aggressively and historically supported by the mercantile interests of the most powerful lobby in Washington – the drug industry.

For the good of the people? That’s the whole breakthrough of the American Constitution, wasn’t it? – the people can choose their own good, especially when it involves something as fundamental and personal as the right over their own bodies, and that of their children..

3. Of the 14 states that have introduced abolition of the 50 year old personal beliefs exemption, no one has passed it yet. Are we to be the first?

In the desperation to force vaccines on the entire population, after the Disneyland measles hoax, momentum has spilled over into state legislatures. These assemblies always seem to be looking for pop media emergencies to distract the public from all the critical issues they’ve been ignoring, all the obvious corruption and monkey business that is daily being swept under the carpet in most states.

Oh, but here’s an issue where we can take a stand and be seen as real protectors of our constituency — legislating vaccines into the blood of the population. A slam dunk to convince them we’re doing out job and looking out for their interests … Effective mainly because the majority of the unlettered have been media conditioned to believe in the false science slogans they substitute for education.

So irrespective of the vaccine debate, the critical issue is that there IS a debate at all. Any debate. Now we’re talking First Amendment.

Because to silence all opposition in any controversy by imposing new laws signals the de facto end of even the pretense of democracy.

4. Informed Consent

Nothing even close to this current proposal to abolish vaccine exemptions has ever been attempted by any state in this nation’s history. With other countries, the closest thing was Nazi Germany.

We learned at the Nuremberg trials where the Nazi doctors were on trial for their unspeakable medical experiments conducted throughout the death camps. And what defense did their lawyers use? They said, these experiments were done for the Greater Good. For the good of all Germany.

But the judges didn’t buy it. What was the missing criterion? Informed Consent. If you’re going to do medical experiments on a population, you need informed consent.

Otherwise, it’s just … genocide.

Sound familiar? So why do we now suddenly need to abolish exemption laws that have been around for 50 years? Throw out Informed Consent. For the greater good?

So just a hint to the people voicing their opinions to legislators about this issue – stay on track. Don’t try to win the vaccine science debate. That’s not the new threat here – the threat is the whole debate process may be thrown out completely. Medical freedom of choice, over your own person, and that of your children.

And the implications for the future — if forced vaccines begin to become state law, what’s next?

Gag rules about even discussing vaccines, like in Australia? Forced chemotherapy? Forced hospital birth? How about forced surgeries? Forced courses of drug treatment.

Don’t say That could never happen. That’s what we would have said 5 years ago about these new proposed laws right now.

With the slippery slope introduced by the new state proposals, it’s all doable.



Coming to San Jose and Santa Cruz

Trace Amounts is the groundbreaking documentary that the Centers For Disease Control does not want you to see.

Trace Amounts explores the connection between mercury in vaccines and the rise of Autism in America. Autism a few decades ago existed in about 1 in 10,000 children. Today, 1 in 50 children are diagnosed with autism.

This film shows the evidence that mercury is a serious neurotoxin, even in trace amounts. It also reveals that the CDC is fully aware of the dangers of mercury in vaccines, yet covered up research findings and diluted a major scientific study in order to downplay concerns over mercury in vaccines. Mercury remains in vaccines today, regardless of what you hear on the news. Mercury has not been banned.

This film is a must see for parents or anyone concerned about the health of Americans, and makes a strong case to get mercury out of vaccines once and for all!

After recovering from a sickness that would bring him to the edge of despair, Eric Gladen began researching the science behind what had made him so sick. His research led him straight into one of the biggest medical debates of all time, the question of whether or not childhood vaccines are causing Autism. He would end up quitting his career, moving into an RV, and traveling the country interviewing experts and piecing together thousands of studies and leaked documents. But Eric wasn’t focused on the vaccines themselves. He was focused on something that belongs nowhere near vaccines – mercury.

From the Mad Hatter Syndrome in the late 1800’s, to Pink Disease in the first half of the 20th to the Iraqi Grain Incident in the early 1970’s, humans have learned time and again of the debilitating neurological damage that mercury can cause.

Then why did it end up in our childhood vaccines? Trace Amounts explores the origin of the use of mercury in the vaccines and exposes the continued greed based decision to keep mercury in the vaccines through several decades.

Trace Amounts is the result of nearly a decade of research and travel, in which top scientists, government officials, parents of children with Autism, and the average Joe unravel the truths, secrets, and tragedies, of the skyrocketing Autism phenomenon.

Could a tragedy, which brought one of the greatest nations to its knees and stole a generation of children, have been avoided? Watch Trace Amounts and you decide.


5. Radio Interview
Dr O’Shea : Measles Vaccine – The Lies We Tell Each Other

11 Apr


If you remember it, you weren’t there. No, that’s not really true – it was eminently memorable. There was so much going on in so many different locations all at the same time it was impossible to take it all in.

I’m always critical of reviews that are overly effusive, tripping over their own superlatives. Wrong newsletter for that, as you may have gathered.

CalJam is more or less obligatory by now. Even for the critics, they’re fascinated by its success. And even if you’re less than enchanted with some of the speakers, there’s still going to be plenty for you to see and do– re-connecting with all those friends and enemies and rivals from your past. Making new connections. Filling in some of the more glaring gaps in your intelligence files. Re-igniting your awareness of the power of the adjustment. Realizing how clueless organized medicine really is, and the extent to which they will go to cover up their desperation, as they unravel.

Alex Jones, I must admit was very powerful and articulate. Never having been much of a fan of his KMart approach to merchandising, or the lack of evidence for many of his extreme online contentions, still to see him live gives an indication that fundamentally he’s a dyed-in-the-wool libertarian who honors and defends the original ideas of the Constitution. And that he will not sit quietly by and watch as that dream is eroded and sold out by a Washington full of lily-livered opportunists, daily chasing the shifting winds of popular opinion.

We need more people like Alex Jones today, not afraid to state the obvious. So that speech is worth tracking down and watching.

But the guy who went home with the blue ribbon was certainly Andy Wakefield. Before he said one word, he got a standing ovation worthy of John Lennon – it just went on and on. But Wakefield wasn’t having any of that. He just looked at the floor, pacing till it died down, and then started with Macbeth –

“All our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death …. ”

Not exactly a line Mick Jagger would open with. It was clear that Wakefield wasn’t looking to tap into the party spirit of CalJam or trade in any of the rockstar currency so obviously available to him, as much as he was trying to convey the urgency of our current situation, where 14 states have introduced legislation to abolish vaccine exemption laws that have been around for … days uncounted.

And he went on to describe some of the actual stories of children who are daily being crushed beneath the wheels of the New Agenda of un-exempted vaccines. And to offer an opinion of the future if these laws that abolish personal beliefs exemption are actually passed. What doors that opens, etc.

As you watch Wakefield, you realize that this is not just another lit searcher, to use Murphy’s term, but a guy who laid down everything he had – his fortune, his career, his reputation, – all in the name of true science. He found a reasonable hypothesis that was being aggressively ignored, because of its political implications.

What if a connection between MMR and autism were to be proven by true science, irrespective of partisan and drug industry politics, and of all the implications for the past century of the floodtide of vaccines? What then? How far would they go to cover it up?

And here was a guy with the unquestioned scientific and academic gravitas, who was finally willing to stand up in the light of day and say Let’s look at this. No matter what.

So to see someone representing this level of integrity and original science in person was obviously a very transformational experience for many.

No wonder pop media is so afraid of this guy, and the power that he commands, merely by insisting on following the science wherever it may go, always with the prime intent – for the survival and well-being of the child.

Wakefield is something you never see today – a man of principle who cannot be bought. And the educated and semi-educated alike recognize that, instinctively.

Here’s a very poor cellphone dropbox audio of the talk – find a better one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lv82qmb3n6tf8pk/20150328_174354.mp4?dl=0

Wakefield is almost finished with his documentary, which is certain to be profoundly valuable. A more worthwhile cause for donations could scarcely be found, to help get it rolling.

Another presenter, Dane Wigington from geoengineeringwatch.org deserves evaluation.

If you didn’t see him, at least get hold of his free DVD from his site.

Are you watching the skies, especially in California every day? Are you really going to pretend that all those “cloud formations” are natural?

The little girl on the front of the vaccine book is 7 now. And she can distinguish between natural cloud formations and chemtrails. What a world – where that’s a skill we have to teach our children. What kind of legacy are we leaving?

My own talk on Hydrolyzed Collagen quickly got sidetracked into the vaccine controversy. I was going for that same idea of urgency Andy was alluding to – this brave new world we are allowing to unfold right in front of us. A studio version of that same talk will soon be available at thedoctorwithin.com under Videos. Measles :The Lies We Tell Each Other

Countless other valuable experiences could be found at the various cheesy hotels bars surrounding the performing arts center, CalJam’s real motherlode: at the Wyndham, the Westin, the Marriott, and the Sports Bar. Loaded with DCs all the time.

Make the rounds. Hit a dry hole on one, just move on to the next one. Pubcrawlers will excel at these life-changing encounters. Destiny awaits you. Be disciplined – don’t get captured. You’re on a mission from God.


7. fourth edition of
Vaccination Is Not Immunization

This is not a reprint of the third edition, which was recently sold out, but rather a complete re-write.

Here are some of the topics covered in the new edition:

– the fundamentals of the new measles marketing explosion
– why the 2014 Ebola hype came and went so quickly
– what happens when the federal government takes over vaccine
research from actual scientists
– the new US schedule of 69 vaccines for kids
– evidence why 54% of US children already have a chronic disease
– reservoirs for disease: the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?
– motivated vaccine investors: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg
– the science behind individual vaccines

– much more

210 pages, almost 300 references. Every fact verified, every statistic sourced. Open challenge for debate.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization – now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization,


Polio no longer exists in the Western world in its wild state. The only cases of poliomyelitis since 1979 have been from the polio vaccine. (Vaccine Guide p 108 [188]) The risk of acquiring wild polio in the US is zero.

A viral infection of the grey matter of the spinal cord, poliomyelitis in its natural state was never such a killer, even before vaccines came out. 90% of those who carried the polio virus never had any symptoms. (Burnet, p 93) [176] And only a fraction of 1% of cases ended up with long term paralysis. [188], p 108]

It is very doubtful that the polio vaccine was itself responsible for the decline of polio in the U.S. As we saw above in Figure 2, many researchers show how that decline was happening anyway. [186]

The sharp drop-off in polio cases reported on Alderson’s statistics chart above is due to the radical change in the way polio cases were reported rather than to the effect of the vaccine. A complete explanation of this trick reporting can be found on p.109 of Neustaedter’s The Vaccine Guide, [188] where the testimony of Dr. Bernard Greenberg, a government biostatistician, is quoted.

To make a long story short, doctors over-reported polio before 1954, and under-reported it afterwards. Politics. They were motivated to show that the vaccine worked. Vaccination Fever, following on the coattails of the Golden Age of Antibiotics in the 1950s. Better living through chemistry.

From Dr Herbert Shelton, (Hygienic Care of Children) [202] :

“The apparent disappearance of polio was brought about by clever juggling. Before the Salk vaccine was introduced, thousands of cases of polio were diagnosed each year in children who had no polio.

“After the introduction of the vaccine, these cases were no longer diagnosed as polio. This automatically appeared to reduce the cases to a near vanishing point.”

A little problem occurred in 1955 with some of the early lots of Salk polio vaccine. Some 8o children immediately got polio from the vaccine, and they spread it to at least another 120 kids. Three of the victims died and 75% were paralyzed. ([216], p 487)

What is certain is that polio virtually disappeared, but not because of the polio vaccine. The inventor of the vaccine, Jonas Salk himself testified in 1977 that the few cases of polio we now see in the U.S. are the result of using the polio vaccine rather than the result of the disease itself. (Science Abstracts 4 Apr 1977) [227]

Even the CDC also admits that all cases of polio in the U.S. after 1979 have been caused by the vaccine, not the disease!


[185] p 568.

You parents checking this out? If the only cases of polio in America in the past 40 years are caused by the vaccine itself, why are we still vaccinating? With 4 shots?

Wouldn’t be so bad if the vaccine were harmless. But there are two little complications that came with this harmless vaccine:

– the polio vaccine was stabilized with neurotoxins like
mercury and formaldehyde

– the original polio vaccine contained SV-40 monkey virus

The first of these is beyond controversy. The manufacturers admitted it. ( Physicians Desk Reference [213] )

Mercury, as we all know, is a metabolic poison, damaging brain, kidneys, and bone marrow. (Widmans, p.691; Bernard [181, 163]) Formaldehyde, used in embalming, is a known carcinogen.

The second of these complications, the contamination of polio vaccine with SV-40, bears elaboration.

50,000 MONKEYS

were slaughtered in the 60s in order to make the Salk vaccine for polio. (James, p166) [174] Tens of thousands of rhesus monkeys had been killed since 1952 to provide kidneys on which to culture the vaccine. (PDR, 1998 p 2131) [213]

Looking at the statistics of polio during the past century (Figure 2 above), many researchers, including the inventor himself, later felt the polio vaccine was unnecessary, because by 1954 the disease was obviously winding itself down throughout our species. Herd immunity.

Looking at a 1963 issue of Science Digest shows that in the 1950s a monkey virus named SV-40 was unwittingly put into hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of doses of Salk vaccine. (Snider) [191] And where did this happen? Africa. The favorite testing ground. (Curtis, p1259) [192]

Some 98 million doses of the SV contaminated polio vaccine were given to American children between 1955 and 1963. [159]

Horowitz shows why anyone who got polio vaccine prior to 1964 is probably carrying SV-40. ([216] p. 493)

Later research linked SV-40 with cancer as well. In Mar 02, scientists at University of Texas and at Baylor independently found the same high correlation (43%) between SV-40 and non-Hodgkins lymphoma, the eighth most common cancer in the US. (ACS) [155]

Leading scientist Michele Carbone MD: “… there are more
than 70 papers from 60 different laboratories that have confirmed the association of SV-40 with human … bone and brain tumors.” [131]

Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine only lasted for 17 months because of all the deaths and paralysis it caused. Its replacement was the Sabin oral vaccine.

Here’s what Albert Sabin, MD, the inventor of that vaccine, had to say 30 years later [230] :

“Official data has shown that the large scale vaccinations undertaken in the US have failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases for which they were supposed to provide immunization. In essence it was and is a failure.”


Polio vaccine is still unsafe today. In the Caribbean during 2002 there were 21 cases of polio and 2 deaths caused by the oral polio vaccine. [147, 143] The vaccine itself has created a new disease, capable of spreading from patient to patient, according to the CDC. [162]

A CDC scientist, Olin Kew tells us that in this case:

“…the virus, originating in the vaccine …had undergone a series of genetic mutations .., had reverted to a virulent form and caused the very disease it was meant to prevent.” [143]

The Wall Street Journal [147] reported:

“Scientists had long speculated that the virus contained in the vaccine might re-emerge … in a virulent form. But this had never been seen until Kew analyzed the changes in the Hispaniola bug….they saw the alarming manner in which the virus had ‘back-mutated.’ ”


Hostility against US vaccine programs is becoming more and more evident in Third World places, who grasp the true politics of being the market for the First World’s drug throwaways. [126]

In Pakistan during much of 2008, fighting broke out among groups who were resisting mandatory polio shots from UNICEF [91], seeing vaccination as a genocidal effort.

Difficult to justify trying to vaccinate half a million people in an area with only 32 cases of polio in all of 2007, especially with the vaccine’s track record of fatal reactions.

Polio vaccine is clearly perpetuating a disease that would have disappeared completely on its own by now.”


“The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines.. Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.” – David Ayoub, MD

“The only book more important than this one is the Bible.”
– Dr Tim Young