What mineral supplement should you buy? After reading the Minerals chapter , the reader will know that Chelated Minerals should be the first choice.

Patients have been very happy with our Chelated Minerals for the past 15 years. The Minerals have been part of the 60 Day Program from its inception.

But in the past few years I began to notice the decline in overall health as the American diet becomes progressively worse. Processed foods contain more and more fake sugars and hydrogenated fillers than every before. Degenerative diseases – diabetes, allergies, cancer – are all skyrocketing.

So it gradually became apparent that we had to re-formulate our Mineral supplement. The results have exceeded all expectations.

Here are the primary improvements in our new formula, as compared with the old one:

    35% more vitamin B12
    33% more iron
    2x as much selenium
    2x as much Potassium Iodide
    65% more Magnesium
    35% more Zinc
    30% more Copper
    3x more Manganese
    25% more Chromium
    2x as much Molybdenum
    10 mg Silicon
    132 mg Phosphorus

Remember, most of these are chelated forms, which means highest bioavailability, compared with the majority of supplements you see.

No need to worry about megadosing – none of these amounts approach double or triple the recommended daily amounts like many self-appointed experts recommend. Often we see as much as 100x the RDA’s being prescribed.

For the detail-minded among you: the DV% value listed after each mineral on the label means the percent of Recommended Daily Value. The problem is, there are several different official entities who publish daily values and overall there is a wide spectrum of opinion.

I am not in complete agreement with the DV% values the blending company required us to print on the label. I think most of them are substantially understated. This supplement is likely much better than those values suggest.

Two better sources for setting %DV are:

    The National Academy of Sciences/ NIH the branch of government that controls all medical research


    Lenntech, the group who provides nutritional values for the W.H.O.

These two world authorities were very close in their recommendations. Roughly averaging those two together, I believe a more accurate estimate of the true individual DV% of the new Minerals should read as follows:

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . %DV
    Vitamin B12 . . . 40%
    Calcium . . . . . . .30%
    Iron . . . . . . . . 44%
    Phosphorus . . . 16%
    Iodine . . . . . . . 150%
    Magnesium . . . 80%
    Zinc . . . . . . . . 77%
    Selenium . . . . . 82%
    Copper . . . . . . . 67%
    Manganese . . . . 73%
    Chromium . . . . 88%
    Molybdenum . . .100%
    Vanadium . . . . .100%

See how much better this is than what’s on the label? If I owned the bottling company, these values are what would have been on the label, and they would have been perfectly justified. So we can see where politics often reaches its long nose into areas in which it has no expertise, i.e., the supplements industry.

Despite the significant upgrade, the price has not increased for this Mineral supplement for the past 10 years, as is true actually for all our supplements. After your first month with the new Minerals, I think you will see that it has been worth the wait. There is simply nothing like this mineral product available anywhere today.

Are minerals important? Two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling thought so:

“You can trace every sickness, every disease, every ailment to mineral deficiency.”

Healthy people don’t get sick.

copyright MMXXII – Dr Tim O’Shea

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