If you have achieved your health goals, have no chronic pain, enjoy abundant energy, are normal weight, sleep all night, then you are ready for the Maintenance Schedule. {If not, continue the ongoing program until those goals are met.}

Having followed the normal adult dosages, after 2 months you pretty much know what supplement has what effect by now. Assuming you’re at your desired plateau of health, here’s the new schedule for the supplements:

  1. Digestazyme – 3 caps, once every day, or any time you overindulge
  2. Florabiotics – 3 caps, once every day
  3. Minerals – 3 caps every day
  4. Expel – 3 caps daily
  5. MegaHydrate – 2 scoops every day
  6. Oral Chelation – 3 caps every day
  7. Hydrolyzed Collagen – 2-3 tablespoons every day

Remember, none of this is written in stone – these are not drugs. These dosages are just guidelines – all this can be tailored to your own desires. The objective is to keep the tract and the bloodstream unobstructed and to enjoy the good health described in so many of the stories in the Feedback section of the site.

The holistic lifestyle is still possible, no matter what the uninformed on TV/wiki/google say.

Many people maintain their detoxed lifestyle by routinely doing the 60 Day Program every year. Seems more and more advisable in the drugged, hydrogenated world in which we live.