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Attention Parents:

What Do You Really Know About Vaccines?

This is the most important decision you will make in the life of your child.

Educate Before You Vaccinate.

From the Desk of Tim O’Shea DC
Author and Instructor, Childhood Immunology
Originator of thedoctorwithin

This is not an anti-vaccine textbook. It is in favor of any vaccines that have proven to be 100% safe, effective, and necessary when tested by independent, third-party research that is wholly unconnected with vaccine manufacturers.


The new Edition of Vaccination Is Not Immunization : The War On Children available…

In addition to the historical data and the problems with individual vaccines, the new book has sections on

– what happens when the federal government takes over vaccine research from actual scientists

– the new US schedule of 69 vaccines for kids

– evidence why 54% of US children already have a chronic disease

reservoirs for disease: the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?

– motivated vaccine investors: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg

– “fast-tracked”- the new synonym for untested

– the science behind individual vaccines

Much of this research is effectively banned from mainstream media. Yet each fact, each statistic is meticulously documented from the best sources available. There is nothing sensationalistic or conspiracy based about the actual physical science behind brain injury and vaccines. The solid mainstream references make this information bulletproof: it is virtually unassailable.

The vaccine industry today is in a panic. It can no longer keep these secrets hidden. More and more people are learning about the real brain effects in their children, and they’re opting out, signing exemptions. That’s what all the hysterical new laws about school vaccines are really about.

Do you even know what Prevnar or Human Papilloma Virus, or MCV4 or DPT or Rotateq – do you even know what these vaccines are for?

Does your pediatrician?

And even if you do, wouldn’t you like to know what the scientists who make the vaccines have said about them, down through the decades? Or are you going to get all your information from the clinic that makes its living selling vaccines? Trust them implicitly to make the most important decision of your child’s life.

That’s what we do. This isn’t about the car you drive. This is about the formative immune system of your child, which is established in the first 2 years, and largely determines their health throughout their lives.

We are shocked to find that many medical doctors know the information in this book and do not vaccinate their own children. Ironically, the majority of the endorsements on the back cover of the book are from medical doctors. Here’s one of the most recent:

“It is impossible to estimate the true value of Dr O’Shea’s work. His review of the history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.

“Many primary care providers and parents who assume that the vaccine program was built on sound principles will be shocked at the flimsy foundations of immunization science. More relevant than its roots, what every parent and doctor must decide is whether the risks of vaccination are offset by the potential benefits. While the public is rarely exposed to the full extent of vaccine adverse reactions, Dr O’Shea takes the reader through a thorough review of each “vaccine-preventable” disease and the risk/benefit of their vaccine counterpart.

“The book will serve as a valuable resource to parents and physicians who wish to gain further knowledge and understanding of the risk and benefits of the numerous shots being promoted for the proclaimed benefit of public health. Parents need no longer feel guilty or confused about the decision to vaccinate their children. Knowledge is the freedom and power to decide with confidence what is best for their children.

“With explosions in chronic illnesses in virtually all subsets of our population, critical thinking is necessary to protect our loved ones and our future. Dr O’Shea has once again blessed us with an up-to-date resource that will allow parents to make an informed choice, and for medical professionals to take pause at what they had been indoctrinated to believe was valid science and good medicine.”

– David Ayoub, MD
Clinical Radiologist

Make an informed decision. Get all the research, in one little book.


As a parent, do you have doubts whether vaccines can really protect your child from illness or disease? Do you worry that your child could become autistic, or develop asthma, allergies or even a fatal childhood disease, like Sudden Infant Death syndrome? These are not theories. Millions of American infants have these conditions today. Yet most other countries on earth recommend less than half the vaccines we do.

What you’re about to read may come as a shock. It did for me when I first began to research vaccines and their effect on the body over a decade ago. Hundreds of hours of digging into the medical literature and checking the facts compelled me to speak out.

Much of what I discovered was in conflict with the way most of us are taught to care for our children. Let’s face it — most parents agree to have their newborn child vaccinated and believe it is the right thing to do. It’s what their parents did, and it’s what their doctors recommend. Once they start, the child goes on to receive numerous vaccinations year after year, up through their teens. All the while you, the parent, continue to think you’re doing the right thing.

Well. . .as it turns out, it’s often a mistake.

What you’ll see when you peek behind the curtain of the multi-billion dollar drug and vaccine cartels should scare the life out of you. . .because your child is being put in harm’s way more than you are being told.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
comments on the cover-up:
Vaccines, Mercury/ thimerosal & Autism
(4 min.)

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The Harsh Truth

Whether or not to vaccinate is a decision only you can make.

Sadly, it’s not likely you can turn to your pediatrician for help with this decision. You see, most doctors have staked their reputations and their financial well-being on the assumed safety and effectiveness of vaccines. They are bound by their profession to promote vaccinations.

But there’s another point of view, just as valid.

You’re about to discover that

vaccination is big business and big money for doctors, for the drug companies and for the government;

vaccines are by no means proven safe, as you are being led to believe.

You deserve to know the facts.

You deserve to have access to the information being put forth by doctors, scientists, and researchers all over the world who are speaking out today — the facts can no longer be denied.

Some top scientists in the field of human genetics go so far as to say it’s an outright assault on children and the future of the human race.

One Canadian physician, Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, puts it this way:

“The medical authorities keep lying. Vaccination has been an assault on the immune system. It actually causes a lot of illnesses. We are actually changing our genetic code through vaccination. . .100 years from now we will know that the biggest crime against humanity was vaccines.”

Renowned author and pediatrician, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, is equally direct:

“The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunization. Much of what you have been led to believe about immunization simply isn’t true. If I were to follow my deeper convictions, I would urge you to reject all inoculations for your child.”

He goes on to say:

“There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease. If immunizations were responsible for the disappearance of these diseases in the U.S., one must ask why they disappeared simultaneously in Europe, where mass immunizations did not take place.”


No Proof of Safety

It might be shocking for you to hear this for the first time, but when you read about the history of vaccines and understand the financial forces that are in play, you may begin see the drug industry as an enormous machine, feeding off endless government funding for vaccines.

Remarkably, vaccination has never been clinically proven to be effective in preventing disease! I find this to be one of the most shocking discoveries of all, and so will you.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, the gold standard of organized medicine, has never been used to compare vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. No risk-to-benefit studies have ever been done. Vaccines remain scientifically unproven!

So while health authorities loudly credit vaccines for reducing disease and continually send the message that vaccines are safe, and necessary, the science isn’t there.

Many assumptions made by local clinics are directly contradicted by the most well regarded government statistics, published medical studies and the opinions of credible and highly respected research scientists all over the world.

In addition, reports coming out of the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control are finding the same contradictions.


Who Really Cares about Your Child?

Is it the vaccine manufacturers, who are behind virtually everything you have ever been told about the safety of vaccines? Dr. Samuel Katz, developer of the measles vaccine states, “Government doesn’t fund clinical studies of vaccines. Industry does.”

The current number of vaccinations your children will receive by the time they are 18 years old is an astounding 69!

And more vaccinations are on their way.

That is one gigantic cash industry, coming in over $50 billion dollars annually.

Rep. Dan Burton & Dr. Andrew Wakefield
comment on the cover-up:
Vaccines, Mercury/ thimerosal & Autism
(4 min.)

But you can avoid this damage.

The One Resource They
Don’t Want You to Read

I decided early on that I would take a stand for the truth regarding vaccines, no matter what the cost. I was determined to write a book that was referenced from the most legitimate, scientific sources, so that as a parent you could make the most informed decision.

Drug companies support medical journals with their advertising. FDA Advisory Committee members admit openly that they have financial ties to the vaccine manufacturers. It’s no secret.

What’s more, Congress passed a law exempting the liability of these companies. In other words, if your child is damaged or dies after vaccination, you can’t sue the vaccine company.

Now parents and people everywhere can have access to the facts. After 10 years of meticulous research, I created The Vaccine Seminar and the textbook for the seminar:

Announcing the new book. . .

Is Not Immunization
The War on Children

Paperback (ENGLISH)

Vaccination Is Not Immunization is written for everyone concerned about the health and well-being of their children and of themselves. It’s all there: the history of vaccines; the ingredients of vaccines; the dangers of vaccines. It’s for parents, educators, those in the medical profession, midwives, nurses, those working in government and practitioners of alternative medicine as well.

If you are not currently a parent but plan to be one someday, you must read this book. If you are not a parent but know someone who is, you must give them this book!

Consider for a moment just how serious the state of affairs is for children in the United States . . . and then ask yourself, do you want your child or a child you know to become one of these statistics:

1 in 6 children in the U.S. today has a neuro-developmental disorder

14% of American children today are enrolled in a learning disability program

There are between over 4 million autistic children in the U.S. today whereas in 1990 there were practically none

The number of children with allergies has doubled in the past 11 years

The rate of childhood cancer is increasing at an exponential rate to levels never seen before or imagined

Over 100 American girls have died in the last 4 years from HPV vaccine

Autoimmune diseases, diabetes, asthma, MS and brain tumors among young people are skyrocketing

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With dozens of vaccines in the developmental pipeline, and authorities arguing to increase the number of vaccinations your child should receive, the risks will only increase every year.

You must educate yourself about these risks now.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization is 200+ pages of fully documented information along with over 300 references that will open your eyes. There is a detailed history of vaccines, and this latest edition has been updated to include the most recent vaccines released.

It’s written in an easy-to-understand language as well — not the med-speak found in medical journals. You’ll come away understanding the big picture as well as the actual science behind the most common vaccines.

You’ll have what you need to make an informed decision about how to best care for your child.

Here’s a look at some of what’s covered. . .

The disturbing truth: why children are growing sicker, fatter and dumber year after year

The shocking composition of what’s really being injected into your child.

Think only your children are at risk? Think again. As of 2008, adults are Medicine’s newest target, with the CDC’s new Adult Immunization Schedule of 74 vaccines!

What is the Germ Theory and why does the medical establishment ignore the errors inherent in it? The implications for your child’s health are staggering!

Do you know the difference between natural immunity and artificial immunity?

12 deadly reactions to the DPT vaccine – Did you know that the three vaccines contained in this three-in-one injection were never tested together before it was brought to market? In the 1940s.

There’s more:

The truth about autism – The evidence is piling up regarding the “vaccine – autoimmune – brain programming connection” and you must not wait another day to get the complete story/span>

The false advertising behind the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine – If so many doctors are refusing to give it to their children, what is that telling you?

The false advertising behind the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine – If so many doctors are refusing to give it to their children, what is that telling you?

The most amazing statistic put forth from a source with no medical axe to grind – Metropolitan Life Insurance

According to the ex-commissioner of the FDA, the number of adverse reactions to vaccines are being woefully underreported

If flu shots worked, why do you and your child get them year after year and why do you and your child keep getting the flu? It’s all here. . .plus, the worrisome correlation between flu shots, mercury and Alzheimer’s disease

What are toxics in vaccines and why are they being used on your child? And are you sure you want these poisonous substances injected into your child?

What “mandated vaccination” really means and how your child can be made exempt if you choose


Here’s What Doctors and Others Say about
Vaccination Is Not Immunization

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.

– David Ayoub, MD

“I learned a lot in Vaccination Is Not Immunization and quite agree with the author that no scientific proof exists that any of the vaccines are efficient, useful and safe.

– Françoise Berthoud, MD

“This book dispels the myths and blatant lies that the public is told by their pediatricians and community leaders, as well as the propaganda, politics and money in U.S. vaccine policy – an absolute must for any parent.”

– Dr. Mark Cymerint
Mission Viejo, CA

“You are right about pure blood. . .that is the key.”

– Ted H. Spence, DDS, ND

“. . .one of the most shocking yet thoroughly researched exposes on the vaccine industry. . .an issue that is vital to our children’s health and future.”

– Hyla Cass, MD
Pacific Palisades, CA

“Tim O’Shea is one of the few people writing on vaccines today who has the courage and dedication to tell it like it is, in detail.”

– Philip Incao, M.D.
Crestone, CO

The most comprehensive book I have ever read over the past 25 years on this subject.”

– Roy Kupsinel, MD
Autism and the Vaccine Connection

“Keep going after the truth — just make sure your bulletproof vest fits.”

– Hal Huggins, DDS
Colorado Springs, CO

The book is 5 stars out of 5. . .The themes are logically sequenced and interwoven such that one hardly notices that that one chapter has passed, and the next has begun. . .The information is top-notch and invaluable. Should be required reading for expecting parents.”

– Scott Brians
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Life-changing information, thoroughly researched. Thank you so much for putting all the pieces together and shining the light of day on an immoral greed-driven industry.”

– Dr. BN
St. George, Utah

Vaccination Is Not Immunization is the most well documented analysis of the vaccination cult of modern medicine. Be informed of the dangers, lack of scientific proof of immunity, and other concerns of vaccines. As the best source for the public and professionals, I highly recommend Vaccination Is Not Immunization.”

– William Deagle, MD
GCN syndicated radio, Centennial, CO

“. . .a careful collection of irrefutable facts. . .spent several days reading and re-reading it and it is fantastic!”

– Hans Raible
Stuttgart, Germany

“In his book Dr. O’Shea records the shameful history of what has been done by the drug companies and the institutions that are supposed to make sure they are honest. . .the role played by vaccinations over the past 100 years has been grossly exaggerated and the harm that this has done has been carefully hidden from the public view.”

– Abram Hoffer, MD
Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

“. . .your sharing of this knowledge will save lives. It is 
pure awareness.”

– Turid Sandberg

“Your book is a great read. It removes any lingering doubts one may have about the innocence of those orthodox medical vampires. I admire your energy, intellect and courage, putting yourself out there on the line. . .”

– Jim West

“This book is the best source I have in my library about the history and the horrors of the vaccine industry. . .the three generations of wholesale poisoning that Dr. O’Shea reveals in this book. . .Thanks for doing the research for the rest of us.”

– Gary Kohls, MD
Preventive Psychiatry

Thank you for the valuable service you are providing. It must take a lot of courage and dedication to tell it like it is in face of the medical establishment with their arrogance and deep pockets. If there is anything I can do from the position of the clergy, please let me know. I believe this information is extremely vital and should be widely disseminated.”

– Rabbi Aaron Parry
Los Angeles, CA

“Friends of ours just had a baby at the local hospital and were offered a Hep-A shot for their newborn! A NEWBORN, imagine that. Even veterinarians won’t vaccinate kittens and puppies as newborns. What is WRONG? What is wrong with doctors who would go along? Thank you again for your great service to humanity!

– Donna Schwieder

“I finished your book this morning. Simply the best and most accessible deconstruction on vaccines I’ve read, and I’ve read quite a few. You should be proud, as I am of you, your courage, and your work!”

– Anthony J. Maniotis PhD
Dept. of Pathology, University of Illinois

Wow! The most current, best referenced presentation on vaccines I have ever seen. You have taken a very complex subject and organized it so that it can be comprehended by the average person.”

– Dr. TF
Tustin, CA

Every new mother and father should have the opportunity to read Vaccination Is Not Immunization before subjecting their children to mandatory vaccinations.”

– Kilmer McCully, MD

Get the Complete Story Before You Vaccinate

Over the years of delivering seminars I would often have concerned parents come up to me and ask questions. Many had heard the horror stories, others were not sure whom they could trust, most had serious doubts about vaccinating.

Nearly all expressed the fear of having their child become autistic, defective or neurologically damaged. No one wants to put their child in harm’s way. The thought of seeing their child go from healthy to handicapped in a matter of months or years is too frightful to imagine. Which is precisely why we must imagine it now, before we vaccinate.

There is a very real potential of seeing your child have a delayed reaction as many as 20 years later. The injection of 69 vaccines, 36 of which are administered before your child is 2 years old, is altering the human genome in ways no one can predict.

You deserve to know all sides of the story and now you can. Make the decision to get informed and stay informed starting today!

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Yes Dr. T! I want the complete story on vaccines.

I want to have access to the most current medical studies, the government reports and the scientific research so I can make an informed decision regarding whether or not to have my child vaccinated

I want the peace of mind that comes with having the complete story when it comes to the potential dangers and risks of vaccines

I want to keep my child safe and out of harm’s way

My child’s safety, health and well-being are not negotiable! I want to get my hands on your book now!


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One Final Note

The truth is that the effects of vaccines on the body of your child are not predictable. They occur in a random, haphazard and inconsistent fashion.

Pick up a copy of Vaccination Is Not Immunization today and get the complete story. It may be the single most important decision you ever make in the life of your child.

Dr. T

Paperback (ENGLISH)

$25 plus Shipping

E-book version

$19 — Instant Download