The classic logo representing the medical industry has always been the caduceus.

The two intertwining snakes might well be government and the pharmaceutical industry. That relationship is much more than just a metaphor.

Did you know that US drug manufacturers spend more money each year on marketing their pharmaceuticals than they do on safety testing or on scientific research that proves the drugs actually work?

The Washington Post, traditionally a mouthpiece for the drug companies, did an unusual little piece on corporate advertising. It is impeccably documented, without the usual pro-drug editorializing.

According to their sources and databases, over $27 B is spent every year on direct advertising of drugs to doctors and consumers.

This is much more than the industry spends on research, safety testing, and efficacy of drugs. Which is only around $20 B.

In addition to that, the industry spends another $280 million annually lobbying Washington for favorable laws. Pharmaceutical Industry Profile 2018

It’s certainly no secret that government agencies who regulate the pharmaceutical industry have an innate familiarity with quid pro quo.

Take the CDC, for example. As regulator of the mandated vaccine schedule, CDC is also a vendor, purchasing more than $5.7 B of vaccines every year. Might that affect their regulations and recommendations? Oh no, they’re perfectly objective, of course. They’re above any type of banal mercantile interests, such as return on investment …

Bureaucrats would never be affected by economics or corporate influence, would they? So all of their opinions are going to be scientifically based, with highest ethical principles, in the best interest of the citizens’ health …


With this introduction then, we are now prepared to peruse the relevant sites:
Dun & Bradstreet