– Tim O’Shea

This was the senate Education Committee, who was supposed to listen to both sides of the issue, in the proposed bill that would abolish the 50 year old personal beliefs vaccine exemption in California.

The reader is directed to the video archive of that 3 hour hearing [1]

Only the testimony of the authors and the witnesses is important, as well as the discussion at the very end of the clip. You have to fast forward through the parade of people saying their names into the microphone, which takes up most of the time.

The senate Committee consisted of 8 members, and was chaired by Carol Liu.

Liu starts out saying the authors of the bill will begin with their presentation. And then each side will be allowed 3 witnesses of 5 minutes each. Which meant in the entire 3 hour event, opposition was only allowed a total of 15 minutes. The authors were allowed unlimited time to explain their position.

Of the eight members of this Senate Education Committee, rarely were all eight present, as they are paid to be. The reason for that became obvious later on.

Liu then charges that this hearing is not for discussion of vaccine safety, but only how the proposed bill would affect the education of California students. And that that issue had already been covered in the previous hearing the week before [Return To the Viper Pit] [2]. Even though it was not.

Liu never enforced this rule, and it was observed only by opposition witnesses. The proponents of the bill spent the majority of the time talking about their unsourced beliefs in the “science” of vaccines, etc. With very little relevance to education. Liu never objected, not even once.

Co-authors of the bill were Richard Pan and Ben Allen. Allen led off with an irrelevant anecdote – something about his father and some strange reference – that people were voting for higher rates of vaccination. But he never says where. After 3 minutes of these irrelevancies, Pan stepped in, immediately defending vaccine safety, nervously reading uncited statistics from a prepared list.


Pan’s whole approach is confined to a few voice loops that he plays back, over and over.

One of his favorite Loops was a new hook that someone had taught him called “community immunity.” This tongue twister is a reversal of herd immunity, which is a true scientific phenomenon. The uneducated have transformed it 180 degrees to its polar opposite meaning, pretending that the vaccinated majority has achieved a group immunity through vaccines. Which the unvaccinated share in, without having to ‘pay their dues.’ So the unvaccinated are free-riders, freeloaders, etc. in this new mythology.

Pan bows to his false god like this:

“The unvaccinated depend on the vaccinated children at school to prevent them from vaccine preventable contagions.” This is another of his Pan Loops.

For an explanation of true herd immunity, see page 71, Vaccination Is Not Immunization: [10]

“Medical statistician Michael Alderson does a thorough job of showing how infectious diseases had run their course through the human race before mass immunizations ever came upon the scene. [186] Looking at the data, it is patently clear that infectious diseases would have largely disappeared without any vaccines. Just as they did all through history…”

As Pan stumbles along, justifying any measure whatsoever that supports his personal invention – community immunity – we see a bungling application of classical Edward L Bernays principles of basic propaganda. [7] Repeat a lie often enough and the majority will believe it.

After hearing it several times, we soon become desensitized to Pan’s new Loop, and automatically tune it out, since it doesn’t follow any rule of logic or common sense.

We must clarify some terminology here — it seems everyone at the hearing has drunk the semantic KoolAid that prevents them from distinguishing between vaccination and immunization. For brevity’s sake, we will stipulate to their error in this chapter, and pretend that the two terms are equivalent, although even the modestly informed realize that the two are essentially distinct.

A third of Pan’s voice Loops is the one about Disney measles. When in doubt, or nervous that he’s not making sense, Pan will revert to this sound byte – the Disney measles outbreak. Without preamble, he assumes that his audience accepts the 4 media myths about the Disney phenomenon:

– that the 130 Disney measles cases were unvaccinated
– that the MMR vaccine prevents measles
– that the disease is being spread by unvaccinated
– that measles is a deadly disease

All 4 of these are direct opposites of physical reality. The Disney cases were mostly vaccinated, MMR vaccine causes measles, the disease is spread primarily by the vaccinated, and traditionally measles has been a mild, immune-building disease of childhood. Again, all the references for that science are in your textbook. [10]

Pan stammers on, in a nervous speed-rap of concocted myth –

…”we have proved that community immunity has waned to dangerously low levels because of an increase in personal beliefs exemptions…over a decade of use in …too many schools.”

Who is we? Where have you proven it? What schools? This irresponsible and unsourced assertion is factually disproven by two of the opposition experts who cited their actual sources — Lisa Bakshi and Steven Rubin. They demonstrated calmly and clearly that very few in California are unvaccinated and that the PBEs are declining since AB2019.

The viewer will notice that Pan never ever cites any actual sources, even when he is reading. It is astounding that he has had this much success without being called out for this unabashed charlatanism.

Pan has a peculiar delivery style, a non-stop free-form chatter of run-on sentences, half sentences, non-sequitur, and incomplete thoughts. The listener soon learns that this is his normal way of speaking and stops trying to follow him.

To the educated, Pan is a faucet of half truths, non truths, and unscientific sloganeering. Obviously he never had any courses in logic, speech, or ethics. And is singularly unversed in the science of immunology.

Pan then comes up with some irrelevant anecdote about some unidentified student from Switzerland who supposedly spread measles to 11 kids in San Diego, in 2008. Total non sequitur, nothing to do with the present hearing. Liu never objects.

Then he makes two other false statements:

“the number of unvaccinated has grown each year.”

“the 134 Disney cases are linked to communities with low immunization rates”

Numbers of unvaccinated are decreasing, as the above witnesses testified, and cited. As for the Disney cases — linked by whom? And what were the rates? What does linked mean? That’s where they came from – or that’s where they returned to spread the disease? Which is it? Just aimless rambling here

And even if both statements were true, so what? The unvaccinated are not reservoirs for disease – they are always healthier than the vaccinated. That much is empirical – everybody knows it. And so what if the Disney cases were from neighborhoods with low vaccination rates – so what? No figures on how many other cases sprung up in those neighborhoods.

And so what anyway? Measles is not a serious disease. Never was. What is he talking about?

Mercifully, Pan begins to conclude “all this is why SB277 is necessary to protect the public from vaccine preventable disease.”

All what? He hasn’t provided a shred of evidence for any of the undefined, unsourced chattering he’s just uttered. How can anyone this inarticulate and confused have caused all this uproar and have gotten this far and actually introduced a bill of this magnitude in a state legislature? The man is barely literate, and can’t follow his own train of thought.

In the presence of such patent ineptitude, the issue of vested, behind-the-scenes support is suspected at the outset.

There’s another favorite Pan Loop: vaccine-preventable disease. It’s a phantasm, a myth, a jackalope, a kinnaree. There are no vaccine preventable diseases. That’s the Achilles heel of the SB277. Abundant proof of that in your textbook Vaccination Is Not Immunization. [10]

Still another loop is Pan’s phrase: “legally required vaccines.” Looking to some future Pan-topia, I guess – at this time and in no states are there any legally required vaccines. That what exemptions are, and they still do exist. Our Poor Richard doesn’t know the difference between mandated and mandatory.

Throughout, in every instance, the viewer will learn that Pan Loops are their substitute for science, first and last. The commandments of the vaccine Religion.

The writer has been teaching basic principles of immunology all over the world for the past 15 years, and has never encountered a less educated, less intelligent group all in one place than the people on this committee, and their witnesses. That is a huge statement considering the places he’s been.


Pan’s first witness was Carl Krowett, and his little son, a survivor of chemo, following leukemia.

Krowett read his own anecdote of his son’s bout with leukemia and chemotherapy which went on for years, leaving the boy weak and immune suppressed. Krowett’s confused story was that he got a letter from the school saying his son would have to stay at home for 21 days in the event of a measles outbreak.

This is the standard exemption agreement for all unvaccinated kids. It protects the school from being sued by the unvaccinated for catching a disease from the vaccinated. That’s what vaccine exemptions are.

But Krowett understood none of these subtleties. His confused take on it was that why should his son have to miss school because of a ‘vaccine preventable illness,’ supposedly caught from the unvaccinated kids at school?

Krowett’s glaring ignorance was apparent. The school was protecting his son not from the unvaccinated, but from the vaccinated. That’s the way the law reads – in the event of an outbreak, it’s the unvaccinated who are required to stay home. This law is in place because of the likelihood of shedding of the vaccines from the vaccinated, causing the disease among the unvaccinated.

And it’s not even the original disease that comes from the vaccine, but a new mutation – the atypical version. Manmade in the lab – caused by the vaccine.

This is the real science of the matter. Actually just the basics. but even this was too much to expect from most speakers at this hearing.

Krowett was then allowed to ramble on aimlessly, linking childhood diseases somehow to the leukemia, which made no sense whatsoever, since no link exists. And then concluding with the shocking revelation the kid is now getting vaccinations even in his immune-suppressed state, even though most vaccines, especially the MMR shot, come with explicit directions from the manufacturers that exclude the immune suppressed! (PDR 2014 [3])

So all his chattering about “science” did not match up with his appalling ignorance of even the rudiments of immunology. He recited the requisite slogans, like all those who talk about science without citing any, using only rhetoric and hooks, like “sound policy” and “keeping our children safe.” Krowett wrapped up with the award-winning “you have a duty to legislate from solid evidence, not from fear” – a point on which we are 100% in agreement. The difference being, their side steadfastly refuses to cite any.

The cutesy closing statement the child tried to read only served to underscore Pan ‘s desperation in finding witnesses with relevant testimony, if he was willing to waste one of this three opportunities on this poor showing.

Intriguing to learn that Krowett’s father is an employee of GlaxoSmith Kline, one of the largest vaccine manufacturers on earth. GSK was fined over $9 billion for their part in the 2009 swine flu vaccine hoax. [4]

Krowett’s monumental ignorance of both law and science makes it astounding that Pan would choose someone this confused as one of his 3 witnesses.

This fact was reprised in Pan’s next witness, the hysterical Ramona Garcia, who they cut off after 4 minutes of unintelligible babbling about the polio she got 70 years ago. What Pan possibly hoped to accomplish by this incomprehensible testimony was certainly a mystery to all.

The science here? In 1954, when Jonas Salk introduced the polio vaccine, it was taken off the market after 11 months after so many people were dying or getting polio from the disease. ([10] p 88)

What does any of this have to do with abolishing a personal beliefs exemption in California? Was this supposed to be a vaccine success story? The witness never said whether or not she got the disease from the vaccine, like so many others. The CDC admits that all cases of polio in the US since 1979 have been caused by the vaccine! (Neustaedter) [8]

And yet every vaccinated child still gets 4 doses of polio vaccine.

By now it was obvious that SB277 was going to have little to do with science, because if it did, Pan would have brought in some credentialed vaccine experts from Stanford or Berkeley, or at least a legal expert. Instead, these 2 inexpert whiners trying to tug at the committee’s heartstrings were his best choices, out of the enormous pool of scientific experts in California?

With these two very weak lead-offs, Pan then brings in his clean-up hitter, Sacramento School Board’s Jay Hansen.

This witness read from a prepared statement with which he was obviously not very familiar.
He jumped right in by ignoring Liu’s original admonition not to discuss vaccine safety, and spent all his time doing just that.

Hansen began by talking about 2 recent cases of whooping cough, which he described using the Pan Loop of ‘vaccine preventable disease.’ This was completely unfounded since the vast majority of today’s whooping cough cases occur among the vaccinated, just like polio.

Next he read a very strange statement: “we also work with a local medium to get the information out.” You’ll have to rewind the tape several times to make sure he really said that, but he did. A local medium? Like a fortune teller? At a seance? What else would that mean, and why mention it?

Hansen kept skirting the perimeter of vaccine science, a field in which he was supremely uninformed. Liu never offered one word of objection. He chattered on with inflammatory, imaginary scenarios about what might happen if 1 student gets a disease, how it might spread across California, etc. As if vaccines prevented disease.

Moving on to the Disneyland motif, Hansen tells half a story about 3 unidentified schools which supposedly ‘quarantined’ their unvaccinated students “until it could be safely determined that they had not contracted their potentially life-threatening disease…”

Wow — where to begin..?

Yes, that’s true, that’s exactly the way it’s supposed to work for those exempted from vaccines. They sign the form that states that in the event of an “outbreak” of a disease at school among the vaccinated, they agree to stay home until it subsides. Which is not being “quarantined,” by the way. The kids can go anywhere they like. Just not to the school. School is the place where contagion is suspected. Not the mall.

See the difference? By law, the vaccinated are the threat, not the unvaccinated. That’s what’s such a paradigm shift with SB277. Historically, all vaccine laws have been made to protect the unvaccinated from the vaccinated. SN277 proposes the opposite. Which is why it cannot stand – all the previous laws will have to be re-written.

Exemptions exists so the parents of the unvaccinated child can’t sue the school for their child having caught a disease at school from a vaccinated kid. And the unvaccinated are perfectly happy with this arrangement, and are not complaining.

Don’t continue reading till you get this.

It wasn’t clear whether Hansen was being deliberately disingenuous here or whether he was really that oblivious. Could have gone either way.

He then continues to read a disconnected list of random, unscientific beliefs about vaccines, which have nothing to do with the current proposed law. None of the statements was explained or referenced, of course – it was obvious that he was reading someone else’s writing, and that he hadn’t prepared it very well.

On one occasion, Hansen accidentally drifted back to the area of relevant testimony when he made the astounding statement :

“In our schools we are teaching our kids to think.”

I’m sure Mr Goebbels would be very proud – but it raises the obvious discovery – if this is the literacy level of the Sacramento School Board, no wonder 50% of California’s kids are graduating unable to read or write. Suddenly it comes into focus.

Next, Hansen got in way over his head when he tried to venture into the realm of science: “we believe and celebrate the scientific method… by asking our students to be vaccinated we are affirming science in action.”

Asking? The whole point of SB277 is forcing children to be vaccinated.

Then Hansen went into a ludicrous little skit on “the scientific method” which he obviously got from a 5 minute search on Wikipedia, though he could barely read it. “We should stand up for the scientific method we all learned in school …., testing a hypothesis.”

All that was apparent here was that he learned nothing of the sort in school. This is the main problem with vaccine legislation – the utter absence of legitimate science behind vaccines – everything that vaccines have skipped in becoming mandated.

Cheerleaders like Hansen, ever invoking the elusive “science,” never cite any. All they offer is rhetoric, slogans, and fake statistics. And above all, never cite sources – not one document, not one study, not one clinical reference.

He plods on with his Wiki/google parroting about the crippling “hundreds of thousands” from the polio ‘epidemic.’ You mean in the 50s when we re-categorized polio before and after the vaccine came out in order to make it look as though the vaccine had had some positive effect? Is that what he’s referring to ? ([10] p 88) You can’t tell – he sources nothing.

And then making flat, unfounded propaganda claims:

“We know how to stop measles and whooping cough and countless others. Vaccines are proven to stop these diseases….”

Really? Then why don’t you stop them? They’re all on the rise. Proven by whom? Where is the proof? Why don’t you cite any? Countless other diseases? Really – countless? Without hyperbole, huh?

And who wrote this for you?

But of course, one would have to be able to research a line of inquiry beyond a 5 minute foray into wikipedia to actually learn any of this true history and science..

Teaching students how to think? Please. This was a live demonstration of someone barely literate, with virtually no ability for rational discourse or deductive cognition, announcing these rhetorical deficits to the world at large, in his capacity as a member of the California School Board! High comedy indeed.

No wonder academic performance is so low among high school grads in California.

Pan actually finished his 15 minutes with a minute to spare. Of all doctors and scientists he could have used to make his argument, he chose three of the weakest, most inarticulate people he could have found. Why? The two most likely reasons are

1. there is no science behind vaccines, therefore no science champions

2. the outcome of this hearing was pre-determined. Didn’t matter what either side said, so no use going to a lot of trouble preparing


Next up, it was time for Opposition’s three witnesses. At this point the whole meeting tangibly shifted gears. This was completely different from last week’s Senate Committee Hearings. All three of these people were experts in their field, extremely well prepared, and highly articulate. Scripted cookie-cutter propaganda was put on hold for a short 15 minutes, and the actual issue at hand was finally being addressed.

All three stated they were in favor of vaccines in general. Ironically, they were the only speakers in the entire hearing who obeyed Liu’s original instruction to avoid discussion of vaccine safety and science.

First up was federal attorney, Robert Moxley.

Without question, his was the most valuable testimony of the whole day, as far as education is concerned. He had a handout, which it is doubtful the Committee members ever read.

Moxley seemed like a major leaguer who had showed up for a local PeeWee game. Twenty years of experience in federal courts quickly brought into sharp contrast the intelligence of the majority of the other speakers.

Unlike most, Moxley actually had documentation for his claims, starting with an analysis of actual vaccination rates in California. He proved that vaccination rates are actually improving in California and that AB2109 has achieved its objective. His characterization of SB277 as a ‘solution to a nonexistent problem’ was particularly apt.

Drawing from his experience in Washington, Moxley patiently explained why the US Supreme Court would not tolerate a state with medical exemptions only, since that would be a denial of due process and freedom of religion.

It was like a short lecture in Government 101, reminding legislators of their obligation to pass only constitutional legislation. Moxley was not condescending in the least, but very patient and methodical, like the best teachers, explaining complex issues in the simplest of terms. The authors of such an ill-conceived bill might have been embarrassed by a lecture from this level, had they been paying attention – the ones who were actually in the room. But none of their subsequent testimony gave any indication that they had.

Moxley was the first of several in that hearing who reminded us that education in California is a fundamental right, and that the federal courts would scrutinize any legislation like SB277, that impairs fundamental rights.

He cited the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka case which ended ‘separate but equal’ and showed how SB277 proposed precisely the same thing, by excluding the vaccine-exempted from their right to public education. It would be a fundamental alteration in the relation between government and citizens.

Here was the heart of the matter, for the entire hearing: the real consequences of SB277 both for education, and for the law. We might all back up a moment, watch the video cited above, and take the time to reflect on exactly what Moxley was saying. [11]

With years of experience defending vaccine-injured children in Washington, Moxley stated another fact that no one else dared to mention: that many children had been killed and permanently injured by the MMR vaccine – the same vaccine that SB277 will make it all but impossible to refuse.

That is a fact and it is undisputed, no matter one’s view of vaccine safety.

Last week’s expert Steven Rubin showed the VAERS figures of at least 35,000 children killed from vaccines since 1991. [6] This is true science. And therefore cannot be mentioned.


But the most fundamental educational consequence of SB277 is that it would deny the right of education for a substantial minority of the children of California taxpayers. And voters. Californians are arguably the most overtaxed voters in the United States. One of the primary reasons they submit to such a burden is so that their children can receive an education at public schools. That would now be denied to the unvaccinated. But the taxes would continue.

Moxley’s final comment on education paraphrased Jay Hansen who brought up ‘what we teach our children.’ Moxley reminded us that this country was established on the basis of freedom of religion, and how it would be contradictory to make that freedom subordinate to any new effort of government.

He finished by stating the obvious – how hard it would be to obtain a medical exemption, if it is the only recourse, when doctors are under pressure from an orthodoxy not to write them. And when it would obviously have a detrimental effect on their own practices – losing patients.

You are referred to the link above for Moxley’s testimony, [11] but this is a fair summary.

Neither the authors nor any of their witnesses ever responded to anything Moxley said.


The next opposition witness, Lisa Bakshi, brought up a crucial educational dilemma that would be created by SB277. Some children cannot be vaccinated because they are immune compromised. Even if they’ve been vaccinated, these exempted children are incorrectly classified as unvaccinated. SB277 would also exclude these children from their right to an education in California.

Bakshi then cited another noteworthy stat: only 0.19% of California students now employ the PBE.
This reinforces Moxley’s earlier comment about a solution to a nonexistent problem.

The authors totally ignored this accurate statistic.

This means that all this uproar is about trying to force vaccines on 0.19% of California children. 99% is not enough – we’re going to waste all these resources, and risk all these legal and scientific disasters in order to impose 100% compliance.

Bakshi feels SB277’s greatest flaw is the inaccurate statistics it is based upon.

She then reminds us: there is no crisis. AB2109 is working: PBE’s are going down. SB277 is discriminatory and unnecessary.

The committee disregarded Bakshi completely.


Opposition’s third and final witness was educator Jeff Rice, whose organization educates some 50,000 homeschoolers. Though he was cut off after less than 3 minutes, Rice cited some vital statistics which are critical to understanding the economic consequences that SB277 would have for California education. He was adding up the total loss of ADA revenue to California schools, should SB277 pass.

Rice was cut off after citing losses of $120 million just for kindergarten kids, and about the same for 7th graders. Extrapolating for all grades K-12 combined, that would be a loss of some $2 billion annually to California schools.

Seems like it would be valuable for the committee to find out exactly what figures Rice was citing here, and his sources, if $2 billion annually is to be a true consequence of SB277. Obviously they never did so.

Rice, a real expert in homeschooling, was never called again to respond to the issues of homeschool.

The committee disregarded all of the testimony of these 3 opposition experts.

That concluded the testimony of the 6 witnesses.

If a vote would have been taken at that point from the 8 members of the Education Committee, without a doubt the bill would have been thrown out and never heard from again.

But now we watch as representative government ends, and politics takes over.

Carol Liu, the chairman, had several questions and afforded Pan and Allen, the authors of the bill, unlimited time to explain themselves.

Her first question was: “Which communities have high exemption rates? Do you have that data?”

Pan immediately replied: “Yes, we have real data” and then launched into a nervous run-on in which he never provided any sources whatsoever, or identified any communities.

Pan then pointlessly combined the Disneyland measles cases and some 2010 pertussis cases and said they were found in communities with a “50 – 84% immunization rates,” a figure he repeated several times. Of course this was ridiculous because the Disney cases supposedly occurred in a public park with thousands of international tourists, and has no “immunization rate.”

Randomly coupling these measles cases with an unidentified “outbreak” of pertussis which supposedly happened 5 years previous in some unidentified location, was a non-response to Liu’s question, and seemed to indicate the opposite– that Pan had no solid proof of exemption rates at hand.

As you watch the video of the hearing, the viewer is constantly beset with Pan’s annoying lack of elocution. At first it almost seems as though he has a speech impediment. But eventually you learn that he’s just very nervous and unprepared, and also desperate to close this deal, no matter what. A good analogy might be like going to your local Miracle Mile and visiting a low-end used car lot, and listening to a frantic salesman try to close you on a 1990 Ford Fiesta or something.

He has this habit of talking very fast and leaving most sentences unfinished. As well as thoughts. If someone were being paid by the word but didn’t have to make any sense, this is what he might sound like.

Here’s a typical Pan-ism : “schools are where people come together and are collected.”

You don’t say? And that was supposed to convince us of…. what?

Or the erudite “when you have a high rate of immunization, the disease shows up, it doesn’t go anywhere.”

Really? Then why are all these disease outbreaks almost always among the vaccinated? One after another, inaccurate groundless assertions, that have one and only one thing in common – the justification of the sale of more and more vaccines.

Pan kept saying “PD’s” when he meant “PBE’s” which stands for personal beliefs exemption. It’s as though he has no diction skills, and all through school he never had to give a speech. But after this continues for awhile, you get the feeling that it’s all just a charade and he really doesn’t have to convince anyone of a damn thing because the whole issue has already been decided before it started, by the usual vested interests.

You just wish they’d found someone a little more polished., with a bit more savoir faire than this guy.

Pan continues his nonstop flood of personal vaccine propaganda:

“The difference with Disneyland is that it spread and spread and spread across our state, across our country, and even into Canada… that is symptomatic of the low immunization rates…”

What did? What spread? What’s he talking about here? Is this some real pandemic we all missed? When did all this happen?

Low immunization rates … where? Presumably, Pan is claiming here that the Disney measles cases spread across the US and across the border, and only among the unvaccinated. But in reality none of this ever took place! This is all make believe!

But more to the point, what do all these preposterous claims have to do with abolishing vaccine exemptions?

Pan maintained this inarticulate rambling from one half-formed, unfounded speculation to the next, incomplete sentences, in an altogether manic fashion the entire hearing.

“,,,PBE rate has been going up. We’ve been accumulating larger and larger numbers of unvaccinated people. This is the reason the measles outbreak was able to spread in this recent outbreak.”

Huh? These statements are totally false. Since AB2109 exemptions have been going down in California, just like Moxley and Lisa Bakshi said. And they offered proof.

Pan kept stoking his personal hallucination – that measles spreads only among the unvaccinated. Not only is there is no proof of that – all the evidence indicates the exact opposite. With over 95% of the population vaccinated, even if measles were spreading at all, which it is not, it would be among the vaccinated.

Oddly, Liu accepted his answer and then asked if Pan believed the culprit for the spread is the PBEs.

First, this question accepts facts not in evidence — what spread? There was no spread of measles worth noting.

But not missing a beat, Pan jumps in with his nervous answer before Liu is even done speaking— “The PBE certainly has been identified as the culprit for the spread of measles…”

The statement is false of course, since there was no spread. As usual, Pan offers no source for this fanciful claim.

What a charade — here we have found someone even less informed than Pan himself getting her information about this life or death issue, obviously for the very first time, by someone who plainly represents the special interests of the drug companies, and who is himself singularly uninformed in the actual science and rationale for vaccines that any real pediatrician would be able to recite.

One wonders why the first career didn’t work out for him.

What really strikes the first time visitor to the Sacramento legislature – the utter lack of interest and information these lawmakers have at the time of the hearings. Various groups have flooded the offices of these senators for weeks with emails and studies and handouts. Yet when they speak, it is obvious that they looked at none of it, since they have no idea what the discussion is about. It is crystal clear they are considering the entire subject for the very first time.

Going back to Liu’s question about what was the culprit for the spread, it was answered incorrectly, but she never went any deeper than Pan’s response to learn the real answer. She did not avail herself of any of the legitimate experts sitting right there who could have provided a much more informed answer.

Next Loni Hancock, another committee member, had a question:

“I’m looking for the compelling state interest in doing something as draconian as this bill….that there’s nothing you can do if you choose not to vaccinate, except for homeschool with only family members.”

An excellent question, one of the few intelligent questions the unprepared committees members could think up on the spur of the moment.

Pan interrupted her and jumped right in with his Loops: the one about “community immunity.” He stumbled all over himself without completing his sentences, hopeful that everyone understood what he was talking about and accepted all his unproven premises. He then completely changed the subject and went off into some tangent about how immuno-compromised kids who couldn’t be vaccinated must rely on “community immunity” to protect them – completely unsupported, even by standard vaccine literature.

Rambling even farther afield on this theme, he starts chattering about “an undesirable community where you’re afraid to bring your child out in public because you’re worried about measles or other disease spreading throughout the community….”

Where is he talking about? What is this, the Middle Ages? People aren’t afraid now, despite his best efforts to create a panic for no reason, like with the past 6 Boutique Epidemics we’ve seen in recent years. He keeps repeating over and over the same mantra about how vaccines protect the community from diseases, when the truth is – they don’t.

With no science, it’s really all he’s got.

Hancock has another question: “Is there a definition of community immunity level?”

Definitely the right guy to ask, since the slogan is his own invention. But his answer is self-defeating, and he doesn’t even realize it:

“For measles, you need 92-95% immunization level to contain an outbreak.”

These are fake statistics, pulled out of thin air. No source is offered, as usual. MMR vaccine doesn’t prevent measles. The Zhejiang provicnce in China, population 54 million has a 99% measles vaccination rate. Yet measles continues unchecked. This is right off PubMed. Look it up. [9]

Same right here in California. The vaccine doesn’t prevent the disease.

But Hancock is on it: “Don’t we pretty much have that now?”

Of course we do – even higher, as Bakshi and Rubin testified. Apparently Pan wasn’t listening to those experts.

But Pan must ever sell vaccines:

” No, we don’t have that, We have many schools that were nowhere near that. Disney cases spread to communities where the rate was 50-85%.”

Quoting the same uncited fake stats from before, but see what he does here? Watch the video. Pan seems to have a pathological fear of staying on subject. The original question was about the vaccination rate for California overall, which has achieved Pan’s own stated safe percentages. But here, his answer shifts to a few unidentified “communities” which then become the ostensible rationale for this truly draconian bill that would force all vaccines, not just MMR, on 100% of children.

See his trick?

Next Liu, asks a very logical follow-up—- since Pan claims to know which schools have low vaccination rates, why eliminate the PBE for the entire state?

Snap! Caught in his own trap!

Pan mumbles some weak answer about difficulties of administrating a statewide program for specific communities. Like that justifies this unprecedented loss of a basic medical freedom for everyone.

Liu continues, that the penalty for not vaccinating is homeschool , which means you must take the kid out of public school. “I don’t think that’s a solution to the problem. Education is a fundamental right of CA children.”

Interesting that even though this objection is never addressed intelligently, Liu ended of voting to pass the bill.

Pan sidesteps, with two of his Loops: the one about immmuno-compromised kids who can’t be vaccinated… and the one about how it is the responsibility of community immunity in the school to make a safe environment by 100% vaccination… etc. Which means he wasn’t even listening to the question.


Now Connie Levya, another committee member speaks up, with most of the committee gone by now. It’s clear most do not even think this discussion is worth hearing.

Levya brings up the issue of homeschool curricula, and gets contradictory responses from Pan and Allen proving none of them has done even the most basic research on the topic.

When both of them were reduced to stammering, Levya called one of the experts, Nathan Price, of Home Educators, and asked him the same question. Price gave the common sense response: that most homeschoolers oppose SB277, because it is an egregious violation of citizens’ rights.

Levya then said since she had gotten no satisfactory answer from the authors, and also since there was no religious exemption in California, that she wouldn’t be able to support the bill.

Ultimately, hers was one of the 2 No votes.

Loni Hancock, another committee member also began to make sense temporarily, when she said she agreed with Levya, and wouldn’t support the bill. She stated that she believed in the “community immunity” idea, but that we were already there.

Pan was panicked by these 2 deserters and launched into a hysterical disconnected rant, combining false statements with his usual Loops. Completely unresponsive to their concerns. Pan made the ridiculous statement that

“if you’re vaccinated with measles, protection is 99%.”

Giving no source for that, of course. First of all, people don’t get vaccinated with measles , they get vaccinated with the MMR vaccine.

The 99% figure is a figment of his imagination since the majority of kids who come down with measles got it from the vaccine. Source: PubMed’s study of the Zhejiang province in China, population 54 million with a 99% vaccination rate. Measles continues unchecked (PubMed). [9]

The only people who have a 99% protection are people who actually got the measles. That’s what natural immunity is.

Then Pan repeats his mythology about how people die from infectious disease. Everybody knows that almost never happens. And in the few instances where it does happen, they’re usually vaccinated.

Hancock then objects to the bill’s extreme proposal to limit homeschoolers to members of their own families, saying that the state has no authority to make a regulation like that. Which is actually true, and a good point.

Allen jumped right in and made the ludicrous pronouncement that the state did have such authority, but of course cited no source. He then contradicted his own bill saying that families could join together after all.

Pan then interjected an agreement with his partner, proving he no longer know what the subject of the discussion was. But then Pan really went off the reservation and said that “the risk of an outbreak is the reason several homeschool groups are forbidden to join up…” As though the bill had already been finalized, and this was the final version.

The air of make-believe became really tangible at this point. Here are these hyper bird dogs for the vaccine companies, presuming that homeschoolers are all unvaccinated, and more importantly are thereby isolated from society.

As everyone knows, many people homeschool primarily because they can get a better education. Some of them are vaccinated, some are not. More to the point, homeschool kids still have sports and social activities, go to malls, and interact with society at large just as much as school kids.

Pan then actually said:

“… the unvaccinated must be prevented from contact with others because they are the risk of disease.”

This shows how disconnected he is from the world at large. Pan’s error here is pretending like homeschoolers are kept in some kind of detention center lock-up 24 hours a day.

Then comes the clincher: “If the homeschool has 100 families, we’re back in the same situation we were in before at school.”

Not quite! In school, over 90% are vaccinated. Remember? Astounding how Pan can’t follow the simplest of logic, even when the argument is of his own invention.

Thoroughly exasperated by all this meandering, Hancock then states she will not support the bill. She also doesn’t like the way the bill refers to not only the present Mandated Schedule of Vaccines but in addition, to “any others deemed appropriate.” Which introduces an unlimited future of forced vaccines.

A colossally important point indeed, that was never mentioned by anyone else during the entire hearing.

Hancock showed a typical amount of fundamental misunderstanding of vaccines, probably the status quo for this committee. It was very clear she had no idea what HPV was. But it seemed apparent she still wanted no truck with SBG277.

We must all wonder who got to her in the following week of secret negotiations and made her finally vote Yes.

Next up was Bob Huff, another committee member. He seemed to have about the same level of misunderstanding of SB277, but not enough interest to have actually done some preparation. But at least Huff was momentarily surprised by the bill’s ramifications, acknowledging how the bill proposes subjecting personal freedom to government mandate.

But then he said “we’re talking about an issue where there is no right or wrong, but there is right or wrong on both sides of the equation, so that just complicates it.”

Translation: he was confused because he hadn’t taken the time to research the subject to discover right from wrong, not knowing one side from the other.

The entire committee seemed to have lost their way. They forgot the purpose of the hearing. The “equation” here was not vaccine safety, something everyone except the opposition witnesses ignored. The purpose of this committee was not complicated at all – it was to decide whether the proposed bill had a net positive or negative effect on California schools – enough merit to be allowed to continue along the legislative process. That’s it.

And even though the few committee members who stayed around long enough to voice their concerns began to glimpse the profound ramifications this unprecedented bill was introducing into California education, in the end they were swayed by politics.

Huff then began to apply basic common sense, seeing, obviously for the first time, what the bill actually proposed. He wondered about the logic of forcing the unvaccinated outside of the public education system, how that would exclude a significant proportion of taxpayers, and treat them as second class citizens.

Astounding that over 3 hours into the hearing here is the first time this unprecedented, historic consequence of SB277 was even noticed.

He then goes into an irrelevant personal anecdote about how his own niece had severe allergies brought on after vaccines. But then, worried lest he had strayed too far off the reservation, immediately assured us that there was no link with autism, even though he has not studied the issue. At all.

“I’m confused about many of this stuff…” A direct quote.

This is the intellectual level of those evaluating the most radical health proposal in the history of California.

But Huff wasn’t done yet – now he’s a terrier with a new bone. He then asked another peripheral question about chickenpox. For once, they let someone with real expertise answer him – Dr Bob Sears. Sears was ready, with a fact that anyone with the slightest knowledge of varicella knows – that the vaccinated child can spread the disease to others for up to 6 weeks.

Huff finally gets this too, and acknowledges that vaccines sometimes put other kids at risk. He’s not buying Pan’s community-immunity thing because obviously school is not the hermetically sealed, safe cocoon they’re pretending it is.

“I will probably vote against your bill, because of the trade-off with personal freedom being handed over to a government mandate. I don’t think your bill is fully cooked, and I don’t know if it will ever be fully cooked. ”

Doesn’t have all the trees here, but the forest is coming into view. Huff says – you’re jumping through a lot hoops to force a lot of people out of schools, but we still don’t have a safe situation in schools.

The opposition was grateful for anything they can get, as far as people making sense, but again, Huff’s exchange had little to do with SB277, or education. Here is someone in a position of authority marveling over having just discovered something that anyone who’s done even slightest research into the problems with vaccines has known for years. This is the standard level of ignorance the authors of the bill are counting on to force it through the legislature. And they’re right on the money.

But Huff was slowly waking up the slightest bit, having this personal epiphany on camera, and was now on a roll.

Next he’s wondering why whooping cough spreads so easily, even though most are vaccinated. He obviously doesn’t know that children are given at least 5 doses of pertussis vaccine and that’s what ‘s responsible for virtually all the “outbreaks” of whooping cough in the past 8 years, since almost all of them were vaccinated.

Here is the real tragedy about vaccines – how cavalierly people treat the most important decision they will make in the life of their child. But especially this committee, who has been placed in this position of trust, to make such a decision for millions of families. Oh, we’re much too busy to actually do a little background reading. The Pan Loops will have to do for us. We’re very busy…

The Chair then calls on Randy Burkin from Kaiser to respond to the pertussis issue. Again violating her own directive about vaccine safety and this hearing. All this has nothing to do with SB277.

Like Pan, Burkin is a nonstop flow of misstatements, misdirection, and unsourced claims. He does admit that ‘pertussis is not one of our best successes.’ No kidding. There’s abundant proof that the vaccine is the primary cause for most of the outbreaks of whooping cough cases in recent years.

Not much of a scientist, Burkin doesn’t even have an understanding of natural immunity, and makes the preposterous statement that people who actually get pertussis are susceptible again after 5 or 6 years!

This defies the basic laws of immunoglobulin production from disease. Getting wild pertussis, the original disease – provides lifetime immunity. Everybody knows that. The only way reinfection would happen is if they got an atypical version from a new vaccine

Offering no source, Burkin ends with a flight of fancy: “after 2 doses of MMR vaccine one receives 99% immunity.” Utter nonsense. The majority of the Disney cases were vaccinated! Where’s their immunity?

Ironic that with some of the best experts sitting right in front of him, who have spent years studying the vaccine issue, some of whom were cut off after 3 minutes, that Huff is allowed all the time in the world to discover the most basic problems with vaccines. Like a dinosaur waking up in a mud swamp.

Even though Huff rambles on at a ninth grade level about these vital issues, it was the only time many of them were even mentioned in any of the SB277 hearings at all. Who was it that decided the real experts would be limited to 5 minutes or less, but that we could spend unlimited time listening to everyone else, or watching parades of people walking a up to a microphone and saying their name, for hours…?

Like all the other speakers at this hearing, Huff assures us he ‘believes in vaccines’. They all say it. Like it’s Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny. Which means they have all swallowed the false premise, that is not in evidence – that the unvaccinated are the only source of these disease. Which indicates no one of them knows about atypical versions of disease, caused by vaccines. {11, Moskowitz]

In the backroom shuffle during the following week, Huff – a likely NO – got replaced by Monning – a slamdunk Yes. Was Huff showing a little bit too much independent thinking? Somebody knows.

Marty Block then decides to jump back in and bring everything into focus for everyone by saying there are 2 sides to the “safety” issue for vaccines, but what the authors of SBG277 have tried to do is find a “reasonable compromise.” Ludicrous. Maybe he wasn’t in the room most of the time, but it was just the opposite, as everyone there had just witnessed. The authors never let up for a moment making unsubstantiated claims about the safety necessity and efficacy of all vaccines. Theirs was the most extreme, uncompromising absolutely one-sided position possible.

Block did return for a moment to the subject when he asked – what chance was there really to contract an infectious disease by not vaccinating. No one ever made that clear. And yet here we are, ready to throw thousands of kids out of the educational system and deny their right to an education.

Seeing his stance on homeschool sabotaging his position, Pan jumped in and indicated he would be “willing to compromise,” in the most condescending way. He then makes the unbelievably delirious statement that the Dept of Education has never added vaccines without going through the legislature…

What is he talking bout? The advisory committees of the FDA and CDC approve vaccines and add them to the Schedule. This idea of inserting state legislation into the process to force vaccines on everyone is brand new. And only in California.

Running out of Loops, Pan actually at this point begins an irrelevant rant on Ebola, but is cut off by Liu.

At this point the hearing unravels completely. Pan, Block, Hancock, and Liu are all spewing forth random disconnected comments, and no one is listening any more. The hearing has run its course.


Liu chatters on a minute making no sense and then finally makes her biggest faux pas of the day. She actually says to Pan, on camera, “If I were you I wouldn’t take the vote today. Otherwise I don’t think your vote proceeds out of this committee.”

Pan’s vote??? It’s the committee’s vote. And she’s the chair! That’s what we ‘ve been doing here all day – to have this education committee and their 8 members decide whet SB277 has enough legislative value to continue the process.

What Liu does next is even more bizarre. Looking around the room, she says “I’m going to count to 5. I don’t see it.”

Meaning that they need 5 out of 8 members to vote yes in order to pass the bill through their committee.

So what? So what if she doesn’t see it? So take the vote and the hearing is over. That’s the way the system is designed. What’s the hidden agenda here?

Finally she says “What is your pleasure Dr Pan? ” In other words, she turns the outcome of the entire hearing, after summoning all those experts and parading both supporters and objectors for 2 hours in front of the microphone, giving the illusion of some kind of democratic process – and now since the bill is obviously so ill-conceived that it’s not going to pass, she turns the whole show over to the author of the bill! “What is your pleasure Dr Pan? We can take Vote Only after a week.”

Pan does a quick huddle with his handlers in the corner, and of course opts for this rescue from heaven. After the pathetic showing he’s just made, babbling on endlessly with his Pan Loops, sidestepping every single question from the committee, ignoring enormous ramifications of the bill, including

– denying a significant percentage of California children their right to education
– the specifics of homeschoolers
– the loss of funding to education due to an exodus from the schools
– the absence of religious exemption

just to name a few.

So we all know what happened next. After a week of secret negotiations of which there is no public record, the Committee voted one week later to pass the bill, 7-2. It ended up being a game of musical chairs – they had to stack the committee with a few ringers, adding another member, pro of course, and exchanging another one, Huff, an obvious No.


If Brown signs SB277 into law, which is more than likely, it would go into effect in January 2015. An anemic homage to the democratic process was played out on the stage, and the foregone conclusion – SB277 – swept right in the door.

With forced vaccines for all California children, the holistic paradigm from womb to tomb no longer exists in this state. Multiple vaccinations, beginning the first day of life are immunosuppressive by their nature, as even the Supreme Court admits. For the newborn, this can mean massive neuronal handicaps for the developing central nervous system, and for every other unformed system, at the cellular level. This is thoroughly documented, by the real science of vaccines, which is reflected in the PDR. [3, 10]

Thousands are vaccine injured and many die.

The holistic model of means to trust first the body’s own powers of healing and growth, to do everything possible to support cell development – best nutrition in, wastes out, all day every day. No vaccines or prophylactic antibiotics. No drugs except in life-threatening situations. The systems of the body are to be given priority over any manmade experimental invasions, such as drugs and surgeries

This is how the most educated people have always raised the healthiest American children. If you don’t agree with this, then likely you’re not in either group. Which is fine – you certainly have a right to choose any level of health you like. But drug industry driven politics, chasing the lowest common denominator intelligence, has just imposed the religion of vaccination upon everyone. Such an event is the antithesis of everything this country was founded upon. Worse, it sets the stage for a whole host of government attacks on personal freedoms.