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Whether or not to vaccinate is probably the most momentous decision the parent will make in the life of the child. This event is for those who might be interested in the true science behind vaccines, and want to educate before they vaccinate.

Presenters will include:

    Del Bigtree
    Dr Robert Rowen
    Dr. Tim O’Shea
    Richard Ries
    Greg Glazer, Esq,

By popular demand. Come and hear some expert opinions about vaccines and vaccines injury, with all documentation:

    open discussion on vaccine safety, efficacy, and necessity
    actual VAERS statistics of vaccine injury in the US
    ingredients of vaccines, according to the formulators
    California vaccine laws compared to the rest of the world
    the scientific possibility of danger to your child
    vaccinated vs. unvaccinated – the real risks
    legal options for the vaccine injured
    the future of medical freedom in the US

MORE INFO: Charles Acker –



Donald Trump won? No! – how could that be?

After the most one-sided, relentless smear campaign in election history – for the past year, one candidate has been endlessly canonized, sanitized, and homogenized as the Only Real Choice…the ultimate Politically Correct, etc…

And the other incessantly painted as a sociopathic Monster – the worst possible option for the future… All day, every day, in all media for a year.

He won?? Never saw that coming. No two humans on earth could be as bad or as good as these two were portrayed. Especially The Monster, who everybody said didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell…

To most, this is how the world looked the day before the Election.

There was a reason for all that positioning. Global corporate – media’s constituency, etc. The nonstop defamation was their reaction to: Fear. Fear of something we’ve never seen before – the Wild Card – a regular citizen of independent means, who couldn’t be bought. Who didn’t represent the mandatory Special Interests. Or runaway entitlements. Who hadn’t learned to sell his soul to the devil, because this player now was himself the devil’s equal. Who couldn’t be forced to read their scripts off the teleprompter, scripts prepared by the best Bernays think-tank spinners money can buy. Like the last 4 presidents have so obediently done..

Uh – oh…

What else were the Controllers afraid of?

A political neophyte, as yet inexperienced in the easy lie, that flows so trippingly off the tongue of the career politician, after years of daily practice. Someone perhaps too dumb to have given up on the idea of Leadership based on principle, or doing the Right Thing, instead of just following the direction of the latest polls.

They never imagined such a freak event – a guy with his own money and his own ideas who may yet have some vestige of respect for that sublime experiment in government that has only occurred once in human history – the USA.

And now some even feel this unfamiliar sense of … elation, unseen for the last 20 years. The bloated media had become so comfortable, so dim-witted, pandering to the lowest common denominator for so long, pushing the pendulum so far to the left that it had become fixed in that position, as if that were the only Normal. The one-party system – no more dialog. The course seemed set.

And all those months where even Trump’s supporters wouldn’t announce their allegiance in public— Eric Clapton, Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Andy Wakefield, etc – the age of the Indirect Endorsement. Or more frequently, the age of the Secret Endorsement. And not just celebrities and politicians but everybody – supporters didn’t want to lose family, friends, and business by opposing the sure-thing Politically Correct Choice.

Most people wouldn’t even say his name, all those months. See any lawn signs? Bumper stickers? Not many!

So no matter which side you’re on, what has just taken place in our lifetime is a profound tribute to the Founding Fathers – who designed the most elegant, evolved system of government in history – a democratic republic which can still hold free elections, even in today’s lying, vicious world.

Can the political excesses of the past 2 decades be moderated, and the broken compass corrected? Unregulated invasions, $10 trillion debt for our children…This far down the road, who would have imagined a reversal was even possible?

But if this choice can happen, can we further dare to have modest expectations from the unlikely winner — the scapegoat and butt of all public jokes for so long—this President-elect – now in a position to challenge some of the imbalances we have seen these many years…?

That remains to be seen of course. Yet in a gloomy world, some feel the smallest ray of sunshine can reach every corner, the faintest hope infinitely better than no hope. The possibility of redemption, some small triumph of humanity over the collective forces of domination and control…..

And then… Protesters? Protesting a free election? Who ever heard of such a thing? An unprecedented phenomenon in US history. Organized nationwide protests over the outcome of one of the most unfair, one-sided, misrepresented, mud-slinging campaigns ever, orchestrated to deliver their candidate. But wait – they’re not protesting the one who was maligned and constantly persecuted…

Against all odds, the whitewashed, sanctioned candidate lost, because the people – the ones media had forgotten about – the real silent majority finally got up off their couches and chose the scrappy underdog.

Across the board, the fat managing editors had miscalculated. For a whole year. They oversold their candidate, and underestimated the intelligence – and smoldering rage – of the silent electorate.

Then what did all that protesting signify? Let’s think about that.

First off, illiteracy. Poor education. Forgot their grade school civics lessons about the way candidates are elected in this country, like it has something to do with Yahoo news’ approval. In their militant ignorance, these people in the streets were flouting the very democratic process itself.

This country has lit the world for the last two centuries. Just think of all the countries on earth now who would kill to have free elections. And we have the coveted prize, and these “protesters” don’t know enough to appreciate it.

Consider all the Americans who gave their lives so that we could have free elections in a democratic society:

    • WWI – 116,000
    • WWII – 405,000
    • Civil War – 618,000
    • Revolutionary – 25,000

What an insult to the last full measure of their devotion.

And then immediately after congratulating Trump on his victory, and preaching co-operation and healing togetherness, what do Hillary and Obama do? They run off to the swing states to fan the flames for … Recount! Remember? And media picked it up as a real possibility – only for about 5 days. But as soon as they realized any recounts would also expose an untold number of non-citizen votes, they dropped the ‘recount story’ faster than the Avian Flu.


What ever happened to

“I may not agree with what you say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it” ???

I think we can all agree that Trump is the antithesis of PC. Not consciously, but this man is simply outside the entire dialog altogether. PC had become the mandatory dialect of the professional politician, as well as of pop media. But America has just formally rejected those values. They heedlessly elected the supreme embodiment of the polar opposite of PC. Who now has their mandate.

PC is over. It’s done! This phony Political Correctness has run its course and is now obsolete.

But then pop media is left high and dry, with no vocabulary. The American people have just de-selected the values and ideals that the corporate editors have forcefed them for so long. The everyday slogans and buzzwords used to build ‘news communication’ upon for the past decade are suddenly — unpopular. But that’s the only language they have, and new events are still coming in just as fast, which must be reported.

What do we do? Wow – we can’t fill 75% of column inches and soundbytes just by spinning the story of the day into ridiculing Trump any more – he’s the President -elect!

We all saw it. The News Directors were caught in the glare of the headlights – for the first time in over a decade they are suddenly being forced to use rational thought to make practical decisions… Obviously they still haven’t grasped the significance of the shift yet. So sorry, but …. the Natural Correction has been televised.

Natural Correction – that term is from the 16-dollar glossy “Special Issue” Time just released – did you see it? Don’t buy it. Instead of casting a thoughtful informed light upon The Event, they field a dozen overwrought essays from some of the dullest hacks Time could dig up at a moment’s notice. Of course the truly erudite have long since stopped submitting anything to that fallen tabloid. Who really reads it any more, right? But there it was, so clear – they just don’t get it – they don’t grasp the monumental significance of what has just taken place. They’re still caught in their expired, extreme sloganeering, trying to make pointed comments on the Event, using their failed vocabulary.

But they did get one concept right – The Natural Correction.

Complacent for so long, news people just got fat and lazy. Attack the Monster Candidate – that had become the only tool in their shed. Their pivotal miscalculation was that too many had simply stopped tuning in, stopped sipping the evening KoolAid.

But the managing editors had bought their own hype – they thought they couldn’t lose. None of them predicted this outcome. Not one – polling desperately to find the middle path, all remained lukewarm. And The Monster would soon spew them forth from his mouth.

Trump is a blood warrior – purified in the fires of America’s most violent bloodsport: election politics. Just imagine you’re him for a minute. What would make a man with wealth beyond measure subject himself to such an outpouring of vilification – day after day, for over a year? Why would anyone put himself through that? You’d have to be made of leather…

Maybe he saw a chance to be the one who would guide the long overdue Natural Correction. Because there was no one else – not one – willing to break ranks and steer the course back from the cliff’s edge.

For the first time ever, we have witnessed the quiet power of social media supersede and defeat the massive machinery of traditional corporate media. This was a quantum shift in communications technology – and in human epistemology as well. How modern that a cultural transformation of this magnitude could come about from this quarter.

So now, for the future – what expectations can we have? Let’s not get carried away that all wrongs will be righted, the rough ways shall be made smooth, and everything will be sunshine from here on out. And that all news personages will now suddenly have opposable thumbs – that seems unlikely. Even though they haven’t quite realized it yet, the News itself has just been marginalized as largely irrelevant.

What does seem in the cards, already evident, is a moderating of the shrill tone that has dominated all media for so long – every story, every show, few exceptions. Sitting quietly in the dark this past decade, the Other Voice has just made itself known. And it is Power. As long as we have the rule of law, some nodding acknowledgment of our tattered Constitution, and free elections, that Voice speaks with power. Long overdue.

By necessity, another peculiar shift is already creeping in – not just the RINOs quietly coming out from under the furniture – well now Donald, we really didn’t mean all that, etc…… no, but everyone who was so rabidly vehement— slowly their tune is changing, moderating, modulating, if ever so slightly. Reconciliation, tentatively obsequious. . . Don’t you see it?

This is just the beginning. The bread is suddenly being buttered on the other side – the Power shift is under way. Not just the silly rubrics of party identities, but hey – are we actually going to have two parties again? And oh, those guys are back? Well, OK, we can adapt. After all, we’re politicians, not vertebrates.

It’s just going to require some changes in the place settings, and Christmas dinner invites. Because no matter which side you’re on, the extreme polarization, never before been seen in our history, is downshifting, and we’re all being forced to consider another point of view.

Want to be more informed? Turn off your TV and stop checking “the News”. You don’ t need anyone telling you who your enemies are any more.


So many of these stories come in all the time, we don’t have time to record most of them. Many of them already had the surgery scheduled, which they cancelled:

    “When I was in grade school I injured my knee in a fall. It soon developed into Osgood Schlaughter’s disease – detachment of the patella, etc. So for many years, I was in almost constant pain, and had trouble walking and running. If I wore a knee brace I could exercise on the treadmill, but then a premature onset of arthritis forced me to stop even that about 4 years ago.

    “I tried the stationary bicycle for awhile, but as I got worse , eventually I had to stop that 2 years ago.

    “As I worsened, it got to the point where I even had to wear the knee brace at night because of the pain. Doctors wanted to fix my knee but the moment they mentioned knee replacement surgery, I said No, and I walked out. I knew that success was elsewhere.
    “In the past few months I learned about your Collagen and began taking it religiously. Results were quick and amazing – after a short time I’m virtually pain free, after all these years. There’s no more need now to wear the elastic brace when I exercise,. Such a great product – glad I found it! … thanks Doc.”
    – Steve

After all these years in practice, it is exasperating to see patient after patient opting for unnecessary joint replacements of knees, hips, and shoulders. They are usually successful, but wouldn’t it be infinitely better to keep the structures Life originally gave you? That’s what we’re talking about here.

Read the chapter.


4. UPDATE OF VIDEO LECTURES AT www.thedoctorwithin

I’ve had so much unedited footage of seminars lying around this past year. Finally began to organize them and make them available on the site.
Here’s the list : click on Video Lectures button:

    Holistic Approach To Cancer – First Resort
    North Georgia Lecture – Dr Tim O’Shea

A short introduction to the material in the chapter To The Cancer Patient. Before making any radical decisions, the resources in this chapter may save your life.


    Cruise Vaccine Lecture – 2016
    Dr Tim O’Shea

A brief look at the politics of medical freedom and how parents are tricked into giving up their rights over their own children. Some comments on the HPV vaccine. Intro to the text Vaccination Is Not Immunization


    strong>Vaccine Lecture
    North Georgia Symposium

A look at the HPV vaccine: science or myth. Most people don’t even know what HPV vaccine is supposed to do. If you’re going to give this to your 12 year olds, don’t you want to know what the vaccine really is? Learn about the Germ Theory of Disease


Paris Vaccine Lecture

A comparison between mandated vaccines in France with those required in the US. A discussion of challenges to medical freedom across the globe.


    strong>Measles Vaccine: The Lies We Tell Each Other

Here is a short clip on the real science behind the measles vaccine, how a nonexistent epidemic in California was claimed, in order to make vaccines compulsory to the 1.5% of children who were exempted by their parents’ choice. These are just the basics of the actual science behind the MMR shot.



In the Motorcycle Injury article in the Nov Newsletter we talked about the enormous value of chiropractic adjustment of displaced bones in the feet. We mentioned how common such subluxations are, how few doctors have any idea how to correct these conditions, and the radically diminished lifestyle that can be permanent following an untreated injury of this nature.

There’s worse news: podiatry. This is a profession trained to cut first, drug second, and ask questions later. Go find out – see for yourself! Why would they want to know about specific adjustments of the cuboid, which take a couple of minutes, replacing unnecessary foot surgeries, which cost several thousand dollars and take months of rehab? They wouldn’t. Chiropractic first! Remember?

Soon there will be a clip in the Video Lectures button of Dr Luka Musich – one of the top extremity guys in our profession, doing a down and dirty analysis and adjustment of foot subluxations. Very specific, very clinical, you won’t find this information in such a concise form anywhere.

It’s coming!



For over a decade, an essential component of our 60 Day Program has been chelated minerals. Everyone knows that there are no more minerals in the topsoil – that’s why even organic produce doesn’t necessarily have any food value… You probably know the story. If not, it’s summarized for you here in the Minerals chapter.

At least watch the video at the beginning.

The mineral formula we’ve used for the past decade has been working well. People love it. It’s part of their lives. Especially for techie folks, online all day. All those brain synapses require minerals in order to keep firing for 12 hours. With the confusing spray of magic bullets out there, all the hundreds of supplements in stores and online, we have to start with the essentials.

The necessity for minerals to help with thousands of metabolic reactions that constantly occur in cells throughout the body – this is not controversial. It is verifiable, classical science. Whatever other supplements we take, minerals must be at the top of the list.

Next is to learn why chelated minerals are by far the most bioavailable of minerals. Read the chapter to find out why, but the short answer is that chelates approach 90% absorption at the cellular level, compared to about 5%, with most store-bought minerals.

Our original formula has been around for almost 15 years. During that time, has the average nutritional health of most people gotten better or worse?
Appalling is the word. By any index you choose. Look around. Not just that the human whales and elephants at the mall are no longer a chubby 30 pounds over weight – now many of them are carrying around an extra 100 or so. Lots of them. And obesity is a proven accelerator of every known cause of death.
Even worse is the logarithmic increase in chronic and degenerative diseases. So you know all these tasty comfort foods people are stuffing themselves with – what do you think? Any nutritional value – enzymes, vitamins, minerals? Chips, fries, donuts, pizza, Mexican, Chinese etc fried in cheap saturated hydrogenated oils, flavored with artificial taste stimulators…. Any nutrition there?

It was obvious that overall health has deteriorated by a quantum in the past 15 years. So the new mineral formula of Immunition, has improved by many times in order to compensate. The good news is that the price didn’t go up. None of Immunition’s supplements has been marked up in the past decade.

There is nothing even close to this new mineral formula on the market, either at GNC, mallstores, or online.

Here are the primary improvements in our new formula, as compared with the old formula:

    35% more vitamin B12
    33% more iron
    2x as much selenium
    2x as much Potassium Iodide
    65% more Magnesium
    35% more Zinc
    30% more Copper
    3x more Manganese
    25% more Chromium
    2x as much Molybdenum
    10 mg Silicon
    132 mg Phosphorus

Remember, most of these are chelated forms, which means highest bioavailability, compared with most supplements you see.

Compare for yourself, if you like. Here’s the new formula:

    ………………………………………………………………………………… %DV
    Vitamin B12 (MethyLcobalamin) 2.4 mcg . . 99%
    Calcium (Di-calcium malate and Calcium bisglycinate) 300 mg . . 30%
    Magnesium (diMagnesium malate and Magnesium bisglycinate) 300 mg . . 86%
    Iron (Ferrous bisglycinate) 6 mg . . 80%
    Zinc (Zinc bisglycinate) 10 mg . . 90%
    Selenium (Selenium glycinate) 45 mcg . . 90%
    Copper (Copper bisglycinate) 1 mg . . 90%
    Manganese (Manganese glycinate) 3 mg . . 90%
    Phosphorus 132 mg . . 19%
    Chromium (Chromium glycinate) 66 mcg . . 99%
    Molybdenum (Molybdenum bisglycinate) 50 mcg . . 99%
    Iodine (Potassium iodide) 225 mcg . . 150%
    Vanadium (Vanadium Nicotinate Glycinate) 200 mcg . . 90%
    Silicon (Silicon dioxide) trace

No GMOs, sugar, wheat, milk, or artificials.

Get the feeling like something in your system isn’t quite right? You’re not really sick, but you just don’t feel 100% – that impending doom thing? Well, it’s not just the news, or the mother in law. It’s probably mineral deficiency. That is a real epidemic. Not a fake one like Avian flu, Zika, swine flu, smallpox, measles, and the other Boutique Epidemics periodically dreamed up to hawk vaccines.
Yes, mineral deficiency is real. Fortunately, curing it is simplicity itself: 3 caps in the morning. For those vague and persistent illnesses that the geniuses can’t figure, out, this is the starting point. It’s the very first thing you rule out.

. . .

    “Mineral deficiency is the cause for nearly every disease.” — Linus Pauling