Anyone who has ever read our vaccine textbook knows that this is not an anti-vaccine website. All the research on our website is in favor of any vaccines that have been proven to be absolutely safe, effective, and necessary by legitimate, verifiable third party science – research that is wholly unconnected with vaccine manufacturers and their satellites.



– Tim O’Shea

Don’t worry. It’s nothing new. Just more smoke and mirrors.

In the past few months the vaccine industry has dreamed up a new way to market an old vaccine to adolescents.

Assembly Bill 354 is a 3 page document that was tacked onto the bloated California legal code in October 2010. Flyers are being mailed to every home in the state.

The Bill offers nothing new in terms of safety or health benefits, or even new vaccines. It doesn’t even add another vaccine onto the Mandated Schedule of vaccines. All it provides is that this particular TDaP shot will be monitored before entrance into 7th grade, and those unvaccinated will be excluded from school, unless exempted. That’s the part they always leave out: unless exempted.

For almost a decade the TDaP shot (tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis) has been part of the mandated schedule of vaccines recommended by the CDC (1) and given as part of the Well Baby Program to children aged 11-12. This is in addition to 5 separate inoculations for DTaP which are given at other times before age 18 as part of the same Program. Same vaccines, different name.

DPT vaccine has been given to US children since the mid 1940s even though the three diseases had all but disappeared by that time in this country. The D of DPT stands for diphtheria. For the past 20 years there have been less than 2 cases per year in the entire US, and we have known for decades that diphtheria is completely responsive to one of our most common antibiotics – erythromycin. (2) Nevertheless we continue to add this outmoded, superfluous vaccine to every dose of DTaP vaccine and give every child at least 5 doses of it during their shot days. (1)

The problem disease is really pertussis – whooping cough. This was a very serious disease in pre-vaccine days, sometimes fatal in severe cases. There was no cure for it, especially the DPT vaccine itself, which didn’t come out until pertussis was 98% reduced on its own. The original disease simply burned its way through the population, herd immunity prevailed, largely helped by advances in water and sewage facilities throughout the country. Same as what happened to most infectious diseases.

In the 1940s and 1950s, children got only one DPT shot. As politics and the vaccine industry promoted the number of childhood vaccines from 4 to 68 by the year 2005, the standard number of DPT shots rose to 5 during the entire childhood period. Reason given: the shot only gave temporary immunity, so boosters were needed.

This idea sounds logical to anyone who has never studied what vaccines actually are. The first impossibility is that vaccines don’t contain the original microbe associated with the natural disease. Vaccines contain a manmade mutated version of the bug, created in a laboratory. This mutation is what is getting injected into our infants. It is impossible for such a mutation to confer immunity to any natural disease, even if the entire Germ Theory were proven fact. (3)

So that’s the first problem. Glib vax ad copy answers that the vaccine’s immunity is temporary and that’s why 5 or 6 separate shots are needed. But there is no actual proof for that contention – it’s all theoretical, and coincidentally very strongly supports the sale of more shots.

But in the past decade a new problem has arisen. In various areas of the US there have been several outbreaks of whooping cough, for which there still is no cure. And every time that happens the local community’s only response is – you guessed it – yet another dose of DTaP. The tragedy is that since the vast majority of the kids who get the disease have already received multiple doses of the vaccine throughout childhood, it is almost certain that this new version of whooping cough is the direct result of so many doses of the vaccine for all these decades now. As with all vaccines, the shot doesn’t contain the bug associated with the original disease, but rather a mutated version created in the laboratory. It’s likely that the accumulated dissemination of these shots all these decades have caused outbreaks of an entirely new manmade verison of whooping cough. Unvaccinated kids almost never get whooping cough.

To reiterate, whooping cough was gone, we started vaccinating, we quintupled the dosage of the vaccine, a new whooping cough emerged, and now the cure is supposed to be another dose.

So not only does the DTaP vaccine not work, it is almost certainly the cause of an entirely new version of pertussis breaking out. Vaccine-caused diseases — nothing new– the CDC has admitted for years that vaccines are the primary cause of other diseases, including polio and measles. (2)

Where the story loses all scientific credibility is when the kids who get the new whooping cough are given another DTaP booster shot. This is preposterous. Even if vaccines worked and triggered the immunity they are advertised to do, no vaccine scientist would ever claim a curative effect from a vaccine. In other words, they would never say once you have a disease that a vaccine can cure you. That is impossible. The only ones who would make such a ludicrous and superstitious claim would be irresponsible people in clinics selling shots, and also lawmakers, like the uneducated, unscientific people in government who dreamed up a marketing ploy like Assembly Bill 354.


Bad marketing to tell people the way out. That’s why it’s a secret. The way out is simple: the state Exemption Form, which by law is supposed to be printed on the back of the blue card stock Immunization Record of the child, but in actual fact rarely is. Why would they omit it? Why is the state complicit with the marketing arm of the vaccine manufacturers, even to the point of lying by omission?

That is a much larger question, answered completely in the new vaccine text: Vaccination Is Not Immunization. (2)

The exemption forms are also available on the state’s website as well as at any clinic, although many employees will deny they exist. California has one of the simplest and most straightforward exemption forms: the philosophical exemption. It’s a one line statement which the parent signs. Boom. It’s over. No more discussion. No more threats.

The way things are going these days in terms of vaccine toxicity and injury, many parents who believe in vaccines are signing the exemption form just to have them on record. That way when these new extra shots come up, the parents can pick and choose the vaccines they want for the child. Rather than leave it up to the lot of uncredentialled bureaucrats in Sacramento or Washington, beneficiaries of the endless largesse of the pharmaceutical lobbying groups.

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