Australian Interview – Dr Tim O’Shea

An interview with Dr Tim O’Shea —Vaccination Author and Chiropractor, by an Australian doctor

Dr Tim O’Shea residing in the USA is a Chiropractor and tireless educator in the quest of informing people as to the side effects and dangers of Vaccination. Tim has kindly accepted my request to share his experiences in his life as a campaigner against vaccination.

Alan: When did you first come to the conclusion that Vaccinations were harmful to a person’s health?
Tim: About 15 years ago when I began the research for the first edition of my vaccine text The Sanctity of Human Blood. After about 3 years I began lecturing on the topic and continue to do so all around the world, though primarily in the US

Alan: And what measures did you take in your own personal life regarding this belief?

Tim: It’s not a belief. Beliefs are like with the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, or terrorists blowing up the World Trade Center. But with vaccine toxicity and danger, it’s a subject that either you know about or else you blindly accept the systematic programming of syndicated news, which tells us one mantra: vaccines are safe and necessary. So it’s not a question of belief– if you have children either you have taken active steps to really inform yourself about the topic, from sources not making their living selling vaccines – but from legitimate scientifically referenced data, or else you will blindly inject your child with any vaccine that is currently recommended by the shifting trends in political immunology, like most Americans do.

Alan: And what measures did you take in your life as a Natural Health Practitioner?

Tim: I began my website to provide referenced data for people wishing to optimize their immune systems using natural non-drug protocols outside the organized for-profit medical monolith. And I continued writing new editions of the book each year, and doing the full day lectures on both vaccines and Nutrition/Detox, both of which are now available on DVD.

Alan: In my travels as a Natural Health Educator in Australia, I come across a good number of Natural Health Practitioners whom do not believe in the necessity to vaccinate yet are afraid to make this matter known to their patients. They are afraid of being sued or receiving complaints, if by chance the patient or associated family member/friend becomes ill. Tim what would say to those practitioners?

Tim: I would say they are run of the mill and in the majority and define themselves first as purveyors of drugs and potions and corporate medicine rather than primarily as real doctors whose first and only concern is the health and vitality of their patients.

Alan: How do you handle this situation as a Natural Health Practitioner in your practice?

Tim: I ignore it. It’s a universal principle that what you project and focus on will come to you. No one is going to sue you if your prime intention is to save their children from injudicious and dangerous medical procedures.

Alan: What sort of action and /or treatment would you recommend to parents whom came to you with a vaccine damaged child?

Tim: I have a complete vaccine detox protocol, which is described thoroughly on my website in the chapters The 60 Day Program, and The Last Resort. It is a very simple but not necessarily easy program involving a classically natural diet and 7 supplements. On a case by case basis I will put it up up against any of the high profile expensive dog and pony shows out there today for detoxing mercury, aluminum and other viral contaminants accumulating in the body as a result of vaccines. As an autism detox protocol it is second to none.
Alan: I understand Tim that you frequently give talks at various locations in the USA?

Tim: Not just talks — most are full day seminars,the majority of which are CE accredited for doctors. The general public also attends. One day is on vaccines ,and the other is on nutrition.
Alan: How often would you experience opposition to your views at these seminars? And what are their usual points in dispute? And of course what is your usual response?

Tim: You seem a little preoccupied with this notion Alan. First of all why would you or I care what any opposition says about our work? Either your work is valid and referenced and unassailable, or it isn’t. Either it stands on its own or it doesn’t. You have to start with my chapter The Doors of Perception, which explains the history of media and education in general for the past century. People who oppose my work are chanting mantras derived from media fluff, and never even attempt to cite sources for what they are saying. All of my work, on the other hand is completely referenced, and not by spurious New Age unsupported sources, but from mainstream science, mainstream medicine and mainstream law. That is where opposition to today’s US vaccine policy is coming from — mainstream. Did you know that a large proportion of medical doctors worldwide do not vaccinate their own children, but cannot say anything publicly because it would be career suicide. See under the section Doctors Who Don’t Vaccinate.

Alan: What is your response to the General Practitioners and Specialists whom expressed the common belief that Vaccinations have played a vital part in the 20th Century for eradicating many of the communicable diseases such as Small pox and Polio.

Tim: Cite your sources, that’s what I would say. In my seminar, as well as the textbook, I show all the government documents, like from Vital Statistics of the US, for one, that prove exactly the opposite. It is an unassailable hard fact that all the infectious diseases for we we have vaccines today – not just smallpox and polio – disappeared on their own 95% before vaccines ever came out on the market. Now either you know that fact, or you don’t. If you don’t you chant mantras, like the one in your question.

Alan: Recently in Australia, the Australian edition of 60 minutes aired a live studio group discussion about an unfortunate child whom died of Whooping cough (this child was vaccinated). The Mother and Father openly blamed all parents whom choose not to vaccinate. These grieving Parents expressed the common view that non vaccinating parents are both reckless and a danger to the community as a whole. If you were in the audience at the time and invited to speak, how would you handle this delicate situation?

Tim: A perfect example of the fulminant epidemic of stupidity so rampant in both our countries today. In the past few years there have been 4 or 5 outbreaks of pertussis in this country as well – and it’s always the same as you describe — almost all the outbreak cases have received several DPT shots. So instead of concluding what anyone with an IQ above room temperature would deduce from this fact- namely that the vaccine itself was the source of the outbreak – they jump instead to this ludicrously illogical position. Let me paraphrase the famous lawyer Clarence Darrow from 100 years ago, when asked this same question: “So you parents have decided not to vaccinate your children, and you others over here have decided to vaccinate your children. So now, why would you vaccinated people care whether or not someone else chooses not to vaccinate? Aren’t you protected? Don’t your vaccines work?
Want to see some blank faces, and babbling non-sequiturs – ask you local pediatrician that question. They will not understand what you just said.

Alan: What would your advice be to the young parent whom was to say to you “that they have heard of the rare occasion of a Child receiving side effects”. Yet their view of the possibility of their child contracting an ailment such as Rubella or Measles far outweighed the risk.

Tim: Meaningless question. I don’t respond to blind quotes – I just assume you made it up. This is a serious life or death issue upon which the future health and immune strength of their children depends. Why would I or anyone care about what anyone hears? From whom? Reader’s Digest? Oprah Winfrey? The people at work? The majority of doctors and laypeople are chattering mantras — so the only “view” that matters here is the informed view. What is your opinion on vaccines based upon? Newspapers articles? A show you saw on TV where the newsreaders were holding forth the monodimensional vaccine message? Or does your view reflect a patient examination of legitimately researched meticulously referenced materials which actually confront the issues of natural vs. artificial immunity, world vaccine economics, the game of political immunology, and the historical events and disasters in the world of vaccines since the time of Edward Jenner.

Alan: Tim, in the 1970s vaccinations were no longer deemed compulsory by the Australian governing authorities and immediately within 1-2 years our incidence of Sudden Infant cot death reduced by more than 50%.

Tim: Same thing in Japan between 1975 and 1985 –they stopped vaccinating before age 2 for a period of 10 years. SIDS disappeared during that period. When they began again at 3 months of age then in 1985, SIDS came back. Temporary Sanity, I call it. That’s from your Viera Scheibner’s book.

Alan: It was recorded in Australia that our local indigenous population experienced an infant mortality rate of 500 deaths per 1000 upon receiving vaccinations. It was noted by researcher Archie Kalokerinos MD that it was directly linked to the vaccinations severely depleting the child’s stores of Vitamin C and Zinc. Which consequently compromised the bodies immune system and allowed various life threatening infections and ailments to occur. Have you any knowledge of a similar occurrence with American Native Indians?

Tim: No source for American Indians specifically, but it’s the same phenomenon in any highly stressed third world environment. And that’s another hidden tragedy we see over and over historically, because it is traditionally these areas where the government officials are so often financially motivated to sell out their own people and allow the global vaccine corporations to use their own impoverished people as testing grounds for experimental vaccines. It’s become stand operating procedure within the politics of vaccines: Obvious case in point: the AIDS vaccine.

Alan: I would very much appreciate your views on the Swine flu situation in the world present.

Tim: Well this is a very important question that I have researched very thoroughly in the past few months, and rather than trying to summarize it here I would direct people to go to my newest chapter Swine Flu: Global Pandemic or Just Makin’ Bacon?

More than any other vaccine, people should definitely learn why they should avoid this new experimental swine flu sequence that is being marketed primarily to pregnant women and small children.

Alan: Tim I understand that you plan to come to Australia to hold a number of seminars in the later part of 2009.

Tim: I am trying my best and will keep you apprised of any dates and locations. Sorry I took so long getting this document finished, but the swine flu work has really been taking up all my time lately. Parents really have to see themselves as the child’s only protector, in the modern world. And in order to do that, the vital thing is to be making an INFORMED decision about vaccines, because the way things are going today, this may well be the most important decision they will make in the life of their child. To that end I have saved people months of personal research by putting together the vaccine text The Sanctity of Human Blood Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 13 th edition. And if that sounds like a closing plug, it is!

Alan: I look forward to catching up with you in Australia. And I sincerely thank you for your time and effort in being our first interview guest in the first edition of the Natural Response.