Alaska Glacier Cruise – 19 Aug
Paris, France – 17 Sept

North Georgia Symposium for Holistic Medicine– 29 October

Vaccine Lectures –
Paris, France – 16 Sept
Wales UK – 23 Sept

Chiropractic Philosophy/ Technique –
Wales UK – 24 Sept



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5. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 4th ed.


This annual Oklahoma City convention is certainly the best kept secret in the chiropractic profession, without hyperbole. It was especially epic this year, perhaps in part because the night before there was a diluvian thunderstorm, which kept the weekend temperature in the 80s, rather than the customary 100s.

Held in the Convention Center downtown OKC, it’s one of the most comfortable and stress-free events to attend, since it’s in hoofing distance from the heart of OKC’s hopping nightlife: Bricktown, a group of walking streets of bars, restaurants, and nightlife for all ages.

I was asked to do a 3 hour community lecture on vaccines, the night before the 2 day event. It was very well attended, by a group of unusually informed parents. Not the type of inbred yokel California crowd I am used to, that’s for certain. Alert, conversant, informed – it’s no wonder Oklahoma recently threw out the proposed version of California’s draconian SB277, which just ended 50 years of philosophical exemptions to vaccines in California.

Actually legislators in most states where such a proposal has been introduced in the last year summarily rejected it – with one exception: California. Twentieth largest economy in the world, dead last in common sense health awareness among the 50 states.

We discussed excerpts from the textbook Vaccination Is Not Immunization, and also from the website thedoctorwithin.com. We then took a look at recent developments in forced vaccines, such as a student’s letter to those universities recently requiring enrolling students to receive certain vaccines before entry is allowed. We cited the parts of the Constitution are being violated by this new trend toward forced vaccines and disallowed exemptions, something that is talking place only in the US. And discussed the value of the class action lawsuit against SB277, now in the courts.

Follow – up can be seen in other newsletters as well as in the chapters online.

In the main events of Focus itself, most of the speakers were compelling and worth the listen. Some were brilliant, not to be missed. One of those was certainly John Minardi.

If you’ve never seen this guy, make an effort. Certainly one of the brightest lights in our firmament at this time, Dr Minardi brings forth a flood of scientific proof connecting the adjustment with reduction of cortisol output, thus balancing cholesterol production, which is the precursor of all the steroidal hormones.

The adjustment reduces biomechanical stress in the spine, thus normalizing all systems of the body – immune, endocrine, digestive, neuro, circulatory, etc. The adjustment unblocks the innate intelligent design by restoring order throughout the body.

Minardi’s special talent is that he can present these complex subjects without overwhelming the audience in a swamp of minutiae. But you know he’s got the rest of the story in his course work.

Minardi has a worthwhile body of DVDs which should be required coursework for graduation from chiropractic school. Because of the focus of licensing requirements on the science of medicine, the actual science of chiropractic gets pushed to the side, or worse never gets mentioned at all. Ask any upper quarter student about the science of chiropractic. They never heard of it.

Which seems to be the typical awareness level of most new DCs the world over. Minardi is available to guide us through the rich, booming field of the science of chiropractic, an area which will certainly prove essential to our survival in the near future, but sadly is known to very few, a secret to most.

Joe Borio was another tone altogether, in perfect pitch on Saturday morning, channeling DD with no interference. He talked about how struggling DCs at all phases of their careers may wonder why they were never in abundance, why they never tapped into the motherlode, into momentum, into The Zone, etc. as they saw others do. Why are some seeing 300 a week their first year out of the gate, even though very few come out of school with entry level proficiency in adjusting.?

How does that instant success happen?

Joe has the answer: they find greatness. Either by accident or by intention, they find greatness. Then they pursue it. They’ll go anywhere to be around it, anywhere they have to in order to learn the rudiments of proficient adjustment by hand, step by step, piece by piece. And then they practice and practice and practice, doing speed exercises – or getting critiqued by masters whenever possible – the unrelenting pursuit of excellence – whatever that entails.

At the same time, they pursue the other edge of the sword with equal energy and passion: mastery of patient education. Showing X-rays, explaining details of vertebral subluxation, with the expectations for recovery. But short, and quick. They learn that they must constantly be looking for simple analogies, like those from dentistry for example, as when patients want to crawfish on their original commitment to correction, etc. By not accepting their lame excuses for missing the appointments they’ve committed to make.

It’s not nothing. If you act like it’s nothing, then that’s the value you give to the corrective schedule, and that’s the path the patients will take, from then on.

Inspiring them with certainty, first by obtaining certainty yourself, by personal study and practice. And then sharing it in some way at every visit with every patient, constantly reinforcing uncompromising standards, both for the doctor’s own pursuit of mastery of technique, as well as the unwavering focus on patient communication, where only one subject of conversation is permitted during every visit: the chiropractic adjustment.

Borio wants to delete the phrase ‘chiropractic treatment’ from our lexicon and substitute the term ‘chiropractic care.’ Think about why that might be.

Here’s his quote about competition:

“There is no competition, except with the amount of pain and suffering in the world.”

Joe had a flawless fifty minutes – no hesitation, no errors, no missteps, no doubts, in the zone 100%. No way that can be faked, or rehearsed. Refinement by years in the fires of day to day practice – this is the edge of the samurai sword that results, that we sometimes get to witness in a speaker of this calibre. This guy sets the bar very high any time he appears at Focus.

And Focus always reciprocates.

Hugo Gibson then received a lifetime award for service above and beyond… This guy’s a walking treasure of the profession. He started out with a sure thing – the major premise. Universal Intelligence is in all matter … Guess he hasn’t seen my bedroom…

Then about the relation between universal and innate, which we can’t be reminded of enough in this business, right?

Then Dr Hugo recounts the story of his brain surgery that left him with a parieto-ventricular drain. He survived, but the brain fog just wasn’t clearing – couldn’t read, unbalanced, confused. And how he went to see Ted Carrick – a guy well acquainted with the blurred territory between advanced chiropractic and magic…. and was totally cured in 5 days. You sit there listening to this story about these Olympians, and you can hear a pin drop… And you wonder, wow, what kind of a share in this infinite profession have I gone after, since graduation??

Next there was very good demonstration of adjusting skill by the self-proclaimed world master of extremity adjusting, Mitch Mally. His disjointed talk was just confused rambling about himself, but at the end he pulled some guy up on the stage who’d had a shoulder problem for the last 9 years. Mally did a quick analysis and explained that most shoulder problems were not the Gonstead dropped humerus, but rather a combination between a rotated scapula and a dropped clavicle.

So Mally stands the patient up, goes around behind him, pulls the involved arm to the opposite side, and then with a lightning fast, high-force Bruce Lee chop and twist, slams his hand P-A into the inferior apex of the patient’s scapula and twists it back into place, with maximum force and speed – clocked the patient forward. Would’ve knocked the patient down if he hadn’t been holding his arm. Vehement adjustment, high everything, but the patient was into it. He then laid the patient down supine, and with an equally fast and deep set, rammed the claviculo-sternal joint back into place: superior, lateral, and P-A. Crrackkk!

Then he closed his talk because his time was up, and walked out to the lobby, trailing half the audience behind him, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. I got right in the front row by the adjusting table and stayed there the whole time. So I saw everything right in front of me. Mally adjusted one patient after another out there in the lobby, most with chronic shoulder problems, reportedly for years.

His analysis was making them raise the involved side cocked elbow as high as possible – normal being over the head. Most of them at first couldn’t raise the elbow even perpendicular to the floor. Then Mally did his kungfu slammage on the scapula, standing, and then the clavicle, supine, and voila! – looked like he cured like all of them, at least 90% right on the spot. Doesn’t seem like he could have faked this or prepared it because there were so many volunteers surrounding him, and he was just doing them one after another, whoever was closest.

I’ve seen a few impressive adjustors in my travels, but rarely anything like this with a shoulder -a very compelling demonstration.

Now Mally has a bootcamp for which he charges only $35. Caveat emptor though– according to one of my best friends, who went to it and reported that it was just a slick bait and switch. The lecture was apparently nonstop braggadocio self-promotion, all day long. Mally allows no videos, or even written notes to be taken, and discourages most questions with very curt answers. He has notes and videos but they cost about a grand! My friend was still considering buying them, but then when he saw how stingy Mally was in adjusting attendees at the seminar all day – no deconstruction, no hands-on for the attendees – – just a few lightning demonstrations here and there for his selected disciples — it doesn’t make you feel like taking a chance the videos will be any better.

The worst thing though, my friend said, were the vendors out in the hall, who buy you “lunch” — he said they were like low-end Ponzi schemers with some pie in the sky real estate plan that they themselves had not even invested in! Don’t believe him – ask for yourself — find somebody who already went before you decide to go, and ask them what happened. Why do so many scammers treat us like we’re the worst suckers of any profession ever imagined? What vengeful gods sentenced us to this fate?

(A better bet for actually learning extremities would be Dr Paul Walton at Palmer West.)

Finally, Tim Young. The man who brought Focus OKC into being, by sheer force of will. What can we say about him? People run out of superlatives, out of adjectives trying to describe this guy – dedication, integrity, owning it… The walking manifestation of the right-thinking individual – the man who will assess the right thing to do in each instance, and once seeing it, will follow through without hesitation and do it, no matter what the lower primates may say.

And this holds true for any given patient adjustment, as well as for the decisions in his life, as they whizz by.

Tim Young sets new standards for a level of commitment within the profession, not just with his own practice, but also balancing the demands of his exploding practice management group, Next Level. Add to that the never-ending demand for him to appear at events all over the world. Having taught technique and philosophy seminars with Dr Young, I can bear witness first-hand that he is the best all around adjustor I have ever seen, adjusting just what needs correction, and leaving the rest alone.

Abundance – that’s the world Tim Young tapped into – the milieu in which he lives.

These are just some highlights of Focus 2016. Synergy. It’s not thousands of people yet. Maybe because only a limited demographic within the profession wants to put out the energy it takes to blow the doors out, to adjust the subluxations of the world. A lot of effort, but the dividends are limitless, and not just in money.

If you want to pare down to the essentials of chiropractic essence and potential, then Focus is your most efficient use of time. I keep saying this every year, but who the hell’s listening to me? You want to go to a real chiropractic event? Be there next July!



For over a decade, an essential component of our 60 Day Program has been chelated minerals. Everyone knows that there are no more minerals in the topsoil – that’s why even organic produce doesn’t necessarily have any food value… You probably know the story. If not, it’s summarized for you here in the Minerals chapter.

At least watch the video at the beginning.

The mineral formula we’ve used for the past decade has been working well. People love it. It’s part of their lives. Especially for techie folks, online all day. All those brain synapses require minerals in order to keep firing for 12 hours. With the confusing spray of magic bullets out there, all the hundreds of supplements in stores and online, we have to start with the essentials.

The necessity for minerals to help with thousands of metabolic reactions that constantly occur in cells throughout the body – this is not controversial. It is verifiable, classical science. Whatever other supplements we take, minerals must be at the top of the list.

Next is to learn why chelated minerals are by far the most bioavailable of minerals. Read the chapter to find out why, but the short answer is that chelates approach 90% absorption at the cellular level, compared to about 5%, with most store-bought minerals.

Our original formula has been around for almost 15 years. During that time, has the average nutritional health of most people gotten better or worse?

Appalling is the word. By any index you choose. Look around. Not just that the human whales and elephants at the mall are no longer a chubby 30 pounds over weight – now many of them are carrying around an extra 100 or so. Lots of them. And obesity is a proven accelerator of every known cause of death.

Even worse is the logarithmic increase in chronic and degenerative diseases. So you know all these tasty comfort foods people are stuffing themselves with – what do you think? Any nutritional value – enzymes, vitamins, minerals? Chips, fries, donuts, pizza, Mexican, Chinese etc fried in cheap saturated hydrogenated oils, flavored with artificial taste stimulators…. Any nutrition there?

It was obvious that overall health has deteriorated by a quantum in the past 15 years. So the new mineral formula of Immunition, has improved by many times in order to compensate. The good news is that the price didn’t go up. None of Immunition’s supplements has been marked up in the past decade.

There is nothing even close to this new mineral formula on the market, either at GNC, mallstores, or online. Compare for yourself, if you like. Here’s the new formula:


Vitamin B12 (MethyLcobalamin) 2.4 mcg . . 99%
Calcium (Di-calcium malate and Calcium bisglycinate) 300 mg . . 30%
Magnesium (diMagnesium malate and Magnesium bisglycinate) 300 mg . . 86%
Iron (Ferrous bisglycinate) 6 mg . . 80%
Zinc (Zinc bisglycinate) 10 mg . . 90%
Selenium (Selenium glycinate) 45 mcg . . 90%
Copper (Copper bisglycinate) 1 mg . . 90%
Manganese (Manganese glycinate) 3 mg . . 90%
Phosphorus 132 mg . . 19%
Chromium (Chromium glycinate) 66 mcg . . 99%
Molybdenum (Molybdenum bisglycinate) 50 mcg . . 99%
Iodine (Potassium iodide) 225 mcg . . 150%
Vanadium (Vanadium Nicotinate Glycinate) 200 mcg . . 90%
Silicon (Silicon dioxide) trace

No GMOs, sugar, wheat, milk, or artificials.

Because it was a brand new formula to work up, it’s taken a long time to prepare and we’re backordered. Please be patient – it will be well worth the wait.

Get the feeling like something in your system isn’t quite right? You’re not really sick or weak, but you just don’t feel 100% – that impending doom thing? Well, it’s not just the election. It’s probably mineral deficiency. That is a real epidemic. Not a fake one like Avian flu, Zika, swine flu, smallpox, measles, and the other Boutique Epidemics periodically dreamed up to hawk vaccines.

Yes, mineral deficiency is real. Fortunately, curing it is simplicity itself:
3 caps in the morning. For those vague and persistent illnesses that the geniuses can’t figure, out, this is the starting point. It’s the very first thing you rule out.

. . . “Mineral deficiency is the cause for nearly every disease.” — Linus Pauling