In The Doors of Perception chapter we saw how rational discourse and analytical thinking were being scientifically programmed into obsolescence by the calculated droning of organized media that has pervaded every facet of American life during the past century. And yet through all this, here now several years after the foulest insult to our nation’s spirit, many are slowly awakening and beginning to ask questions, questions that media has either been forbidden to entertain, or just never thought of before. And the tired old cover story about the 19 dark gentlemen with the box cutters taking weekend flying lessons is wearing pretty thin, a real conspiracy theory that just can’t quite account for all the hundreds of details that are now surfacing, and indeed have always been there.

Many are starting to get that old con feeling … the oh no, not this too kinda thing. And as we go out of our way to try and put all that unpleasantness and horrror out of our minds and hope none of it touches our little life and focus on getting the new 63″ plasma, washing the SUV or something more immediate, still subconsciously something just doesn’t sit right with all we lived through and all we were told.

The problem is that as more and more people are learning about the glaring contradictions between what we have been told and the facts that are now seeing the light of day, mainstream media is losing credibility by continuing to pretend that people are not waking up. But they can’t keep the lid on forever – too many things just don’t add up. Repeating the tired old scripted mantras is no longer going to hold people.

So here are some of the forbidden questions that media will not air. And eventually, after looking at The Event from all different aspects, even the semicomatose individual will begin to recognize that there is an integral cohesive unifying overriding subtext here wherein coincidence has no part. The guiding choreography of some Overmind or other is at least suggested.

And if we focus on just one part of the story and keep questioning and digging and turning it over until the old cover story will no longer do, and we finally reject that one little part of the conventional wisdom, then the whole House of Cards may begin to tremble and shake. Hmmm, if that’s not true, well then maybe … But it’s a step by step process that begins by asking questions and refusing to be satisfied with the same glib, shallow 3-second sound byte answers that don’t make sense or else that just change the subject.

These questions place the crowbar of doubt into the nailed-shut door of What Has Been Decided for us to accept. So, if you dare:

1. What other skyscraper in history has burned to the ground?

2. How could a burning skyscraper collapse perfectly on its own footprint in less than 2 hours? Twice?

3. Where is the Boeing that hit the Pentagon? Or even one piece of it?

4. Why was the Pentagon lawn perfectly intact in the press footage afterwards?

5. Why was the testimony of Willy Rodriguez, the last one out of the North Tower as shown on national TV, not included in the Commission Report? Is it because he witnessed that the first explosion came from the sub-basement, several minutes before the first plane struck?

6. Why has the testimony of the firemen and other eyewitnesses who saw sequential charges in the North Tower been omitted both from the Commission Report as well as from all mainstream media for the past 5 years?

7. How could Building 7 be set up for demolition in 8 hours, a job that would take at least 2 weeks?

8. Why were no fighter jets in the sky for an hour and a half after 4 airliners were off course and not answering the radio?

9. Why were the enormous put options on the stock of both United and American Airlines placed two days beforehand, which brought windfall profits to the buyers never investigated and identified?

10. How could any cell phone calls come from planes at 10,000 feet when there is no reception above 8000 feet?

11. Why did Bush just sit there when he was told the nation was under attack?

12. Where is the wreckage of the hijacked plane that supposedly landed in Pennsylvania? Even one piece?

13. Why were 4 separate NORAD war games going on at the same time the Towers were under attack, putting fake blips on the screens of all east coast air traffic controllers?

14. Why has footage of the collapsing towers now been banned from mainstream TV?

15. Where are the 3 black boxes found in the wreckage? What was on them?

16. Why was the footage shot by security cameras at the Marriott and at a gas station next to the Pentagon confiscated by the FBI and never released?

17. How could the 2 towers collapse at the speed of gravity unless they were controlled demolition?

18. Why did whatever hit the Pentagon make a 270 degree turn around it and strike the empty wing of the Pentagon instead of crashing straight into the front side, the occupied side?

19. Why was only $15 million spent on the 9/11 “investigation” of the worst tragedy in the nation’s history, when $65 million was spent on Bill Clinton’s media circus?

20. If no plane hit the Pentagon and no plane crashed in Pennsylvania, then what really happened to all those passengers? Where are they?

Now go back and read them again.

This is not politics. This page is a Snellen eye chart.



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