Vaccination Is Not Immunization – interview

Think vaccines are perfectly safe for your child? How would you know? Slogans and mantras from pop media? Blind trust? This is the single most important decision a parent will make in the life of the child. One side is science, the other side is advertising. A brief introduction to the science.


The War on Children: Handicapped Out Of The Gate

Your Child’s Immune System – what they don’t want you to know. Who are healthier – the vaccinated or the unvaccinated? Who look healthier? Who has the better chance at developing a strong immune system? A look at the real science. Which country in the world gives children the most vaccines – which has the sickest kids?


Movie review: Vaxxed – Dr Tim O’Shea

Think vaccines are perfectly safe for your child? How would you know? Slogans and mantras from pop media? Blind trust? This is the single most important decision a parent will make in the life of the child. One side is science, the other side is advertising. A brief introduction to the science.


Herd Immunity – The Real Definition

Corporate media has deliberately misrepresented this scientific phenomenon. Its real meaning is crystal clear. The Supreme Court has described vaccines as inherently unsafe, an acceptable risk. Is that really their decision to make? Whose child is it?


Autism Detox Protocol – part 1 – Dr Tim O’Shea

Certainly the simplest and most logical plan for clearing mercury, aluminum, and other neurotoxins from the injured child’s neurology. Discusses the rise of the autism epidemic in the late 1990s, and the subsequent emergence of the grassroots autism industry, by thousands of parents who felt largely abandoned by the system. Part I of a 2-part series.


Autism Detox Protocol – part 2 – Dr Tim O’Shea 

The vital connection between the colon and the central nervous system. This critical relationship is usually shattered in the vaccine damaged child: 96% of autistics have a specific type of colon disease which prevents the immune system from developing. Details of the Protocol spelled out very clearly and simply. The video applies the 60 Day Program to vaccine injured children and adults. . An integral program of diet and essential supplements. Chelating mercury, aluminum and other vaccine neurotoxins out of the child’s neurology. Part 2 of a 2-part series.


The Undying Mythology of Tetanus – Dr Tim O’Shea

In this lecture Dr O’Shea documents many of the scientific inconsistencies behind the common belief in tetanus vaccine. He cites historical sources which demystify the conventional wiki/google dogma regarding the safety and necessity of forcing young children to have 6 doses of tetanus vaccine before age 18. The US is the only country in history who has such a mandate. With less than 10 cases per year in a population of over 300 million, the necessity for tetanus vaccine is called into question. In light of the many dangers of the vaccine admitted by the manufacturers, it seems prudent to have young children only receive vaccines which are 100% safe and absolutely necessary, proven by impeccable and fully transparent scientific evidence. We do not have that today.


Philadelphia Lecture – Problems With Vaccines – Dr Tim O’Shea – Institute for Human Potential

This lecture documents a historical perspective on vaccines that is generally kept out of the mainstream narrative. Discussions of Edward Jenner, the smallpox vaccine, vaccination vs. immunization, the formative immune system, Pasteur’s Germ Theory, the parallel  exponential increase of childhood allergy as well as the number of mandated vaccines, a challenge to the fundamental science behind vaccines.


Vaccine Exemptions: Why They Are Vanishing

The issue here is not vaccines. It’s the end of medical freedom. If the parent no longer has the legal right to decide whether or not the child will be vaccinated, it’s a slippery slope. What can follow is any other forced regimen of drugs or even surgery. Such an unconstitutional loss of personal liberty — unprecedented in our history. With almost no outcry.


The Doors of Perception: Why We Will Believe Almost Anything

Today vaccines require belief, not understanding. It’s a faith-based religion: unthinking belief in that for which there is no evidence.

True science is ignored or covered up – any unbiased examination of the relevant science is simply not permitted. Natural vs. artificial Immunity. The rise of media: JD Rockefeller, WR Hearst, Edward L Bernays. Installing the public hard drive. Rational thought replaced by soundbites and endless repetition of mantras. See chapter: Doors of Perception.



The Post Antibiotic Age – Dr Tim O’Shea

Why antibiotics don’t work – we wore them out. Individually, and as a nation. Too much of a good thing. Resistance. Diluting the human genome. The rise of the superbugs. Natural vs. artificial immunity. Ignoring Fleming’s warning.


Elyse Goes Flying in the Wind Tunnel

Skydiving lessons with Elyse. 10 years old.



Full Day Detox Seminar – video #1

Video 1 of the full day seminar. Intro to the area of holistic nutrition – basic resources cited. The metabolic candle – how fast do you burn the fires of life? Seabiscuit and Tom Petty. Ten main causes of death in US. Longevity vs. quality of life.


Full Day Detox Seminar – video #2

Components of detox. Hydration. Nontraditional holistic approaches to cancer and chronic disease. Disease as adaptation to lifestyle rather than Germ Theory paradigms. New West diet. Stan Bynum and enzyme detox. Intro to diet specifics for 60 Day Program. More case studies.


Full Day Detox Seminar – video #3

Details of New West Diet – Categories I and II, item by item discussion. Epidemic of enzyme deficiency as  a primary cause of diseases in this country — 9 of 10 of the top causes of death in the US. Hydration, and sources of the best water. Who needs to detox, and why. The essence of the holistic non-drug approach to glowing health, and usually the only way to end disease.


Full Day Detox Seminar – video #4

Probiotics make the colon the immune center. Denatured enzymes in processed foods as foreign protein – cause of allergies. Why does produce rot before it ripens? Bioterrain live blood examples. Monsanto and hydrogenated soybean oil – the base for processed foods. Essential to detox after 40.


Full Day Detox Seminar – video #5

The goal of Oral Chelation is to detox arterial plaque as well as heavy metals (aluminum, mercury, lead, etc) from the system. Why drugs don’t lower blood pressure. Pasteurized milk vs. raw – which is better, and why? Milk science. Intro to the colon as the immune center of body. Colon detox essentials. Colon cure for allergies.


Autism Detox Protocol – part 1 (updated)

Certainly the simplest and most logical plan for clearing mercury, aluminum, and other neurotoxins from the injured child’s neurology. Discusses the rise of the autism epidemic in the late 1990s, and the subsequent emergence of the grassroots autism industry, by thousands of parents who felt largely abandoned by the system. Part I of a 2-part series.


Hydrolyzed Collagen – Dr Tim O’Shea – Full Day Detox video #7

Find out how millions are addressing arthritis, skin rebuilding, wound healing, lean muscle gain, anti-aging, performance athletics, surgical recovery, cachexia, heart repair, arterial strengthening, respiratory restoration, weight loss, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc — what do all these have in common? How could one supplement have any of these effects? Here’s the science behind it.


Healthy People Don’t Get Sick – video #9 – Dr Tim O’Shea

Detox at the cellular level. Your body can recalibrate to its normal balance no matter what the diagnosis, no matter what “they” have told you. As long as you’re still breathing, the body can recover. All it takes is to remove interference – physical, biochemical, and mental. The best kept secret, shared by thousands.


Hydrolyzed Collagen

The most abundant protein in the body, collagen makes up most structures: muscles, joints, skin, organs, arteries, etc. Collagen productions falls off as we age. The most absorbable supplement can be used to build the body’s own new collagen. Much of the loss can be recovered. Read Hydrolyzed Collagen chapter at!


Total Florabiotics

Because of the indigestible foods, and the amount of drugs taken in by most Americans, proper daily elimination is not common today. A vital colon is the center of the immune system. Most people don’t have that. Complete daily elimination requires about 3 lbs. of gut flora in the colon at all times. Most of us live our lives with little or none. This is why our immune systems are so weak, why autoimmune diseases are spiraling out of control today, why we’re so sick. The solution: daily intake of the highest quality probiotics – at least for 60 days: Total Florabiotics. See Journey To the Center of Your Colon at


Oral Chelation – Dr Tim O’Shea

Atherosclerotic plaque and heavy metal ions (aluminum, mercury, lead, etc) are two of the most common contributors to early death in our country today. Unless removed, these substances are bio-accumulative – which means they remain in the body one’s entire life. Chelation means to attach the toxic molecules to two amino acids in an attempt to pull them out across tissue barriers they cannot escape on their own. See Oral Chelation chapter at


EXPEL: Colon Detox – Dr Tim O’Shea

A blocked colon can lead to toxification of the entire body, over time. This can manifest in the breakdown of virtually any organ or system, not only digestive. There is a safe and effective way to clear the colon. Straining to produce rabbit pellets every day is not conducive to long term glowing health! In today’s world, there’s simply no reason to live like this any longer.



The safest full spectrum digestive enzyme, for clearing the digestive tract as well as the blood. For use alone, or with the 60 Day Detox Program. Separates erythrocytes from clumping, to take the strain off the heart, with the goal of maximizing oxygen delivery to all the cells. The more separate the red blood cells, the greater the total surface area for binding oxygen, to be delivered then to the entire body.

Essentials of detox: clear the tract – clear the blood. This is where it starts.


Food Enzymes: Key to Longevity – Dr Tim O’Shea

Enzyme content in food determines whether it is processed or nutritive. Summary of the work of Dr Stan Bynum and Dr Edward Howell, past presidents of National Enzyme Company. Are you eating any usable fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, or is it just plasticized sludge, matrixing itself to your colon for the duration of your life?  How could health coexist in such a toxic environment? How can you clear it?


New West Diet – 60 Day Program

Common sense diet – you already know it, at least 90%. Disease conditions cannot coexist with a healthy lifestyle. Diet specifics for 60 Day Detox Program.

Processed vs. nutrient. Trendy food classifications and diets debunked. Short version: no refined CHOs, no hydrogenated foods, no pasteurized dairy.


New West Diet – Case studies – Dr Tim O’Shea

A few stories from real people at the Testimonials page at  No hopeless cases, as long as you’re still breathing. No one can put limits on the recuperative power that created life in the first place. No matter how far gone you think you are, somebody worse off has recovered. Why can’t that be you? All the rest is marketing.


Live Cell Bioterrain Analysis

The 100 year old hematology technique originated in Europe. Many doctors are trained to evaluate live blood. In the US, the technology is rare – rarer still is training in the evaluation.

Every cell in your body requires oxygen all the time. The blood is the only way oxygen is delivered. So the chronic aggregation of red cells, epidemic in this country as the result of the processed foods diet that 80% of Americans subsist on – this clumping of blood cells makes for sluggish circulation through the small blood vessels.


Detox success stories – Dr Tim O’Shea – video #20

People were told they were going to die. Other people told they had no hope. After years of trying every treatment under the sun and bearing enormous costs. Some are lucky enough to learn that that the only one who can heal is thedoctorwithin. Any diseases you recover from, the healing came from the strength of your own immune system, when finally the interferences were removed. What physical imbalances could not benefit from so natural a program?



Chiropractic: Atlas Adjustment

An actual specific upper cervical adjustment


Full Day Detox – video # 8 – Chiropractic: A Return To The Illimitable

Restoration to health happens by accessing the infinite in order to recalibrate.  Do drugs ever cure?  Which is more effective – holistic or pharmaceutical?  Is there a natural approach to disease? Can disease simply be replaced by health?  What would cause that to occur? What does the real research say about cancer treatment? Do people just ‘get’ diseases, or do they earn them? Does the power that made the living universe have any therapeutic limits?


Edinburgh – Hour 1:  The Fading Art of Chiropractic Adjusting

Hands on chiropractic adjusting. Dr Tim Young, and Dr Tim O’Shea, in Scotland.


Windsor, England, Fading Art   Hour 3


Windsor, England, Fading Art   Hour 4


Windsor, England, Fading Art   Hour 5


Windsor, England, Fading Art   Hour 6

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