The new collagen may sometimes contain small clumps. Some patients have called in thinking this was some kind of problem or they got a defective jar or something. The clumps are simply peptide globules seen in the new product that are the result of 2 improvements:

    smaller particle size

    the 3 added amino acids

The clumping has no effect on solubility: the instant you spoon the collagen into any liquid it all dissolves immediately. That is one characteristic of high bioavailability of course: how fast it dissolves.

These peptide globules are one result from going to the new low molecular weight of 2000 daltons. In addition, the supplemental glycine, carnitine, and glucosamine you see on the label may attract the smaller particles of the collagen, sometimes resulting in small clumps throughout the sample. This didn’t happen in the earlier product because the extra aminos were about the same size as the larger particle collagen.

So relax and just realize that the peptide globules are not the result of sloppy processing or damaged merchandise. We know all about it and they are actually a good thing.

The new particle size represents an unprecedented advance in the global collagen industry. Consequently, during the past few months the demand for the new low molecular weight blend has gone through the roof. Manufacturers are struggling to meet the demands and have told us that there may be some delays in production during the summer. This may result in backorders that may last a few weeks. The good news however is that once the production problems are smoothed out, we will be able to obtain all we need and there will be no further delays in delivery.

We had a chance to buy some inferior collagen to tide us over during the interim, but have decided to wait until we can only provide the high end collagen. Quality is always worth waiting for. People must have confidence that anything they buy here will be the highest quality available anywhere. No idle boast, as anyone can see from the testimonial section on the site.

Please read the new re-write of the Collagen chapter.

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