Online Continuing Education – Sound Healing

4 Hour Distance Learning

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to explore the physics of sound, vibration and frequency and their application to the healing process. We will look at many examples of this exciting new field of study, comparing the evolution of sound healing from the time of Pythagoras right up to DD Palmer. Relate the concepts of homeostasis, tone, integral healing, and universal vibration, and harmonic balance.

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Tim O’Shea DC,
Author and Instructor



To remind the practicing DC of our connection with classical ideas within the holistic model.
Awareness of the unbroken legacy of insight into the vibrational nature of cellular communication
To show how music has more than a psychological effect; physiological effects result also
DD Palmer: Tone and sympathetic resonance.

Here are the topics:

Hour 1
The physics of sound. Resonance and sympathetic vibration. Dissonance and nerve interference at the cellular level. The effects of ambient tone on the nervous system. Pythagoras and the Golden Proportion. Incoming information in wave form. The Sound Current.

Hour 2
Sound motion: compression and rarefaction: systole and diastole. Human range: 20 – 20,000 Hz. Density of sound media. Internal organic sounds – communication with universal Sound Current. Review of ear anatomy: middle and inner. Vagus Nerve: direct neural connection between the ear and all the body’s organs. Auditory sense: the first to develop. Sound resonates the entire being.

Hour 3
The principle of entrainment of the body’s rhythms to external frequencies. Not just heart, brain, and breath. The physics and physiology of music’s effect. Alfred Tomatis – godfather of sound healing. Neoplasticity, retraining and entrainment. Relation between chiropractic and sound healing. Afferent and efferent neurology. DD Palmer’s principle of tone: homeostasis and recalibration of body’s systems.

Hour 4
Therapeutic sound techniques and disciplines. Tomatis Method. Matching of alpha, beta, delta, and theta waves. How noise poisons us at the cellular level. Music entrains fetus and newborns. Math, language, spatial reasoning affected by sound input. Sound therapeutics for relaxation from manic states, or to enhance learning skills. Upper cervical adjusting to clear out Auditory Nerve.


4 hours – ONLINE/CE Approved


To register: 915.307.1055
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